27 Jun, 2017

Bookmaker Shop Offers

Tue 27 June|Article|

Hey Team!

If you an experienced matched better, you will very likely have seen that certain offers are available in the bookmaker shops too!

Shop offers can be an easy way to boost your profit every week especially if you have a [...]

23 Jun, 2017

Betfair Cash Out and Smarkets Trade Out

Fri 23 June|Article|

Hey Team!

If you are familiar with using Betfair and Smarkets, you may have noticed the 'Cash Out' and 'Trade Out' options they provide respectively.

To help you understand exactly how these features work and the two main benefits for us matched [...]

16 Jun, 2017

Bookmaker VIP Clubs

Fri 16 June|Article|

Some bookies have a VIP club, which they invite some of their more active customers to join, if they think the customers are good customers that provide them with a lot of value. VIP clubs provide more benefits to their [...]

7 Jun, 2017

How Team Profit Makes Money

Wed 7 June|Article|

How does Team Profit make money?

When I explain to family, friends and potential new members how our website helps people profit from matched betting, quite a common question I get is, "great but...how do you actually make money?"

The first thing to say is [...]

6 Jun, 2017

Why we Underlay and Overlay

Tue 6 June|Article|

Why and How we Underlay and Overlay

Underlaying and overlaying are two crucial laying techniques used on more advanced offers, most notably; existing customer refund offers.

I have written a conclusive guide on what exactly underlaying and overlaying is, when to use each technique [...]

31 May, 2017

Top 6 Ways To Get Help

Wed 31 May|Article|

Top 6 Ways To Get Matched Betting Help

Team Profit aims to help you every step of the way when starting your matched betting journey.

The hope is that our ever-improving video guides, articles and infographics are able to show you exactly [...]

10 May, 2017

Member Chats List

Wed 10 May|Article|

Team Profit Member Chats

Taking that leap of faith to start matched betting can be a daunting prospect for those just starting out.

At Team Profit our aim is to make matched betting as accessible to everyone as possible, by providing everything you [...]

8 May, 2017

Team Profit Features

Mon 8 May|About Team Profit, Article|

Team Profit Features

The Team Profit website is designed to provide users with everything they need to start matched betting, with maximum ease and profit as possible - all the while, being completely free for everyone.

Myself and the Team Profit team [...]