New Team Profiter - Josh!

Hello team!

My name's Josh and I'm a new team member here at Team Profit HQ!

How I got into Matched Betting

I had heard matched betting mentioned on various online forums, but had always been skeptical and never considered giving it a go.  

In the summer break before my final year at university, a friend mentioned that he had heard about matched betting as a risk free way to make money, and so I decided, with lots of time on my hands, to finally give it a go.   

I quickly made my way through the welcome offers. Really enjoying matched betting, and making more money than I could ever expect to from a part time job, I continued to matched bet during my final year of university.   

I made sure that I had completed all of the bookie and low-risk casino sign up offers, and would do any reload offers that had positive expected value, including football, horse-racing, accumulators, low risk casino, even online bingo and virtual sports.  

Spending far more time matched betting that I probably should of, I just about managed to graduate with a 2:1, before setting off on a gap-year to Indonesia and Australia, all paid for with matched betting profits!

Joining Team Profit

Returning from my travels, I knew it was time to try and find a job.  Knowing this, and my passion for matched betting, a friend, and avid user of Team Profit, mentioned that they had been looking for an Online Content Creator.   

With no idea what I wanted to do for work, and very excited at the prospect of turning matched betting into a job, I applied. After meeting the team for a chat, I was delighted to be offered the position.  

I’m really looking forward to helping new members and contributing to Team Profit’s offering, particularly casino offer guides, and hopefully helping everyone to make lots of money matched betting!