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  Popular throughout the UK and Ireland

Matched Betting is followed and enjoyed by over 25,000 people across the UK and Ireland - the majority of which had never placed a bet before starting.

Matched Betting in the UK

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There are more than 25 online bookmakers in the UK, in total they offer over £800 in free bets to customers. Using Matched Betting we are then able to turn the £800 worth of free bets into around £600 worth of bankable cash profit. All completely risk-free.

 What exactly is Matched Betting?

You bet on one outcome with the bookmaker and then the opposite outcome with a betting exchange. Eliminating the element of risk and yet still unlocking the bookmaker free bets. We then turn the free bets into withdrawable cash, completely risk-free. Simple.

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Team Profit Not Gambling

  Matched Betting Is Not Gambling

Matched betting is nothing to do with gambling, despite what the word 'betting' would suggest. Team Profit teaches you exactly how to make guaranteed profit every time, completely risk-free.

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Everything you need to earn £600+ with Team Profit is completely free!

New to Matched Betting? 

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Everything you need to earn £600+ with Team Profit is completely free!

  2,500+ Strong Facebook Support Group

With over 2,500 Team Profit members in our private Facebook group, it really is a priceless resource for anyone starting matched betting. Ask fellow matched betters (includes our team) any questions you have, plus pick up fantastic tips and advice from ongoing discussions.

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arrow outline icon  Huge Growth 2015 to 2017

Matched Betting isn't new and has actually been around since 2005. However, it's only in the past few years that it has really exploded in popularity, thanks to sites like Team Profit making it much simpler to learn.

tick outline icon  Anyone Can Profit

It doesn't matter if you're a massive sportsbetting fan already or you've never placed a bet before in your life. Our simple tutorial videos will teach you everything you need to know in under 15 minutes! We make it easy for anyone to jump right in and join the most profitable team on the internet.


of users had never placed a bet before joining Team Profit.

pencil outline icon  Positive Media Coverage

Many national newspapers and respectable online media outlets have positively reviewed Matched Betting. Agreeing that it is not gambling and will make you money in your spare time. Reviewers include; The Guardian, The Telegraph, Save the Student and Money Saving Expert.

OUR TARGET is to put £1,500,000 into people's pockets by teaching at least 3,000 people how to profit from online bookmakers in 2017.

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