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The Team.

Team Profit Chris

Hey I'm Chris - I am a huge fan of matched betting, having started back in 2013.

You will see me in the Facebook Group answering questions, posting new offers and running prize giveaways.

Feel free to say hi and I promise I won't bore you with Crystal Palace F.C chat (the less said, the better!).

Team Profit Dan

Hello, I'm Dan - Where you'll often find me is in email replies and live chat conversations, trying to put my 4 years matched betting experience to good use.

I also put my D in GCSE Art to good use, by doing the design and imagery for the Team Profit site.

I look forward to helping boost your matched betting profits.

Team Profit Jon

Hello, I'm Jon - you may recognise me from the cartoon man that pops up around Team Profit with the very stylish beard (my mum's words).

I'm not just a cartoon trapped inside the Team Profit site, I am also an experienced matched better, with experience in website development too.

Team Profit Sarah

Hi I'm Sarah, I help out with a range of content areas, such as; videos, email and testing the website. I love doing anything to help with Team Profit.

You will recognise me as the presenter in our Team Profit video guides, for those that are starting matched betting with us.

Team Profit Members

Our members are by far the most important part of the Team Profit Team. Without them we'd just be another site wasting time, clogging up the internet.With them we are a platform for good, helping people realise the value of matched betting.

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How do we make money if we're completely free?

If I got £1 every time I got asked this question (mainly by my wife), then I'd be a very rich man and this question would no longer be necessary!

The key thing to remember is that every feature and service on Team Profit is, and will always remain, completely free. If you're interested to learn about the ways Team Profit makes money then please take a read of this article, How Team Profit Makes Money

OUR TARGET is to put £1,500,000 into people's pockets by teaching at least 3,000 people how to profit from online bookmakers in 2017.

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