Betfair Rewards

What are Betfair Rewards?

Betfair have introduced a tiered rewards system that is available to all members on their site. Betfair Rewards, as they call it, aims to give you control of how much commission you pay, and allows you to choose a bonus/commission structure that suits you.

The main difference between opting into Betfair Rewards and not, is that you have the ability to pay only 2% commission on all exchange bets. For some, this can save alot of money! Obviously if you are using Smarkets or Matchbook then you will likely be paying 0% commission and so it might seem pointless us mentioning the 2%, however there will be times where you use Betfair to lay your bets. Events with small liquidity almost always have to be layed on Betfair, and there will be the occasional price boost that isn't picked up on either exchange.

So what exactly are the rewards structures, and which one should you opt in for? Well my friend, read on...

  • No Access to Cash Race
  • No Best Odds Guaranteed
  • No Access to Any Promos
2% Commission
  • £5 Free Acca Every Month

  • 10 Free Spins Every Month

  • Cash Race

  • 1 Free Beat The Drop Entries

5% Commission
  • 10% Refund On Losses

  • £10 Free Acca Every Month

  • 25 Free Spins Every Month

  • Cash Race

  • 2 Free Beat The Drop Entries

8% Commission
The Three Tiers

You can find the promotion and choose your tier by visiting the main exchange page, and navigating to promotions (see screenshot below).

From here you can select the promotion, and you'll be directed to a page with a list of the different structures (see below).

You can only opt in for one, so make sure you read each one carefully before doing so!

Which one should you pick? Well, it depends on your situation.

The first thing to note is that everyone should at least be opted in to the 5% offer. You're already paying 5% commission on the Exchange anyway, so you might as well opt in and collect the free spins and free bets that they're offering. Before doing this though, take a look at the other two options and see if they suit you.

Basic (2% Commission)
If you place a lot of inplay bets, or bet on sport other than football/horses then this is definitely the one for you. By opting in to the 2% deal, you will however lose access to Best Odds Guaranteed and ALL Sportsbook promos. If you're heavily using the exchange, the chances are you've already lost your sports account anyway though so who cares? You'll also lose access to the Cash Race - but trust me, this isn't as valuable as they make it out to be. 2% commission saves you much more over time.

Rewards+ (8% Commission)
This one isn't great, and if you plan on actively laying bets on Betfair then I'd avoid this tier completely. They do however have a 10% refund on losses though so if your Betfair account is pretty dormant then you can opt in to this promo and take advantage of it, you will need to place 20 bets across the month to be eligible. This tier also allows you full access to sports promos (unless of course you are gubbed!).

Rewards (5% Commission)
This is the standard commission structure with a few extra perks. You still get all sports promos, and nothing really changes for you. Your commission is 5%, but you'll also receive some extra spins, free plays, and a free bet each month. If you're ungubbed from Betfair sports and still do their offers/price boosts, then you may want to considering staying at this level. You'll not be sacrificing any offers, and you'll have a lower commission than the dreaded 8%.

So make sure you choose wisely, and if you do make a mistake, then you can contact Live Support and they will change your rewards plan.

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