10 Tips For Getting Back Into Matched Betting

After a break from matched betting, it can feel a little overwhelming when first trying to "get back into it".

Don't panic! We’ve put together our top 10 tips for getting back into matched betting after a break!

With this guide, you’ll be back to hitting offers and bringing in a tidy profit in no time.

1- Check Your Accounts

Not the most exciting of tasks... But first thing's first, we'd recommend checking which bookie accounts you have already.

Make a list of the bookies that you are already signed up to and check that you know the login details.

If you have any money in them, that you are unlikely to use, withdraw it so that you can put it to better use elsewhere.

2 - Fundamentals Refresher

If you’re getting back into matched betting, it's can be a good idea to take some time to refresh your knowledge.

If you’re looking to refresh your knowledge of the basics, head over to our video guides here:

Video Guides
3 - Smash Some Welcome Offers

You’ve worked out which bookies you have. Now, it's time to work out which you don’t!

If you’ve taken a break, you might have some bookies that you are yet to sign up to.

Welcome offers can be very easy profit so are the perfect place to start. Get some guaranteed profit under your belt, build your bankroll, and add some new accounts.

Our welcome offers list is the perfect place to start. With 30+ welcome offers and over £800 expected profit, so you should find something to get stuck into.

Team Profit Welcome Offers
4 - Reload Offers Refresher

Once you’ve finished with the welcome offers, you’re going to want to move onto reload offers.

Start off with the basics, like Price Boosts and Weekly Bet Clubs, which are great, consistent regular profits.

Check out our guide here for lots more information on making a consistent £300+ per month from reload offers:

Team Regular Guide
5 - Check The Reload Offers

Every morning we update the Reload Offers Dashboard.

Here we run through the day’s best offers, each with simple step-by-step instructions.

Reload Offers Dashboard
6 - Mug Betting?

If you’ve taken a break for a while, bookies may no longer consider you to be an active customer.

Whilst not essential, you could consider placing a mug bet or two on some of the larger bookmakers.

This might reactivate your account and perhaps stimulate a reload offer or two. Check out our mug betting guide for more information:

Mug Betting Guide
7 - Open A New Exchange Account

You might only have one exchange account (likely Matchbook). But, it can be very useful have accounts with the other exchanges.

0% Commission

Visit Offer
8 - Team Casino

You could consider growing your profits through low risk casino.

We have the perfect resource for this, Team Casino.

Team Casino is dedicated to making casino offers simpler, more profitable and time efficient than ever before!

You could make up to £1000 from casino welcome offers on average, and up to £200 per week from reload offers.

Introduction To Casino Offers
Five Steps To Starting Casino
9 & 10 - Take Your Time + Enjoy It

Okay, so we cheated, there are two tips here. But... you should seriously take them as two separate tips.

Take your time, so you don't make mistakes.

And enjoy it - because who wants to be doing something they don't enjoy?!

There are so many different ways to make money matched betting. If you try and do too much too quickly, then you risk becoming overwhelmed and making mistakes. Take your time, ease back into it, and slowly bring in new types of offers as you become more comfortable again.

You’ll enjoy the process far more, and see your profits grow nicely over time.