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Mug Betting - Avoid Being Gubbed

Stop Start Acting Like a Mug!

What Is Mug Betting?

A common question for new members is 'would the bookmaker close my accounts if I only bet when they offer a bonus?'

After 1-2 months? Yes, some will if they suspect you are only using them for matched betting. Fortunately though, mug betting is an easy way around this!

A 'Mug' customer is your typical losing sportbook customer. They typically:

  1. Bet on the Premier League - mostly on the favourites
  2. Use football accumulators (accas)
  3. Bet on major sporting events
  4. Bets will vary in size

So our easy way around this is like a mug!

Whilst is not possible for us to know exactly what bookmakers are looking for, it does make sense that placing mug bets should help us to keep receiving free bet offers from the bookmakers for months/years to come! This is because the reason bookmakers are offering free bets to existing customers is to bring the customers back to their website to then also bet on other matches. So if we do this, they should be happy (little do they know though, that we are laying off these bets!).

In terms of when to start mug betting, you will be fine to complete the welcome offers without mug betting. Though I would recommend sticking to the popular games for your welcome offers, just to keep your betting history looking like a mug punter. All the teams listed in the selections blog post are popular teams for you to use.

If you have sufficient funds and time, there is certainly no harm in placing 1-2 mug bets after completing your Welcome Offer and before starting the Weekly Offers, but it certainly isn't essential!

Mug Betting After Welcome Offers

For every weekly offer (existing customer offer) we take, we will place a 'mug' bet with the same bookmaker, which we lay off in the exchange (which will cost us only pennies). 

Refer to the table below for a list of  bookmakers that provide Weekly Offers, these are the bookmakers you will keep active:

Good Weekly Offers (Mug Bet!)
188 Bet
Bet Victor
Paddy Power
Stan James
William Hill

Want to take advantage of weekly offers from bookmakers?

Visit our partner site for the daily calendar and tools.

How To Mug Bet

I recommend when you take up a weekly offer with a bookmaker, simply place a couple of mugs bets at the same time.

Mug Bets include:

Bigger first deposits

One of the best ways to disguise yourself from looking like a matched bettor is to deposit more than the trigger bet amount. E.g. for a "bet £10 get £30" account, you might deposit £30 instead of just £10. Mug depositing as it's called, is becoming increasingly important - for a full guide on this see here.

Bet on the Premier League - mostly on the favourites

Look for any Premier League matches that have 1.7 or lower back odds.

Bet on football accumulators (accas)

Place a 25p - £1 football accumulator on 3-4 matches. Given the small size of the bet, there is no need to lay off the bet. Over the long term these will only cost 5p - 20p given accas have an average payout of 80%.

Bet on major sporting events

Euro 2016, British Open Golf, Wimbledon, these are major sporting events that mugs will bet on so if you spot these in the betFinder, you can include these as mug bets.

Bets will vary in size

When placing these mug bets, place them between £5 to £20.

Casino wagering

We all know that playing casino without any offers is a real mugs game. So this is obviously perfect! You don't need to wager loads, but say you make £15 from a reload offer it would be very helpful to sometimes wager until you lose £10 of that (or win loads from it!).

Top Mug Betting Tips
Don't take every existing customer offer

I'd suggest skipping at least 1 in every 5 offers that a bookmaker offers.

Don't always take the maximum value

For example, if the offer is 'Risk Free up to £25' then occasionally only bet £15 to take up £15 of the value. Also, do not always bet on low odds for the Trigger Bet, then high odds for the Free Bet. Place the Free Bet on low odds occasionally.

Be consistent with your choice of sports

Carry out your mug betting on the reload offer sport i.e. if you are taking tennis reload offers, mug bet on tennis ; if you are taking football in play reload offers, mug bet on football, in play.

The above 3 additional tips will help ensure your bookmaker accounts always stay open when completing weekly offers.

Place some bets on your mobile

A lot of punters will be placing bets on their phone as well as a laptop/computer, so definitely place some bets on your mobile phone if you have a smartphone. This is easy to do as you can have the bookmaker website on your phone, whilst having your betting exchange and calculator on your laptop.

Note - This will mean you are often spending more time placing mug bets as completing the Weekly Offers. This is perfectly normal and advisable. You can still be making over £500 risk free per month!

Using Odds Matcher Filters

The Oddsmonkey OddsMatcher comes into it's own for making mug betting so much simpler.

It not only makes finding the mug bets really easy, it also means you can choose the mug bets that will have the smallest loss. You can do this by creating specific 'mug betting' filters and saving them any time you want to mug bet on a certain bookmaker.

The William Hill filter I have set up has:

Market: Match Odds
Bookmaker: William Hill
Exchange: Betfair and Smarkets
Event Time: Within the next 3 days

You can then click 'Save As' and then save it as 'Mug Bets - William Hill', so every time you need to find the best mug bets for William Hill you can simply click the dropdown on the top left of the OddsMatcher. You can also use the search text to add in anything you're specifically looking for, for example 'Premier League' if you'd prefer to place mug bets on the Premier League.

See below image of the filter results on William Hill (as they're one of the most important bookmaker to mug bet on given their excellent offers). Using what we learnt above; that we want to choose a big sporting event and back a favourite. We see that despite it not being the best match in terms of smallest loss, Man Utd in the Premier League match Man Utd v Hull is the best choice for our mug bet on William Hill.

mug betting filter results

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The Perfect Mug Bet

smarkets 0% commissionThere is a moment when all the stars align, providing us with the perfect mug bet opportunity.

It is when the English Championship League team, QPR (Queens Park Rangers) play and have very close odds on the bookmaker and exchange.

The reason it's so ideal is because of Smarkets' season long promotion (running until May 2017), where they offer 0% commission on all QPR games. Use this for mug bets and you'll save yourself a tidy amount on your qualifying loss, allowing you to perhaps bet slightly more on the mug bet than you usually would.

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