mug depositingMug Depositing

First Deposit Like A Recreational Customer (Mug!)

If you are planning on matched betting for months (and years!) and you have sufficient funds, you could consider 'mug depositing'.

What Is Mug Depositing?

Mug depositing is when your make first deposit for a larger amount than the minimum deposit.

For example, for a 'Bet £10 Get £30', you make your first deposit £15 or £20 rather than minimum £10.

If you then use this £15 or £20 for your trigger bet, this will only cost you an extra 50p to £1 as a trigger bet loss.

What Is The Benefit of Mug Depositing?

If you are intending to use matched betting as a regular source of extra income for months (and years!) to come then it is very worthwhile trying to prevent your accounts being restricted from existing customer free bet offers (known as being 'gubbed').

Matched betters typically do this by 'mug betting' whilst completing existing customer offers, as explained in the mug betting article.

An additional way to do this is to 'mug deposit'. At least some bookmakers will add your first deposit size as a criteria for the extent to which you are a mug customer so mug depositing will help you to keep receiving free bet offers.

Therefore, if you have the funds available to make a slightly larger first deposit, then go for it!

Do I Have To Mug Deposit?


You should be able to make £600+ profit from the Welcome Offers without mug depositing, no problem! So if you are tight on funds, don't worry about mug depositing.

Additionally, it is just one of many criteria that bookmakers will use as part of their algorithm to decide whether to restrict an existing customer from free bets. For details on this, please see the mug betting article.

All we know is that mug depositing certainly can't do any harm and will have a benefit on at least some bookmakers, so if you can, it is likely worth doing.

How Do We Know Mug Depositing Works?

Firstly, we've had some information from within the industry to suggest that this does actually work and is a factor used to determine whether somebody is a Matched Bettor or not.

Secondly, it makes sense! Bookmakers will see that customers who make a larger first deposit will be more valuable to them in the longer term. So when they are building their algorithm, they may decide to factor this in. I am sure not every bookmaker will, but certainly some will.

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