Bookies to avoid when matched betting

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Tom Portlock
Lord of Matched Betting

We all get very excited at the thought of a new bookie and a new welcome offer. However, some are too good to be true and their terms do a good job of hiding the catch. So we have put together a guide that lists the known bookie or offers that should be off limits.

If you spot any bookies that you haven’t heard mentioned in the group, please take this as a red flag and ask in the groups. The last thing we want is for you to be in a spot of bother and end up losing your hard earned cash.

So let’s get started!

AspireGlobal bookies

(Karamba,Hopa, Betregal, MrPlay, Betiton)

These are 100% ones to avoid. The offers themselves are fine but the issue arises when it’s time to withdraw. Even though it’s against gambling guidelines, these bookies will make you jump through hoops to get verified or get your money out.

The hassle far outweighs the benefit so steer clear.

Progressplay Group bookies

(Gatobet, Interbet, Rubybet, Mobilewins)

For example, Gatobet may look amazing at first glance. You think bet 10 get 30, what could go wrong? The answer is, a LOT!

In their terms and very easy to miss, the free bet winnings is capped at £30. This is a huge problem if your bet wins and you layed at the exchange. You risk a massive amount of liability as a loss.

Please don’t attempt doing high odds and hope it loses at the exchange because some high odds bet can still win and then you face an even bigger loss if the bet comes in.

Interbet/Mobilewins/Rubybet- These bookies used to give out the offers like confetti but had a deposit/withdrawal fee. It was still somewhat profitable but then it went downhill and they added a 10x wagering to their free bets. This went from decent value to less than zilch. Avoid!


They have a good welcome offer at the moment but that is literally it. Once you’ve done it, take your cash and never look back. They have a history of sending out offers that have a wagering and then mid-wagering, they restrict your account to starting prices.

Terrible bookie.


They are probably one of the worst ever! They hold customer funds, have cancelled bets and asked for obscene levels of KYC. This one is not just an avoid but don’t even mention their name. Run a mile. They have most likely been fined by the Gambling Commission too. Yikes.

*Mansion bet/ Any offers with high wagering

Now, these are not a full avoid. But more of a ‘proceed with caution’. The reason for this is because the offers come with a bonus that comes with a wagering. This could be 5, 6, 7 + times. This means that if you place the bet with the bonus and the bet wins, you will have a large amount sitting at the bookie and will then need a large bank to now wager it out and lay the bets.

These offers are ones to avoid until you have a bankroll comfortably in the thousands. We cannot tell you how many times we have seen members get into a right pickle. So please please proceed with caution. And no, don’t do high odds and hope the bet wins at the exchange. This will only get you into a bigger mess if the bet ends up winning at the bookie.

Do check the terms too to see if the wagering is just on the bonus or the value of the deposit and bonus combined.

Did you find a bookie not mentioned anywhere?

Fear not.

You can look them up on the Gambling Commission Licence Register. Simply click here, type the name of the bookie and they will pop and all the bookies and casinos under their group of companies. You’ll also be able to see any sanctions recorded or actions taken against that bookie as well.

You also have access to the Facebook group if you ever have any questions. It is always recommended to err on the right side of caution with unknown bookies.

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We've Got Your Back.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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