How To Make Your First £100

Starting Matched Betting can be daunting but this guide aims to help make you your first £100 profit!

Easy to follow steps introduce you to the concept of matched betting, help you set up the tools you'll need and signposts you to the first offers to set you off on your journey.

➡️ Step 1

Reading and watching our guides

All matched betting journies start with some reading.  We have written and video guides which many members find useful at the very beginning. Reading and watching these guides, several times if necessary is essential in understanding the mechanics of matched betting.

Beginner Video Guides
Matched Betting Explainer
New Starter Tutorials and Knowledge Test

After you have watched the 12 minute explainer above, head here and on the right, scroll to the first 'Test My Knowledge Quiz' and see how you get on.
Then, the remaining 4 videos go on to explain a little about how to find and place your bets.  Go ahead and watch those before completing the final knowledge quiz at the end.
Good Luck!

Written Guides and E-Book

If you prefer to learn using the written word, the above videos are also available in text format with an option to download as an E-Book.
Head here and click 'Switch To Text' above the video.

➡️ Tom's Coral Offer Walkthrough Video

Twice a week, Team Profit Tom walks you through the very first offer, Coral's Bet £5, Get £20 free bets.
You can simply follow along with him and place your first bets!
The walkthrough can be found here.

➡️ Step 2

Setting up an exclusive bank account and email

For simplicity, it is advisable to seperate your personal affairs from your matched betting activity.
You can do this by using a separate email address for signing up to bookmakers and a different bank account too.

Bank Account
Many of our members use an old, dormant bank account they once opened and the rest tend to choose one of the newer online banks such as Starling or Monzo.  They are free and easy to set up and operate solely online.
An extended guide on bank accounts can be found here.

Note: Revolut, although being one of the newer online banks, have in the past closed member's accounts as they dislike matched betting activity so we do not advise you use them.

Again, an old dormant email address will suffice but if you want to want to create a new one feel free to do so.  A word of caution, it's best not to use any form of the term 'matched betting' in your new email address to allow you to stay under the bookie's radar.
An extended guide on Email account can be found here.

➡️ Step 3

Your first offer!

The page you'll use most on our website will be the 'Welcome Offers'
Here, we list all the tried, tested and trusted bookmaker welcome offer.  Each offer has an easy to follow, step-by-step guide from the trigger bet all the way through to the free bet stage.


At the top of that page you'll see 'Betfair'.  This is the 'exchange' and is what makes matched betting possible. Go ahead and sign up to Betfair via our link in the guide below to get 2% commission on your lay bets.


To complete your first offer, not only will you need that Betfair account but you will also need to open one at Coral.

The Coral guide, and Tom's Walkthrough video above should mean the process of placing your first bet is easy.

coral welcome offer

➡️ Step 4

The First Two Weeks

After you have sucessfully completed the Coral offer and made your first profit you should be already getting up to speed with how matched betting works.
Next, to help you on the way to meeting the promise of this guide, your first £100 profit, you now start working through the next two weeks of the guides.

Click on each image to go to that offer's guide.

➡️ Step 5

The Final Step - Reload Offers

By this point you should be hovering around the £100 profit mark.
To push you over the target, there are something called 'Reload Offers'.

Reload offers are given to you by bookies after you have signed up to them so if you want to take full advantage of matched betting, try and incorporate them into your welcome offers as you go.

They come in a huge range of forms from price boosts, acca insurance, extra places, bore draws, those simple ‘bet and gets’.....the list is almost endless, truly. There is no end to the bookies ability to conjure up an enticing offer for us.

Where to find your reloads?

First place to head to is our dedicated archive of guides on our website here.

👉 Our bustling main Facebook group is where you will will also find a huge range of offers posted daily by us and other members.

👉 Your inbox, SMS, postbox.

👉 The bookies pages themselves.

👉 Our daily Top Offers post

Bet Clubs

Next up you’ll find all the current bet clubs, these really are easy, weekly money which you should be doing religiously every week.
Guide can be found here.

Price Boosts
You know, price boosts are often completely overlooked but if you get your alerts set up and are available through the day (we understand not everyone is) then there is £20+ per day to be made here alone! Seriously. Our Facebook group’s Daily Boost post would be the first place to look.

Guide can be found here.

Sports Reload

Then the long list of different sport reloads begins.

From 2UPs, Golden Goals, Build-a-bets, 80th minutes and refund offers.

Refunds, ITV Racing offers, Extra Places, Each Way No Lay, Best Odds Guaranteed.

Get an introduction into the profitable world of casino offers with Team Casino.

➡️ FINISH!  

Hopefully, by now, you will have made a tidy £100+ profit using this guide!
Use this profit by recycling it into more and more offers, building your bankroll as you go.  The higher the bankroll, the more profit you can make overall.

Good luck on your matched betting journey and don't hesitate to reach out to us if you ever have a question.

We've Got Your Back.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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We've Got Your Back.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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