Time: Daily
Profit: £50+/ race

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A price boost is when a bookmaker offers higher odds on a sport than normal as a promotion to their customers. The back price they are offering will be higher than the lay price on the exchange meaning you can profit from these price boosts risk free!

The amount from price boosts are generally small and around £2-£3 on average, however if you were to do them every day you could easily make £100 or even £150+ a week from just the boosts alone!

  • Do not confuse Price Boosts with "Arbs". Price boosts are promotions that the bookies know they are running. An arb is a price that shouldn't be that high - avoid these!

Price Boost Example

An example may be something like Ladbrokes boosting Arsenal to win at odds of 5.0 instead of 4.0. Whenever a bookmaker does such boost, there is always a maximum stake - lets say here it's £20. In this example, the lay odds on the exchange are likely to be around 4.5 which creates us a chance to profit risk free!

You can calculate how much profit you're going to make by simply entering the numbers into the Normal calculator:

  • Stake £20 (this is the max stake for the boost)
  • Back odds 5.0 (the boost price on Ladbrokes)
  • Lay odds 4.5 (the lay odds on betfair/smarkets)

This gives you £1.87 profit, risk free!

The profit is worked out just like the loss is on a normal trigger bet. You can see that the lay stake you should place is £22.32 (with a £78.12 liability).

This means that if Arsenal win, you win £80 on Ladbrokes but lose £78.12 on the exchange for a net profit of £1.87.

If Arsenal do not win, you lose the £20 bet on Ladbrokes, but win your £22.32 lay stake, which after commission is £21.87, so a net profit of £1.87.

  • Always check the max stake of a price boost before depositing into the exchange - you don't want to deposit too much if a boost is say only a max bet of £10!

Are All Price Boosts Profitable?

There are two occasions when we cannot make a profit risk free from price boosts:

Back Odds Aren't High Enough

As you've seen before, for a price boost to be profitable we need the back odds to be higher than the exchange's lay odds. Sometimes the bookmakers will post what they claim to be a price "boost", but in reality they are still offering really poor odds that are lower than the exchange and so we can't make an profit off it!

Using the example from above, if Ladbrokes had boosted the odds from 4.0 to 4.5 then we wouldn't be able to make profit as the odds would be the same as the exchange, and not higher!

No Lay Market Available

Not all price boosts can be layed on the exchange. An example of a price boost that cannot be layed is "Ronaldo and Messi both to score". If you cannot find the lay market for the price boost on Betfair's exchange, it means that the price boost cannot be layed, and that we cannot make a profit, so we simply skip it and move on to another one.

How To Find Price Boosts

OddsMonkey Price Boost Thread

If you have a subscription to Oddsmonkey, you can subscribe to the price boost thread in their community forum here.

Members post all of the best price boosts in this thread so you can receive a notification on every profitable boost, every day.

Bookmaker Websites

If you haven't subscribed to Oddsmonkey yet, you can find price boosts manually by going to any bookmaker website. Each site has their price boosts advertised in different areas, but generally they can be found on the homepage (because the bookies want everyone to see them!). If you can't find any on their home page then it may be worth clicking into a popular football game and see if they have any "match specials" or "price boosts".

For example, when clicking into a game on Ladbrokes you might see the price boosts displayed like this.

Best Bookies For Price Boosts

The majority of bookmakers have price boosts on various sports and events. The main ones you can focus on are:

  • Skybet
  • Coral
  • Betvictor
  • William Hill
  • Betfred
  • Ladbrokes
  • Boylesports
  • 188bet

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