Laying Accas

Accumulator bets (or “accas”, as they’re fondly referred to by punters and matched bettors) are a bet placed with one price on multiple outcomes and must all come in to win. Sometimes there are stipulations with both trigger and free bets that they must be placed on multiples, and as there are a few different types of accas, there are also different ways of laying them too.

Example 1: Acca Lay Markets

Betfair, Smarkets and Matchbook have all  begun to regularly build accumulator markets on their own exchanges.   This is by far the easiest way to lay accumulators.    You can find the accumulator lay markets for the major exchanges below.  You will find lay markets for only a limited number of accas, usually for accas where the bookie is running a price boost.   However, if we are doing an offer that requires an acca to be placed as a qualifying bet or free bet, we might be able to find one of these acca lay markets, and then recreate the acca at the bookies, to avoid having to use the lay sequential method (Example 2).  

Smarkets (football):


Matchbook (Football):

For example, Sky offers you an enhanced price for Arsenal, Everton and Wolves all to win their Saturday 3pm games at odds of 6.0, so you place a back bet of £20 on this outcome. Smarkets are offering a lay price of 5.2, so you calculate you need to lay £23.08 for a profit of approximately £3 guaranteed.

All you need to do here is back and lay normally because the back odds are longer than the lay odds, so you make an instant profit! 

You can also treat it as advantage play to take a risk-free shot at a bigger win by underlaying, as below:

In this example you would break even if one of the acca legs lost, but you would win £16 if the bet wins. Make sure you see Chris's acca boosts for more details. Awooga!

Example 2: Team Profit Lay Sequential Spreadsheet

In cases where you there is no lay market for your acca, but the events happen in sequence (ie not at the same time), you can use the Lay Sequential method.   The lay sequential method is an alternative method of laying accas, where you need to lay the teams, one at a time, before each game kicks off.  As previously mentioned, this method is only possible when the times of each leg of the acca do not overlap at all.

BetVictor gives you a £10 free bet that must be used on a 3fold (treble) as part of the signup offer.

You build an acca on BetVictor with three legs for the following games:

  • Crystal Palace v Huddersfield, 12:30pm—Huddersfield to win at odds 3.2
  • Tottenham v Brighton, 3pm—the draw at odds 4.6
  • Manchester Utd v Watford, 5:30pm—Watford to win at odds 3.9

If you are a subscriber of Oddsmonkey, then we suggest using their lay sequential calculator, which can be found here.   

If you are not an Oddsmonkey subscriber, then you can use Team Profits' lay sequential spreadsheet, which can be found here:

Laying Multiples Spreadsheet

Enter the events and odds into the left-hand side of the spreadsheet. It will then calculate the lay stakes you need to place.

Make sure you only lay one leg at a time as per the lay stake column. If that leg wins, move onto the next lay bet. As soon as one of your legs loses, you must stop. This is because the back bet now can no longer win, and you should have received your profit into the exchange. As you can see from below, in this example you will come out with £8.08 profit, no matter what the outcome!


Example 3: OddsMonkey Acca Finder

For most popular signup offers or bet clubs where accas are required, the OddsMonkey Acca Finder can save a lot of time and effort.

BetWay’s bet club requires you to spend £25 on trebles (3fold) or higher at minimum odds of 3.0 during the week. You select “BetWay (Weekly Free Bet)” from the dropdown list and choose the selection with the lowest QL that does not include any obscure teams or leagues.

As these matches all start at different times, you use the Lay Sequential mode. You build the acca on BetWay’s site and place a back bet of £25. As you can see, the OddsMonkey acca finder populates the lay stake you need to place for your first game, which is £24.19.

As in the previous example, if the first leg wins continue to the next leg and lay it, but if it loses then you are finished! You will then receive a £5 free bet on the following Saturday and a £5 free bet the Monday after.

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