Weekly Clubs Explained

Some bookmakers have weekly free bet clubs as a reward for your loyalty and to keep you betting with them. You can take advantage of these offers in the same way as the welcome offers by simply betting a certain amount to unlock the free bet.

When To Complete These Offers

Most of these promotions allow you to place your bets at any time during the week, as long as the bets settle before the end of Sunday - however it is important to check this in the terms as they can change at any time. We do try to keep this page as up to date as possible though!

Qualifying Losses

Like with the welcome offers, when we place our bets, in order to get the free bet, we are going to make a qualifying loss. If our qualifying losses are too high, we might find that we are not able to make any profit after using the free bet.  We must therefore be mindful of how much profit we expect to make from the free bet (around 70-80% of the free bet value) and ensure that we keep our qualifying losses to less than this.  This is unlikely to be an issue for the easier bet clubs as the rewards are pretty big, however for the advanced bet clubs you must make sure you are keeping losses to an absolute minimum to ensure that the offer is still profitable.

For clarity, we have calculated the profit assuming a 98% match from the qualifying bets, and 75% bet retention from the free bet(s). This is easily achievable using the Oddsmatcher from Oddsmonkey.

Please note: There are also Casino bet clubs, but this page is just for the sports one. Casino ones work in a similar way, and you can earn an easy profit each week by doing them. For more info on these, and other Casino offers which can be extremely profitable, visit www.teamcasino.com

Easy Bet Clubs


These really are no-brainers to do as they are very straightforward. They are simple Bet X Get Y offers which take no time at all, and they can be repeated every week!

I would just recommend reading each of the guides to become familiar with the club mechanics so you can incorporate it into your Matched Betting routine.

00:00 Mon - 23:59 Sun

Bet £25 Get £5

Weekly Profit: £3.25

Team Profit Guide

Paddy Power

00:00 Mon - 23:59 Sun

Bet 5 x £10 Get £10 + Power Up

Weekly Profit: £6.50


00:00 Mon - 23:59 Sun

Bet 5 x £10 in-play Get £10

Weekly Profit: £5


00:00 Mon - 23:59 Sun

Bet £50 Get £5

Weekly Profit: £2



00:00 Sat - 23:59 Fri

Bet £25 Get £10

Weekly Profit: £7

Team Profit Guide

In total this is an easy £30 profit risk free every week!

To complete the Coral and SkyBet clubs in under 3 minutes, I'd recommend checking out our OddsMonkey Time Saving Tip #2.

Advanced Bet Clubs


These bet clubs are slightly more advanced as a lot of them include multi bets which cannot simply be laid off in one go at the exchange. They also tend to take more time and effort, however are still worth it if you're looking for a decent hourly wage.

The best way to attempt these is to try to combine them with another offer where possible. For example, if the offer is bet 10 x £10 a week, try to complete other offers within the time frame, and any remaining bets needed to complete the bet club can then be done a day or two before the deadline.

00:00 - 23:59 Sat Only

Bet £10 Get £5

Weekly Profit: £2+

Visit Offer

00:00 Mon - 23:59 Sun

Bet 5 x £10 in-play Get £5

Weekly Profit: £1.50

Visit Offer

00:00 Mon - 23:59 Sun

Bet £20 Get £5

Weekly Profit: £1.75

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10:00 Mon - 23:59 Sun

Bet 3 x £5 #MakeABet Get £10 Free Bet

Weekly Profit: £5+ expected

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