Bet £5 Get £30

BET £5 GET £30



15 mins


Deposit Method: Bank Card

Trigger Bet: £0.05 however, we recommend £5+ for account health

Minimum Odds: None

Free Bet: 3 x £10

Your Profit: £23

Skybet is one of the UK's leading online bookmakers given their huge brand awareness as part of the Sky TV Group.

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Choose a popular league or cup on Sky Bet video image

To make this even easier and faster, check the Selections blog where every week I select the best teams for your trigger and free bets.

Choose a team on Sky Bet. There are no minimum odds for this image

Preferably with odds below 2.5 to keep your liability low.

To view decimal odds rather than fractional odds, click the GIF below 🙂

Check the Exchange lay odds aren't drastically higher than the back odds

Ideally the chosen team should have the lay bet odds within 10% of the bookmaker odds.

For example, if your bookmaker odds are 2.0, aim for Matchbook lay odds no higher than 2.2.

Check 'Liquidity'

The next step in your laying process is super important and must be done before placing every lay bet.

Check the maximum stake under the lay odds on Matchbook.  This is called liquidity and if this number is not higher than your required lay stake then you will not be able to lay your bet.

Example  If you need to lay £20 on the exchange:

       Matchbook Liquidity here is £40.  GOOD - Fine to lay

       Matchbook Liquidity here is only £2. BAD - Do not lay

If the max stake is higher than your required lay stake, you can go ahead and place your bets.

Load up the matched betting calculator and enter: 
  • Back Stake
  • Back Odds
  • Exchange Lay Odds
  • Lay Commission (Matchbook = 0)

Place your £5 Sky Bet bet video image
Place your exchange lay bet

Use the lay amount from the calculator in Step 2 and enter that into the stake box on Matchbook.

Again, do a 'liquidity' check explained in Step 1 to ensure there is enough money available to lay your stake.

Note: In the unlikely event that the liquidity changes as you are placing your lay bet and your bet does not 'fully match', you can use this guide to help resolve this.

The 3 x £10 free bets are added shortly after your trigger bet is settled. The free bets have no expiry date.

We now repeat Steps 1 to 3 as we did in the trigger bet part with one change in each step.

Step 1
Choose a team with higher odds to make a larger profit:
£30 Free Bet
Back Odds
Your Profit
2.0 £16 £13
3.0 £41 £18
4.0 £68 £21
5.0 £96 £22
6.0 £125 £24

For this week's free bet selections, check out the Selections Guide and scroll to the bottom of the page to view the "free bet" selections.

Step 2
Select 'Free Bet SNR' in the Calculator as 'bet type'. 

Enter £30 in the Calculator for the stake as you will be placing all 3 x £10 free bets on the same image

Step 3
Use the Sky Bet free bet in the betslip.

Repeat placing the £10 free bets to use all 3 x £10 Sky Bet free image

Step 4
Place a lay bet to lock in profit from the free bet

For the Exchange lay bet, you only place this once. This is because you entered £30 into the calculator in Step 2 and so have both 3 x £10 free bets covered as one.

Check the liquidity is higher than your required stake.

Once the free bet has settled...

Congratulations - More Profit Banked! 

Easy money! If your trigger bet or free bet won in Sky Bet, then withdraw these winnings.

The profit doesn't stop there!

You can earn £3.25 every single week from Skybet by completing their Weekly Bet Club offer. Click here to find out more!

Mark the offer as complete and move onto the next offer:

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PS. Looking to track your profit? Check out our matched betting spreadsheet.