£10 Cash Refund

£10 Cash Refund Summary

  • Deposit Method: Bank Card
  • Bonus Code: YSKAEG
  • Trigger Bet: £10
  • Your Profit: £8
  • Plus Cashback: £15
  • Full terms: Click here

This a very easy to complete offer.

Paddy Power '£10 Cash Refund' offer means you place a £10 bet, and if you lose, Paddy Power refund it as £10 cash.

This is exactly the same as being given a £10 free bet.

This is because if you £10 bet loses, you get it back as £10 cash and so have not lost a penny.

Overall, this is just like being given a £10 free bet, without needing to place a trigger bet. Easy peasy!

To complete this offer,  choose a team with high odds and then back and lay it using Free Bet SNR in the calculator.

You will make up to £8 profit risk free.

Plus you can get £15 cashback by signing up to Paddy Power with TopCashback!

Example Profit

Using an example of 8.0 back odds and 8.6 lay odds, the Calculator will show a lay stake of £8.16 (with 2% Smarkets commission) using 'Free Bet SNR' mode.

If your £10 Paddy Power bet loses:

  • Paddy Power: Your £10 is refunded as cash. No loss.
  • Exchange: You win your £8.16 lay stake (£7.98 after 2% commission)
  • Profit: £7.98 

If your £10 Paddy Power bet wins:

  • Paddy Power: You win £70
  • Exchange: You lose your £62.02 liability
  • Profit: £7.98

Sign Up To Smarkets Exchange

Betfair and Paddy Power merged back in 2016. Therefore, you will need to make sure you do not use Betfair as the exchange, when completing the Paddy Power Cash Refund offer.

We instead suggest you use your Smarkets account. If you do not yet have a Smarkets account, then we strongly recommend signing up. Check out the instructions here if you haven't already. As a bonus for signing up with us you will receive £10 risk free, and you will also only be charged 2% commission in comparison to Betfair's 5%.

Sign up to Smarkets

Sign Up To Paddy Power Via TopCashback

TopCashback are currently giving you a £10 Refund PLUS £15 cashback!! This is a much better offer than going directly to the Paddy Power website, check out the details below:

TopCashback is currently offering:

  • £15 cashback for signing up to Paddy Power.
  • £10 cash refund offer

I would therefore highly recommend firstly signing up to Paddy Power via TopCashback! It is very easy to do. Signing up to TopCashback takes 1 minute and then you can just use their search box to find the Paddy Power offer.

Sign up to TopCashback

When you sign up to Paddy Power via TopCashback, just make sure you put in the bonus code: YSKAEG . This should be pre-filled in, but be sure to put it in if not or you won't receive the £10!

New to cashback sites? See our full Cashback Guide for more details.

video image= Video Guide Clip (pop up)

a) Choose a popular league or cup on Paddypower.video image

To help you find a match to bet on, make sure you visit our Selections blog post.

b) Choose a team with higher odds on Paddy Power. Preferably with odds above 4.0 to maximise your profit:
£10 Bet
Back Odds
Your Profit
4.0 £23 £7
5.0 £32 £7.58
6.0 £42 £7.93
7.0 £52 £8.17
8.0 £62 £8.37

To view decimal odds rather than fractional odds, click the GIF below 🙂

c) Check the Smarkets lay odds and choose the team with the closest lay bet odds to the bookmaker odds.video image

Ideally the chosen team should have the lay bet odds within 10% of the bookmaker odds. For example, if your bookmaker odds are 4.0, aim for Smarkets Exchange lay odds no higher than 4.4.

d) ESSENTIAL - Check 'Liquidity'

The next step in your laying process is super important and must be done before placing every lay bet.

Check the small £s under the lay odds.  This is called liquidity and if this number is not higher than your required lay stake, do not place the bet as it will not fully match.

Examples;  If you need to lay £13 on the exchange....

      Betfair Liquidity here is £3945 on Lay odds (pink).  GOOD - Fine to lay

       Liquidity here is only £10 on the Lay odds. BAD - Do not lay

  Smarkets Liquidity here is £2992 on Lay odds (blue). GOOD - Fine to lay

Liquidity here is only £11 on the Lay odds. BAD - Do not lay

If the £s under the odds are higher than your required lay stake, you can go ahead and place your bets.

If the liquidity changes as you are placing your lay bet and your bet does not fully match, you can use this guide to help resolve the issue.

a) Enter your stake, back odds and lay odds into the Calculator using Free Bet SNR refundvideo image

a) Place your £10 Paddy Power betvideo image
ESSENTIAL - Again, do a 'Liquidity' check explained in step 1 to ensure there is enough money available to lay your stake.
b) Place your Smarkets lay bet using the lay amount from Step 2 in Backer's Stakevideo image

Congratulations - £23 Profit Risk Free!

Easy money! If your £10 bet on Paddy Power won, then withdraw these winnings.

Mark the offer as complete and lets get cracking with the next offer.

ps. Looking to track your profit? Check out our matched betting spreadsheet.