Football Offers Guide


Football offers are one of the main ways you can keep making money each month through Matched Betting. It's easily the biggest sport in the UK for betting and with so many matches going on throughout the year there is always a chance for a free bet!

You can profit from football offers every weekend during the football season and often midweek too when there are midweek fixtures such as the Champions League, Premier League and Championship. There are 3 main types of football offer:

  • Risk Free
  • Refund

  • Advantage Play

Risk Free Offers

A risk free football offer works exactly the same way as what you've been doing when signing up to the bookmaker websites. You simply place a back and lay bet and receive a free bet for doing so - quick, easy, and risk free!

The most common risk free offers are Betfred's Bet £10 Get £5 in-play and occasionally Bet365's Bet £50 Get £50 in-play.

Refund Offers

Refund offers are slightly different as the free bet isn't always guaranteed,  it requires a certain outcome to trigger it. This could be something like a certain player to score, or a red card to be shown, or a certain amount of goals. Whatever it is, you will be able to profit from it! Below are some of the most common examples of a refund offer.

So how do you attempt them? You can check out an in-depth guide for each major refund offer in the guide list, but in summary:

1) Place a trigger bet
2) Lay the bet on the exchange
3) Try to take the smallest loss as possible

The difference here is that you will only receive the free bet if the advertised outcome happens.

If it doesn't happen, you'll only make a small loss and you can just move on to the next Football Refund. It's not guaranteed profit every time, but for long term profits you should definitely attempt as many of these as you can!

You can also lock in profit some of these offers by betting on one outcome, and then laying the outcome that triggers the free bet. You'd need some sort of special calculator for this though, so it's best to just back and lay (and hope!).

For a more in-depth guide on lock ins you can check the guide for each Football Refund offer in the guide list.

There are plenty of bookmaker refund offers, the most popular for matched bettors are Bet365's 2Up and the Paddy Power £10 Refund offers.

Advantage Play Offers

A typical advantage play offer is "Bet £5 on our special markets, receive a £5 free bet". These offers are different to the others as you cannot fully lay them off at the exchange. A special market can be something like "Messi to score and to receive a yellow card at 6.0".

Obviously you can't lay this bet as there isn't a market for it in Betfair, however you are going to receive a £5 free bet so the odds are in your favour.

You know you are going to make around £4 profit from the free bet and so you're essentially only risking £1 to win £30 meaning you're basically getting odds of 30.0 instead of 6.0 for that bet!

There most common advantage play offers are things like Skybet or Betstars'  'RequestABet' Bet £10 Get £5 promos. These usually cannot be layed off, so the strategy here it so place plenty of small (£1) bets and then redeem the freebie!

Tools Needed

Football offers are on almost every day with the same promotions making an appearance every week. To keep up to date with what promotions are going on and when they are, I'd recommend you make full use of a Profit Accumulator membership. They have lots of tools as well as a daily offers calendar which will show you the best offers available each and every day! It provides a real-time feed of all the running existing customer offers (not just the football offers) and is an invaluable tool for Matched Bettors! Alternatively you could just look at the main websites like Bet365, William Hill, Paddy Power, Boylesports, and Ladbrokes. If you're in our Facebook group or follow our blog then you may occasionally find a post about a Football refund offer that is valuable - so there's lots of ways you can get involved!


The whole idea with Football Refunds in particular is to keep qualifying losses as small as possible. This is because not every offer will land so you can end up placing a few bets without receiving a single free bet. Our selections post aims to provide you with the most high profile footall matches, that should in turn have the closest odds. Make sure you are using these regularly, especially if you're new to reload offers.


For anyone starting out on football offers this is a great place to head to. There are countless posts regarding football promotions, and lots of helpful discussion in the daily reloads thread. You can compare prices and work out if an offer is worth doing with other Matched Bettors - some of whom do this full time for a living! The best thing about this is... the group is FREE to join!

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