How To Deal With Gubbings

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Tom Portlock
Lord of Matched Betting

You got gubbed-Now what?!

It’s as painful as heartbreak. You get that dreaded break up email from a bookie you adored telling you that you are no longer eligible for their promotions. They were showering you with offers and then suddenly it all just stopped. But there is a silver lining and that is that you can still make money. You will have to change your mindset and adapt to new strategies but the opportunity to profit is still there and let me explain how! Keep reading!

1. Learn a new matched betting strategy

It’s important to never remain complacent when matched betting. I know, it’s nice when you get an offer that you can place within seconds and not have to give it a moment’s thought but learning a new strategy or tool is matched betting is the key to longevity and profit in the long term. Some may seem more daunting than others but that extra few minutes that you will take to lean a new technique will add ££££ to your bank and another skill to your matched betting repertoire. Offers change all the time and if you can quickly adapt to these, you will open up many doors for various types of offers.

A great way to do this is to check out the daily offers calendar on Profit Accumulator. The offers are updated daily with instructions on each one. So if there is an offer that you’ve been scrolling past or sounds too complicated, now is a great time to give it a go!

2. Reflect on reasons why you may have been gubbed

It would be impossible to find out exactly why you were gubbed as asking the bookie will only result in the standard  ‘it was a business decision’ response. But if you’ve been hammering a certain offer, or taking overly close matches or targeting only promos, this is the time to think about ways or things you can do to avoid this happening again. If you haven’t already read the blogpost  on how to stay under the bookie radar, you can do so here.

3. Look out for new signups

As great way to boost confidence after losing a bookie is to get a new one! New bookies and welcome offers are always cropping up so make sure to look out for these regularly. Remember that a new bookie also means reloads later on so more £££ in the bank.

4. Low risk casino

Normally bookies separate their sports and casino into different divisions. So if you get gubbed from sports, this doesn’t mean you’re gubbed from casino as well. So rather than think about shutting that bookie account after a gubbing, it might be worth considering leaving it open for low risk casino offers. You can learn all about low risk casino for £1 over a 10 day trial on!

5. Arbing

This is when you look for matches where the back odds are higher than the lay odds.. A price boost that’s either in the form of  a promo or not. It’s instant profit. You may find that you might be stake restricted by bookies but others will allow you to put on high stakes so do keep an eye on this and take advantage while you can! Make sure to check out our price boost thread in the Team Profit Facebook group and turn on your notifications so you can know about these asap.

In conclusion, there is still a world to explore after a gubbing so don’t be downhearted. You may have to change your style a little bit but it’s an opportunity to learn something new and carry on with your matched betting journey!

Happy profiting folks!

5. Extra Places

Most bookies still allow you to take part in extra places even when gubbed! Woohoo! For more information on this, do check out this guide here


1.If my bets keep losing at the bookie and win at the exchange, this will prevent me from getting gubbed. This is FALSE.

The way they operate is that they take in bets from lots of punters on different outcomes and traditionally would write them all down in a big book. They offer different odds on different outcomes, and adjust the odds on offer, with the aim that no matter what happens, the amount of money they will pay out on that market will be less than the amount of money they took in as bets.
What this effectively means is that when you place a bet with a bookmaker, you aren't really betting against the bookie, but against the people who bet on the opposite outcome. The bookmaker is just an intermediary and takes its cut. Therefore, the bookmaker doesn't hugely care whether you win or lose, because their profit is the same either way. But when they add a promo to the mix or a free bet, this changes things. A bookie loses money from free bets.

2.I can be ungubbed. This is mainly FALSE

I say mainly because some people have been ungubbed but it’s not because they continued matched betting. It’s because they may have been punting. If you are to carry on matched betting, having an account ungubbed is extremely unlikely. Even trying to place mug bets to get ungubbed wouldn’t be worth it as the losses you’ll make from the mugging won’t be worth it in the longer term.

3. I can’t be gubbed without knowing. This is again FALSE.

A bookie can restrict your account at any time even without your knowledge. The famous silent gubbing we call it. The bigger bookies will always send you an email but some bookies just simply apply the restriction so you only find out when you place a bet or chase up a free bet you thought you qualified for.

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We've Got Your Back.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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