The 10 Matched Betting Commandments

Thou Shalt not back "To win both halves" and lay "half-time/full-time"

One of the most common mistakes people make is confusing the "team to win both halves" market with the "half time/full time" market. These are not the same and so you cannot back one and lay the other as your funds will be at risk. 

Win Both Halves vs HT/FT Guide
Thou Shalt not lay before backing

You should never place a lay bet first, ever. The bookmakers are changing their odds all the time, and occasionally they'll restrict accounts without telling people. If you place a lay bet, and then go to place a back bet you might sometimes find you can't get the full amount you want on which will leave you in big trouble.

Thou Shalt not ignore promo terms

It's always a good idea to check the promo terms and make sure you fully understand what to do when taking up an offer.

By this, we mean check how much you need to be betting, what minimum odds you need to be betting on, and what markets you need to bet on. If you don't fullfil the terms properly then you might not get your free bet.

Thou Shalt not gamble

At Team Profit we provide support for matched betting, not gambling. You should never gamble! Stick to the offers we recommend, and watch your profits grow. And if you do feel like you have a problem with gambling, then seek help.

Thou Shalt not commit multi-accounting or speak of it

Multi accounting is a grey area legally speaking and so you shouldn't really do it. Because of this, to cover ourselves and to cover you we ask that you simply don't speak about it either.


Thou Shalt check Tom's lunchtime profit's and weekend offers

Every weekday Tom will post his lunchtime profits at 12pm noon sharp. This will show the best ways to make profit on your lunchbreak and can vary from a quick free bet promotion to an easy casino or bingo offer.


Thou Shalt profit from price boosts

Price boosts are an amazing type of promotion that is overlooked by a lot of people. Some boosts can be worth £5+ for 1 minute of work, so make sure you check out the guide on how to profit from price boosts and follow the price boosts thread on Profit Accumulator.

Thou Shalt make the most of Team Profit Support

Team Profit was set up to teach you about matched betting, offering help and guidance along the way. If you have any questions then make sure you ask us via live chat, email or our facebook group - we have tonnes of guides for you.


Thou Shalt try casino offers

Casino offers are an incredibly profitable source for matched bettors. Casino offers are profitable, however they are not risk-free, like Matched Betting. Because of this, they are not for everyone. Team Casino teaches you everything you need to know, try it for 10 days for just £1.

Thou Shalt enjoy smashing the bookies

Matched betting is supposed to be fun, so relax, enjoy yourself, and keep smashing the bookies!