The Difference Between The Half Time / Full Time (HT/FT) And Win Both Halves Markets

One of the most common mistakes people make is confusing the following markets:

HT/FT (Halftime / Fulltime) + To Win Both Halves.

At first glance they look like they could be the same thing. But, they are very different. If you place a back and lay across these two different markets you could lose a lot of money.

You might see a price boost on a team to win both halves at 6.0 and see the lay odds are 3.2 and think you've discovered a great price boost

If you see this then STOP and read this!   

How Do The Markets Differ?

Half Time / Full Time (HT/FT)     

HT/FT is very simple to understand. It's the result at half time, and the result at full time.

If you chose England/England then your bet would be England to be winning at half time, and England to still be winning at full time. If you chose England/Draw, then it'd be England to be winning at half time, and the full time result to be a draw.

Win Both Halves

Win Both Halves is different as it needs your team to win the first half, and win the second half. They have to win both halves.

Treat the first half and the second half as separate matches. Your team will need to win the first match (first half) and then also win the second match (second half).

If your team is winning 2-0 at the end of the first half, then imagine the second half as a completely separate match. The score resets to 0-0, and now your team must win the second half.

Where Do People Get Confused?

Imagine you bet on your team to win both halves and the final score was 1-0, with the goal scored in the 4th minute.

Your HT/FT bet would win as your team was winning 1-0 at the end of the first half, and were still winning 1-0 at the end of the match.

But, your Win Both Halves bet would lose. They won the first half 1-0, but the second half was 0-0 as nobody scored.

Remember that the second half is a separate "match" and nobody scored in it. So nobody "won" that half, meaning the Win Both Halves bet will be a loss because the team drew the second half, thus not winning both halves.

Lots of bookmakers will offer price boosts on the Win Both Halves market. Time and time again people will back it and then go on to lay HT/FT market.

By doing this you are leaving yourself exposed to losing a lot of money. Your team could be winning at the end of both halves, but not actually win them both.

Your back bet would lose, but your lay bet would also lose leaving you down a lot of money. If you're backing Win Both Halves, then lay Win Both Halves too. If you're backing HT/FT, then lay HT/FT.

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