Hey Team!

First and foremost, I really hope that you, your family & friends are okay during the coming weeks.

Everyone here at Team Profit will do our very best to help you. We will give you the simplest advice to help you still make a profit each week, in spite of the surreal circumstances. Which is why we have created this guide.

As you can imagine, with the decrease in sports offers, a lot of Team Profit members have been asking how to profit from casino offers.

We launched Team Casino last summer with this sole purpose in mind - to help you profit from casino offers.

Over 2,000 people are now using Team Casino every month, but should you give casino offers a try too?

In this guide you'll find answers to 5 questions to decide 'Are Casino Offers Right For Me':

  • How much time will I need?
  • How much money will I need?
  • What's the right mindset?
  • How much profit can I make?
  • Can I lose money?

If you decide casino offers are for you, as a heads up you can try Team Casino for £1 for 10 days, a special offer we're currently running.

So....let's crack on!

1) How Much Time Will I Need To Learn?

You will need 1-2 hours upfront to learn how casino offer work. It is very similar to matched betting, in that you need to spend some time upfront to learn about the key terms and how everything fits together.

I would also recommend setting aside at least 1 hour per week to completing offers so you're taking advantage of the offers available.

Similar to matched betting, the more time you spend, the more you can make.

2) How Much Money Will I Need?

You will need £100 available. This is your upfront starting cash, this will cover the chance of bad luck during the earlier Welcome Offers.

The 96 Welcome Offers on Team Casino (worth £1,055 expected profit) are ordered in risk, so you would be starting with the risk free and incredibly low risk offers. This allows you to build up your profits as safely as possible.

Similar to matched betting, the more money you have available, the more offers you can do, but you can start with £100.

3) What Is The Right Mindset?

You should adopt the same mindset for casino offers as we recommend with matched betting. Treat it as an enjoyable hobby that makes some extra money over the long run!

A difference with matched betting is that casino offers do involve an element of risk. So whilst you will make a profit in the long run, you can have a run of losing offers. This is less likely to happen though during the Welcome Offers as these are better value than the Reload Offers (again, similar to matched betting!).

4) How Much Profit Can I Make?

The 96 Welcome Offers on Team Casino are worth £1,055 in expected profit. These are well worth doing as they are particularly good value.

There are Reload Offers every day, including free to play games, weekly offers, low risk offers and medium risk offers.

Plenty of Team Casino members make hundreds of pounds a month every month (and more!) completing offers in their spare time.

5) Can I Lose Money?

There is an element of risk so you can lose money in the short term.

To minimise the chance of losing, the Welcome Offers in Team Casino are ordered based on risk, so you would start with the risk free and lowest risk welcome offers.

This gives you the very best chance of starting casino offers with a profit and then building your profits as you complete more offers.

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