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So you’ve completed all of the welcome offers and have a pretty good knowledge of Matched Betting. Now what do you do? Are you a hustler? Do you want to start earning as much as possible each month? If the answer is yes, then this is the place for you! Just make sure you have the following:

  • Completed all of the welcome offers

  • Completely understand backing and laying

  • Have a decent sized bank (£500 minimum)

  • Basic understanding of slots

The monthly earnings for a hustler can vary because not every offer is risk free or guaranteed profit, however you should be aiming for £500 to £1,000 monthly. Don't worry though, as a hustler you will be doing ALL worthwhile offers, which includes the guaranteed £300 a month that the Team Regulars are doing!

In this section you will also come across Casino offers, which can seem a little daunting at first. But, just like with Matched Betting, you can profit from some of the promotions that the bookmakers and casinos are offering. To help you with this, we've set up a service over at, which aims to make the world of Casino offers easy, because it's super profitable and in some cases can be MORE profitable than Matched Betting itself!

You can grab a £1 trial for Team Casino when you feel ready here.


The more time you put into matched betting, the more you will get out of it. You could spend just an hour or so a day and still make a decent profit each month, but to make the serious money you should be spending a couple of hours a day (maybe an hour in the morning, on your lunch break, or when you get in from work). It also helps to plan when you’re around for offers - for example being free on Saturday afternoons for the ITV Horse Racing, and being free Tuesday/Wednesday nights for the Champions League when it’s on.

If you’re looking to earn £500 or more a month then I’d recommend starting with at least £1000. Some of the offers don’t require much money at all, but with so many going on at the same time it’s easier to have more money instead of missing offers because of having to wait for withdrawals. Also some of the higher value offers require large stakes, in the region of £100 or £200, so you would also need enough in the exchange to lay these off.

Technically there is no cap on how much you can make because plenty of offers such as Bet365 and Paddypower's 2up have no maximum stake. There are also plenty of Horse Refunds, Football Refunds and more which you'll always have a chance to make a profit from as there are so many available each week. Realistically, you should be looking to make at least £500 or even £1000 with a starting bank of around £1000. If you can get on the horses every day and be around at the weekends for football offers then you should be able to make up to £1000.

It’s no secret that people are Matched Betting full time and making a successful income from it, but with that comes a lot of risk. The main one is in the form of gubbings. If you’re Matched Betting full time and you get gubbed from a bookie that you make a lot of money from, you’re basically taking a huge pay cut. For this reason we wouldn’t advise anyone going full time at all, and would just recommend that you treat Matched Betting as a side income. It is sustainable up to a certain point, but your accounts won’t last forever!

Despite being a free service we will always do our very best to help you! You can contact us at Team Profit for anything (Matched Betting or not!).

Which Offers To Complete:

First things first, to become a hustler you will need the tools to help you succeed. I'd highly recommend anybody that is serious about making money each month to sign up to Profit Accumulator. They have an Oddsmatcher, Racing Matcher, Each-way matcher and much much more! You can find all of the best offers each day on their Offers Calendar, and you can grab a 7 day trial for £1 right here!

You can aim to make £500 to £1,000 profit every month from guaranteed profit and low risk offers listed below. Some of the offers towards the end aren't guaranteed profit offers, but as a Hustler you will be making money in the long term because the odds are in your favour.

1) Free Bet Clubs
  • Complete the easy and advanced free bet clubs
  • 2-3 hours each week
  • £50 each week (£200/month)

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Clubs Explained

2) Price Boosts
  • Complete multiple boosts everyday
  • 5 mins per boost
  • £50 each week (£200/month)

3) Casino Offers
  • Risk free and low risk offers
  • 1 or 2 hours daily
  • £200 each week (£800/month)*

*The profit is calculated using the daily offers shown on If you want to take your profits to the next level then you should consider a subscription to the service. You can trial it here for 7 days for just £1.

4) Football Offers
  • Midweek and weekend football offers
  • 1 hour on Football days (more on weekends)
  • £25 each week (£100/month)*

*please note we haven't calculated Bet365 or PaddyPower 2up. This is an unlimited offer, and with stakes of £200-£300 you could well earn up to £500 a month alone from that offer.

5) Racing Offers
  • Saturday televised racing offers
  • 2-3 hours every saturday or an hour each day in week
  • £75 average each week (£300/month)*

*Again this depends on how much you're hitting it. If you've been invited to William Hill's 2nd place refund then you may be getting free bets almost every day. Depending on your tier, this could be £20+ a day easily amounting to £100+ a week after losses. Bet365 lock ins are also worth around £20 every Saturday but I do normally advise against their 4/1 offer, just because you can make so much more long term by avoiding this promo.

6) Arbing/Dutching
  • Each-way arbs and dutches between bookies
  • Ongoing - keep checking throughout the day
  • £50 each week (£200/month)

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7) Misc
  • Instore offers and Bookie giveaways
  • Infrequent

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In-Shop Offers

Getting Started Advice

Much like when you first started the Welcome Offers, it is best to spend some time reading through the Reload Offer guides listed above. Here are three top pieces of advice to getting started:

  • Learn Each Offer One At A Time

If you try to read all the guides in one go, there is a high chance your brain may explode - not good!

Instead, we recommend reading the Free Bet Clubs guides first and then profiting from these before moving on to anything else. Free Bet Clubs are an easy source of profit that you can make week in-week out, and will give you a taste of what's to come with the other reloads. After you've mastered the bet clubs, it's time to start looking at the other types of offer such as price boosts and horse racing.

  • Learn From Team Profit Tom

Check out Tom's Top Tips for Hustlers guide! This contains plenty of helpful tips to ensure you make the most of matched betting.

  • Say Hello To Fellow Team Hustler Members

Matched betting is more fun and profitable when you're completing offers alongside other matched bettors.

Check out the Team Profit Facebook Group and say hello to your fellow Team Profit buddies!

  • Sign Up To Profit Accumulator 

It's extremely important to sign up and use their tools. The Price Boost thread alone is worth £100s in risk free profit every month.

You can trial them out for 7 days for just £1 right here!

Got Questions?

There are 3 ways to ask for help with Team Profit:

Facebook Group - ask over 30,000 fellow matched bettors (including the Team!) any questions you may have. [Join The Group]

[email protected] - We try to respond to all emails within 24 hours with complete answers.

Live Chat - Chat with one of us any time we're online. See the chat module at the bottom right of site.