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Bet365 and Paddy Power 2Up Offer

Bookmaker bet paid as cash out as winner if your team goes 2 goals up!


Bet365 and Paddy Power both run this excellent football refund offer. Note if you are looking for a guide on the Early Payout Calculator, please see this guide.

It is the most popular football refund offer for matched bettors and, once you have learned how to complete the offer using this guide, it is quick and easy to do!

Simply back and lay teams with very close odds between the bookmaker and the exchange. Then sit back and hope that the team you back goes 2 goals up (e.g. 2-0, 3-1)!

If your team goes 2 goals up, you can either:

  • Lock in a small profit by cashing out your lay bet. This means you only pay out a portion of liability on initial lay bet whilst still winning the full amount on Bet365/Paddy (as they have paid out).

  • Hope to make a big profit by doing nothing and hope the opponents score 2+ goals so your team draw or lose the game. This means you win both the lay stake and the Bet365/Paddy back bet.

There is no maximum stake, usually I will go for between £50 to £100, you could put on a lower stake and still make a profit!

Your average profit from this offer is usually £2 to £3 based on a stake of £50 to £100 and choosing 97%+ rating teams. For 5 minutes work, this is well worth doing!

Please note you can go many games without your chosen teams going 2 goals up, so this is not entirely risk free, but is still low risk given it is just small trigger bet losses for each team you back and lay.

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2Up Key Terms
  • Minimum stake: None
  • Maximum stake: Maximum stake the bookmaker is willing to accept (£100 to £500 usually)
  • Bet365 Eligible Leagues/Cups: Premier League, Spain La Liga, Championship, FA Cup, EFL Cup, Italian Serie A, Germany Bundasliga, Champions League, Europa League, French Ligue 1, Scottish Premiership, English Championship, English League 1, English League 2
  • Paddy Power Leagues: Premier League, Spain La Liga and Champions League
  • Bookmaker terms: Bet365 & PaddPower

Am I Eligible?

You should receive a message in your Bet365 inbox to say you are included in the 2Up offer. If you are gubbed, you are not eligible unfortunately.

Paddy Power Previously if you were gubbed you would still receive this offer, but in their latest gubbing email they say you are not eligible for 2up.

Step 1) Choosing The Teams

There are 3 key criteria to choosing the teams:

  • Eligible league or cup (see key terms above)

  • Close odds (97%+ rating)

  • Avoid low odds (aim for 1.7 back odds or higher)

Close odds (97%+) is essential for this offer because the likelihood of your team going 2 goals up is low. This means you will incur numerous trigger bet losses until you can profit from this offer by your team going 2 goals up. Therefore, in order to make this offer profitable in the long term, keeping the trigger bet losses low is key!

Mid to high odds (1.7 and above) is also essential for this offer because if you choose a strong favourite with low odds (<1.7), then when they go 2 goals up, the likelihood of the underdogs coming back to draw or win is extremely low.

This means there is no value when you go to cash out your lay bet (or if you hope the underdogs come back to draw or win, you'll be waiting a very long time!)

Step 2) Placing The Bets

Nice and easy, just place your back bet on Bet365 or Paddy Power and lay as normal in the calculator.

You will make a small trigger bet loss of up to 3% of your stake (i.e. up to £3 loss from £100 staked). It is now just a case of waiting and see if your team goes 2 goals up!

Step 3) Your Team Has Gone 2 Goals Up!

If your team has gone 2 goals up, brilliant!

As mentioned at the top of this guide you now have two options, let's go through each option:

  • Option 1) Lock in a small profit by cashing out your lay bet.

Once your team has gone 2 goals up, you have won the bookmaker bet!

However, you don't need to pay out the full liability of your lay bet because there is a still a slim chance your team won't hold their 2 goal lead. Both Betfair and Smarkets give you the option to 'cash out' your lay bet.

In effect, this means that if there is an 10% chance your team won't hold their 2 goal lead, then you can immediately cash out and lose only 90% of the liability.

Let's help to show this using an example:

Option 1) Lock In Profit Example

Man Utd are playing Everton. Man Utd have back odds 2.5 and lay odds 2.52, which is a 98% rating. You place:

£100 back bet

  £100 lay bet with a £152 liability (as shown in the calculator)

Man Utd go 2 goals up after 30 minutes hurray!

You have won your £100 Bet365 bet for £150 cash profit.

  The odds have dropped to 1.3. You can simply click 'trade out' in Smarkets and you will then pay out only £120 liability rather than the full £152 liability.

You have made a £30 net profit being £150 winnings on Bet365 less £120 loss on Smarkets.

You can cash out your bet in two different ways. Either press the Cash Out button on the exchange (Warning: ONLY if it's the ONLY bet you have on the match), or you can manually calculate the back stake to place on the exchange to manually cash out your lay bet. You can do this by using the Early Payout Spreadsheet (Please click file>make a copy, as you are unable to edit the master copy).

The Early Payout Spreadsheet is very helpful when you have multiple lay bets on the same game, but only one relates to your 2Up offer. You can therefore just cash out your lay bet relating to the 2Up offer. Here is the Early Payout Spreadsheet guide.

  • Option 2) Hope to make a big profit by doing...nothing!

If you aren't online when the game is running or you're simply looking to save time, you can just hope that once your team has gone 2 goals up, they surrender their lead and end up drawing or losing the game. This means you win both your Bet365/Paddy bet and your exchange lay stake.

Whilst this is unlikely to happen, over the longer term it has the same expected profit as Option 1), it just has bigger swings as you aren't cashing in small profits each time your team goes 2 goals up.

Option 2) Do Nothing and Hope Example

Man Utd are playing Everton. Man Utd have back odds 2.5 and lay odds 2.52, which is a 98% rating. You place:

£100 back bet

  £100 lay bet with a £152 liability (as shown in the calculator)

Man Utd go 2 goals up and then Everton come back and the game finishes 2-2.

You have won your £100 Bet365 bet for £150 cash profit.

  You have won your £100 Smarkets lay bet for £98 cash profit.(after £2 commission).

You have made a £248 profit being £150 winnings on Bet365 plus £98 on Smarkets.

Which Option Should You Use?

You can choose either approach based on your time available! If it helps, the approach I take is to always back and lay teams when the odds are close. Then when the games are being played:

If I am online then I'll check every so often to see if the team are 2 goals up. If so, great I'll cash out for a small profit.

If I am offline then I'll just hope when I check the results that I was lucky and my team when 2 goals up only to then surrender their lead and the game ends in a draw or lose for them!

Additional Tip - Don't Forget Smarkets!

You may be familiar with using Betfair as your main exchange.

Definitely consider using Smarkets too, they have some of the best football lay odds, plus £10 Risk Free when you sign up via Team Profit.

Get Lower Commission With Smarkets
Extra Tip - Choose Higher Odds
  • Higher Odds = More Profit

It is best to back teams with higher odds. Quite often I'll see teams with odds between 3.0 to 7.0 when im looking for matches which is ideal.

The reason higher odds is better, is because once your team goes 2 goals up, their exchange odds will still be reasonably high (1.2 to 1.5) so you can cashout and lose less liability in the exchange (than if the odds were 1.01 to 1.2). This is because your team are the underdog in the game and so the favourite still has a reasonable chance to score 2 goals to get it back to a draw.

Below is an example of the potential cash out profit once your team goes 2 goals up, based on a £100 stake:

Scroll right to see the profit column.

Pre-Match Odds Odds Once 2 Goals Up Lock In Profit
2.0 1.1 £10
3.0 1.2 £30
4.0 1.3 £70
5.0 1.4 £120

Please note these odds once 2 goals up are just approximate odds. The actual odds will depend a lot how early your team goes 2 goals up.

For example, if your team goes 2 goals up in the 20th minute, the odds will be reasonable (1.1 to 1.5), if your team goes 2 goals up in the 80th minute, the odds will be 1.01 so there is almost no profit in the cashout.

For this reason, I'll usually only for 1.7 to 2.0 back odds with a 98% rating, whilst I'll be happy to go for 97%+ when the odds are greater than 2.0.

Also for reference, the exchange odds to look for when cashing out are the back odds, this is because to cash out the lay bet the exchange places an opposite back bet. For details on this, please see the Betfair Cash Out & Smarkets Trade Out guide.

I hope you have found this 2Up guide helpful and if you have any questions please do see below for how to reach out thanks!

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