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Tom Portlock
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If you are looking for a guide on the Early Payout Calculator, please see this guide.

Bet365 and Paddy Power both run an excellent football refund offer called 2Up. It is the most popular football refund offer for matched bettors and, once you have learned how to complete the offer using this guide, it is quick and easy to do!

Simply back and lay teams with very close odds between the bookmaker and the exchange. Then sit back and hope that the team you back goes 2 goals up (e.g. 2-0, 3-1)!

If your team goes 2 goals up, you can either:

  • Lock in a small profit by cashing out your lay bet

    This means you only pay out a portion of liability on initial lay bet whilst still winning the full amount on Bet365/Paddy (as they have paid out).

  • Hope to make a big profit by doing nothing.

    This means you simply hope the opponents score 2+ goals so your team draw or lose the game. If this happens, you win both the lay stake and the Bet365/Paddy back bet.

There is no maximum stake for this offer!

Usually I recommend to bet between £50 and £100, but you could put on a lower (or higher!) stake if you wish and still profit!

Your average profit from this offer is usually £2 to £3 based on a stake of £50 to £100 and choosing 98%+ rating teams. For 5 minutes work, this is well worth doing!

Please note that you can go many games without your chosen teams going 2 goals up, so this is not entirely risk free, but is still low risk given it is just small trigger bet losses for each team you back and lay.

2Up Key Terms

  • Minimum stake: None
  • Maximum stake: Maximum stake the bookmaker is willing to accept
  • Bookmaker terms: Bet365 & PaddyPower
  • Eligible Leagues/Cups: See Below

Eligible Leagues & Cups are:
Premier League, Spain La Liga, Championship, FA Cup, EFL Cup, Italian Serie A, Germany Bundasliga, Champions League, Europa League, French Ligue 1, Scottish Premiership, English Championship, English League 1, English League 2

How To Complete 2Up

When deciding what team(s) to bet on you'll want to have one thing in mind - keeping your qualifying losses down.

The best way of doing this is to use Oddsmatching software. This will automatically scan both Bet365 and Paddypower's odds, and compare them with all 3 major exchanges (Betfair, Smarkets, Matchbook).

Step 1 - Open Up Oddsmatching software

Open up Oddsmatching software and select 2up. This will pull up a list of games that are eligible for 2up, as well as show you the % rating in the Rating column.

The Rating is simply how much of your bet you expect to retain. For example, if you pick a 99% rating match and you are betting £100, you'll keep £99 of it i.e. lose £1 as a qualifying loss.

Step 2 - Choose A Match

My advice here is to choose anything above 98%.

See the Screenshot below.

You should try to bet on the top 3 games are all of them are 98% or above. The rest of the results are below 98% and so I'd perhaps avoid them, unless the odds of the team were high (3.0+).

I would also recommend prioritizing the higher odds teams where possible as they give a higher lock in profit. If a team at odds 5.0 goes 2-0 up then there lock in will be huge in comparison to if a team that are 2.0 goes 2-0 up.

Step 3 - Back & Lay Your Team

Back the desired stake on your team and lay them as normal using the calculator. You can find the markets easily by clicking the two circled images in the above picture. Clicking Bet365 takes you directly to the Bet365 market, and clicking Smarkets takes you to Smarkets as well as adding the event to your betslip.

After you've backed and layed your team, it's time to wait! You can either leave the games completely, or wait and see if a team goes 2 goals up!

Step 4 - Your Team Has Gone 2 Goals Up!

If your team has gone 2 goals up then you have 2 options here!

Option 1: Lock in a small profit by cashing out your lay bet. This is the best option if you want to make consistent profit!

Option 2: Hope to make a big profit by doing...nothing! This is the option you want if you want big wins - but not frequent wins.

Lets take a look at both options below!

Option 1 - Cashing Out ( consistent profit )

Once your team has gone 2 goals up, you have won the bookmaker bet!

You do however have a lay bet currently sat in limbo which you can cash out to get some money back! You've already pretty much got everything back (minus your QL) from Bet365 or Paddy, so any money back from the exchange is a BONUS!

If you have no other bets on the match, just your 2up bet, then you can simply press the Cash Out button on the exchange. If you do have other bets, then please use the Early Payout Spreadsheet instead! (Please click file>make a copy, as you are unable to edit the master copy). Here is the Early Payout Spreadsheet guide.

Your profit is simply however much you cashed out on the exchange, minus your qualifying loss from the offer!

Lets take a look at an example below from the video!


Cashing Out - What Is My Profit?
Using the example from the video, you back Preston at 1.8 and lay them at 1.83 with 2% commission.

£50 Back bet at odds 1.8 on Bet365.
£49.72 Lay bet at odds 1.83, with £41.27 Liability.

If Preston go 2up early on and we assume their back odds drop to 1.2 on the Exchange, then by putting the numbers into the spreadsheet we are told to back £75.83 to lock in some profit. This will make you £13.89 profit overall!

But where does this profit come from? Lets look at the 2 outcomes now, after you have locked in!

If Preston win the match...
On Bet365 you are up £40 from your back bet.
On the Exchange, you are down £41.27 from your liability, and up £15.16 from the back bet you just placed to lock in (£75.83 at odds 1.2). You don't need to factor in Exchange commission as overall, as far as the exchange is concerned you are at a loss and so don't pay anything.

Adding these numbers up... £40 + £15.15 - £41.27 gives a total profit of £13.89! Easy!

If Preston do not win the match...
You are still up £40 from Bet365 as they paid out early.
On the Exchange, you win your initial £49.72 lay bet however just lost the £75.83 that you backed. Because you are down on the exchange, again, you don't have to pay any commission.

Adding these numbers up... £40 + £49.72 - £75.83 gives a total profit of £13.89! Boom!

Option 2 - Letting It Ride ( big but inconsistent profit )

If you aren't online when the game is running or you're simply looking to save time, you can just hope that once your team has gone 2 goals up, they surrender their lead and end up drawing or losing the game. This means you win both your Bet365/Paddy bet and your exchange lay stake.

Whilst this is unlikely to happen, over the longer term it has the same expected profit as Option 1), it just has bigger swings as you aren't cashing in small profits each time your team goes 2 goals up.


Letting It Ride - What Is My Profit?
Again, using the example from the video, you back Preston at 1.8 and lay them at 1.83 with 2% commission.

£50 Back bet at odds 1.8 on Bet365.
£49.72 Lay bet at odds 1.83, with £41.27 Liability.

This one is alot easier to work out as you will only be paid if there is a full turnaround.

If the offer lands... you are up £40 on Bet365.
You also win your lay stake on the exchange however have to pay 2% commission, and so are up £48.72 after that.
Adding these two numbers up... £40 + £48.72 gives a total profit of £88.72! Massive profit!

Which Option Should You Use?

You can choose either approach based on your time available! If it helps, the approach I take is to always back and lay teams when the odds are close. Then when the games are being played:

If I am online then I'll check every so often to see if the team are 2 goals up. If so, great I'll cash out for a small profit.

If I am offline then I'll just hope when I check the results that I was lucky and my team when 2 goals up only to then surrender their lead and the game ends in a draw or lose for them!

Additional Tip

You may be familiar with using Betfair as your main exchange.

Definitely consider using Smarkets too, they have some of the best football lay odds, plus £10 Risk Free when you sign up via Team Profit.

So to summarize, when completing 2Up you should:

  • Take Only 98%+ Matches

  • Prioritize Higher Odds Teams

  • Cash Out Early For Consistent But Smaller Profit

  • Let It Ride For Big Profits

We've Got Your Back.

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We've Got Your Back.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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