gubbedBeing Gubbed

Why you get gubbed and how to deal with it?

If you want to avoid being gubbed you must partake in mug betting - for someone thats new to matched betting, this sentence may sound like gobbledygook.

There is a lot of panic around being gubbed; in this article I will address those concerns and also explain your options having been gubbed at a particular bookmakers.

What Is Being Gubbed?

Matched betting is bigger than ever and because of this, bookmakers are being hit big time for their free bets. So in a bid to limit losses they attempt to identify those believed to be matched bettors (those who take free bets and don't gamble) and restrict their account to never receive any future free bet offers. This process of removing the capacity to receive free bets is widely known as 'Gubbing'.

So as you can imagine, being gubbed on a bookmaker is a matched bettors worst nightmare - no free bets means no profits...or does it? Keep reading to find out how to still profit from gubbed accounts.

How Can They Identify Me As A Matched Bettor?

There's no definitive list on what makes bookmakers decide to gub you. However, if you put yourself in their shoes you can second guess the kind of things you should avoid doing.

There are some obvious patterns that matched betting can create, so cutting them out will only ever help keep your bookmaker accounts open for long, below are some glaringly obvious matched bettor patterns (in my opinion/experience):

  • You bet on obscure markets (e.g Turkish Division 3 Football)

  • You only ever use the bookmaker for their free bet promotions

  • Betting on weekday non-major event horses out of the blue

  • Not placing recreational mug bets (accumulators or featured bets of the day)

How Do I know If I've Been Gubbed?

In most cases you will receive the "email of doom", an email that sends shivers down the spine of the entire matched betting community - especially if it's from Bet365 of Skybet. The subject line of the email will be something along the lines of "Important Information Regarding Your <bookmaker> Account" and the body will look something like this:

What To Do When You Get Gubbed?

Fear not! You can still make risk-free profit from bookmakers even if they've gubbed you..

When you're gubbed you're often still fine to place normal bets with the bookmakers. Allowing you to simply change your technique from Matched Betting to Arbing (arbitrage betting).

Arbitrage Betting

sports arbitrage

Arbitrage betting is the process of identifying markets with odds higher on the bookmaker than on an exchange (usually with the help of Outplayed's Oddsmatcher), meaning that backing and laying that bet will result in risk-free profit.

You may have seen on the Outplayed Oddsmatcher, that there is a 'rating (%)' column and what this indicates is that any bet that has a rating greater than 100 is an arbitrage opportunity. See below for example:

Here you could back and lay this bet as normal and no matter the outcome you will guarantee yourself 9.88% of the back stake as profit!

Please Note: Arbitrage betting privileges won't last for long (2 weeks of arbing usually) until your bet amounts will be limited by the bookmaker - so don't start arbing on accounts you're not already gubbed on 🙂

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