One of the most common questions in the Facebook Group is 'how do I earn a regular profit from Reload Offers?'

To help you with this, we have launched a new series of guest posts called 'Week In The Life Of'', where regularly (hopefully 3-4 a month) in this blog an experienced matched better will explain their typical weekly matched betting routine, including:

  • Which Offers They Focus On

  • Weekly Matched Betting Routine

  • Top Tips For Offers

Over the weeks ahead there will be a range of guests, including full time matched betters, stay at home parents and those with full time jobs making some extra cash in their spare time!

For our first guest, it wouldn't seem fair to ask a member to be the first guest in case this is a flop, so taking the plunge is one of the Team Profit support team, Chris Harvey!

Chris Harvey's Top Trump Card

Weekly Profit £150
Weekly Hours 7 hours
Bankroll £2k
+£4k for 2Up
MB Age 3 years
What is your matched betting background?

Hey everyone! I have been matched betting for a few years now whilst working on the Team Profit website. I've tried almot all the types of offers with lots of head scratching along the way 😀 I've now got into a weekly routine I'm happy with, this does change a bit though as I learn new offers and Reload Offers change.

My goal is to average £150 each week in my spare time almost exclusively from Reload Offers, mainly during midweek lunches and Saturdays.

Could you give an estimate of your £150 weekly profit by type of offer?

My average £150 profit per week for this season should be:

Bet365 2Up = £50
Price Boosts = £30
Football Offers = £25
Casino Low Risk = £25
Other (e.g. Clubs) = £20

I like to aim for £100 profit each week from the risk free and low risk offers, being Price Boosts, Football, Casino and additional offers like Weekly Clubs and email offers.

I consider this my regular profit I aim for, if I can get £100 a week from all these offers then great.

This does vary a bit by week, some weeks the bookies are more generous than other weeks, also some weeks I may get a nice email offer then other weeks nothing! Also the low risk Casino offers (e.g. wager £20 get £5) can be quite swingy but over the course of a month it should even itself out.

Then this season I am aiming to average at least £50 profit each week from Bet365 (and Paddy Power) 2Up. A few weekends I may make a small loss when none of my teams go 2 goals up early enough, but overall this is a great reload offer, more details and tips on this offer below!

What does your typical matched betting week look like?

30 to 60 mins a day

I work full time during the day on Team Profit and so fortunately I can get away with doing offers doing my lunch break!

I'll spend between 30 to 60 mins each lunchtime completing offers (if you can't do offers at lunchtime you could do these in the evening instead no problem).

I usually take most evenings off matched betting and instead either chill out and watch some TV, pop to the pub with a few friends or exhaust myself on a badminton court. I will still do a bit of matched betting in the evenings when there is Champions League, Premier League or Championship on Tuesday and Wednesday evening as there may be some in-play free bets to use, alongside getting on some 2Ups.

2 to 3 hours

Saturday is my main matched betting day, l'll aim to do around 2 to 3 hours before the 3pm kick offs. This means I can do:

  1. Weekend Offers / Reload Dashboard - for the easy risk free football offers and casino offers.
  2. Price Boosts (guide) - Saturday mornings is often a good time for price boosts with ITV racing and Premier League coming up.
  3. Bet365 & Paddy Power 2Ups - I'll spend 30 mins setting up at least five 2Ups for the Saturday's football depending on my exchange balance and also whether I can get close enough odds.

For the rest of Saturday, I may just jump on a few easy offers and price boosts on the 5.30pm Premier League and evening Spain La Liga games as they are announced. I will have my Facebook notifications on for Price Boosts and so I can just check this every so often and jump on as I fancy!

15 mins

Sunday is my chill out day, though I wouldn't say it is always chilled out given I like to play golf on Sundays. Fewer sports can you go from feeling like World Top 10 player to feeling like an gorilla within 60 seconds.

So usually I won't do any matched betting except for jumping on any nice price boosts, 2Ups or quick offers that come up on the afternoon Premier League games or evening Spain La Liga or Italian Seria A, so overall this may take say 15 minutes just to complete a few offers.

Again I just use the Facebook notifications and check this in-between my favourite Sunday pastime, reading the newspaper!

This is just the routine I find works well for me, you certainly don't need to follow this, but I find this means I have a fun and profitable midweek lunch, make Saturday the main profit day of the week, then have Sunday pretty much off to relax.

Could you give your top tip for each of the offers you focus on?

Sure yep! Here are my tips:

Price Boosts £30/week (guide)

These are my favourite risk free offer as they are very quick to do, simply placing a back and lay and job done. Saturday mornings are particularly good alongside the few hours before midweek and weekend televised Premier League.

Chris' Price Boost Tip - Set up Facebook notifications so you receive an instant notification of each price boost on your laptop and also to your mobile:

This makes it very easy to jump on them. Saturday mornings can be particularly good for the ITV Racing and Football boosts. Ideally focus on boosts that are coming up soon, so it doesn't tie up your liability for too long.

If you have a large exchange balance, look out for the Betfred racing boost on Saturday mornings too which you can get £100 stake on for a £5 to £10 profit, liability needed is around £300 usually. The Boylesports boosts are the great as these are often £10 max and still make £4 profit for only a £20ish liability so jump on these every time you see them in the Facebook group.

Football Offers £25/week (guide)

Usually these all quite small profit per offer, between £2 to £4 per offer but there are usually at least five offers available to complete on the weekend and on midweek televised football.

Offers include Paddy £10 Refund, Betway £5 Get £5, Betfred Bet £10 Get £5 and similar. Then the legendary Bet £50 Get £50 springs up once a month on Bet365 too!

Chris' Football Offers Tip - Some of these are available in the Team Profit Reload Offers for the weekend.

When there is midweek football you'll see some in Tom's Lunchtime Profits blog post (posted Mon to Fri at midday).

Just smash these out really, the profit isn't that big per offer, but you will get quicker do them so just set aside a bit of time and work through the ones you want to do.

Casino Offers £25/week (guide)

Casino offers vary a lot from risk free to high risk. I stick to the risk free and quick low risk ones. Those that are 'wager £10 get £5' or similar are quick to do and a nice break at lunchtime.

They also have the benefit that you can do them anytime during the day (unlike a price boost which often means you need to be online there and then), so you could set aside 20 mins a day for risk free and low risk casino offers, keep a simple spreadsheet of your profit/loss and see how much you're (hopefully!) up by end of the month.

Bet365 and Paddy Power 2Up Offers £25/week (guide)

This is the most profitable matched betting reload offer! I am a big fan of 2Up, mainly on Bet365 as they have the best odds.

It is best to focus on this offer once you have a reasonable bankroll (£500+), this is because it is quite a low margin offer (e.g. on average you may make around £ profit for every £100 staked) and you may have ten or more small qualifying losses until you have a nice win.

But given the stake is pretty much unlimited and there are 1,000+ games this season across the Premier League, Championship and top European leagues, this is well worth learning and smashing up!

Chris' 2Up Offers Tip - The key to 2Up is both having the both the correct understanding of this offer and have a good mindset.

To get the correct understanding of this offer, definitely watch (and re-watch as needed) the 2Up video and read through the guide:

As mentioned in the guide, I would recommend starting with low stakes just to get familiar with how the offer works and then increase your stakes as you feel comfortable.

I started with stakes around £50 per game (which requires a liability of around £25 with 1.5 back odds, up to say £300 if the back odds are 6.0). Now I am doing stakes of around £200 to £300 and aim to get on at least 10 games per week across midweek and weekends.

Based on average profit of around 3% stake (this is an estimate and I have no exact maths to show this, it's just my estimate of profit factoring based on 98%-ish matches), then if I can place around £3k of stakes each week I should be make an average £90 profit per week.

For a good mindset for 2Up, what works for me is two things:

  1. Have a cash out rule

When you team 2 goals up, you can cash out immediately or hold out for the opponents to get 1 (or even 2) goals back for a bigger profit. What do you do? Well, for a while when I cashed out when team went 2 goals up for a small profit, only for the opponents to come back and score 1 (or even 2), I would think "arrgghguugrugrgrh this sucks if only I hadn't cashed out I could have got a bigger profit!!!!". Then the times I don't cash out are the times the opponents do not score and I would make no profit!

So what I have created is a simple cash out rule. I always fully cash out if the back odds are 1.1 or higher, no matter what (unless I'm offline). The reason I don't cash out below 1.1 is because sometimes the back odds may be 1.04 and the lay odds 1.06, so by accepting 1.04 I am giving away a fair bit of value and only locking in for a small profit.

I recommend creating your own cash out rule that suits you and stick to it to remove the decision making over whether to cash out so this helps to reduce or eliminate the "arrgghguugrugrgrh" moment!

2. View this as a season long offer

Some weekends you won't get any 2Ups and it can be a bit demoralising when you've got on 10 teams and none have gone 2Up, only to see other teams that you weren't on going 2Up.

Don't let this demoralise you at all - you have made an expected profit from getting on 10 teams and over long term of the season the ups and downs will even out and you'll have made a nice profit!

Any final comments?

Just to say thanks very much for reading this blog post and I hope you have found some of it helpful!

I'd add just always look to keep matched betting fun, it's a great way to make some extra money each month, plus share tips (plus good laughs too) with fellow matched betters in the Facebook Group.

And finally, to any bookmakers who have decided to read this....good luck.....I'm coming after your dosh!!