Top 10 Ways To Profit This Summer

Hey Team!

The Premier League and many of Europe's top leagues have just played their final fixtures of the season.

Should you turn off the matched betting calculator and head to the beach for the next 10 weeks till the football season resumes in August?

Definitely not! Well at the very least, if you head to the beach, bring your laptop or phone with you as there is still plenty of risk-free profit to be made!

If you are completing Welcome Offers then just keep completing these offers, there is plenty of popular sport over the summer and we'll be posting in the Selections as normal!

If you are completing Weekly Offers (existing customer offers) then check out the Top 10 Ways To Profit over summer:

1) Horse Racing Offers

Horse Racing is in action every single day throughout the summer, so there's plenty to be getting on!

The best day of the week is Saturday between 1.30pm to 4.30pm when the racing is televised on ITV, as most bookies have better offers for races being shown on TV.  There is ITV racing every Saturday in May, June and July, so expect some horse racing offers every week.  There are also some mid-week ITV races with festivals such as Royal Ascot and Glorious Goodwood. These festivals can be extremely lucrative as it's essentially a Saturday every single day!

The majority of your profit will come from Racing Refund offers. There's also Extra Places which tend to be a huge earner over the festivals as your winnings are technically unlimited. For this I'd highly recommend signing up to Oddsmonkey as they have an Extra Places matcher and a Horse Racing matcher.

For some essential reading on Horse Racing Offers, I recommend starting with the following guides

Beginners Guide Link
Refund Offers Link
ITV Racing Guide Link
Extra Places Link

Further Guides can be found in the reloads section of our website.

A full ITV Racing schedule can be found here.

Horse Racing Refunds
£200+ a month

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Extra Places
£100+ a month

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2) International Football Offers

Nations League and Women's World Cup

Up to £200

Offers TBC

Last year saw the excitement of the Men's World Cup, and all the offers that came with it.  This summer, from 7th June to 7th July, we have the Women's World Cup.  Whilst we don't expect the same number of promotions, women's football is increasingly popular (764 million people watched the 2015 Women's World Cup), so we hope to see bookies running some promotions, particularly if England do well.   Also, in the first couple of weeks of June we have the Nations League.  Four matches will be played between the four remaining teams, and hopefully, given England are one of the remaining teams, bookmakers will put on some offers.

 3) Tennis Tournaments

Tennis Tournaments
Up to £500

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Matched Betting on tennis can be a great way to keep those profits coming in over the summer.  There are two Grand Slam tournaments running throughout the summer and offers can be extremely profitable.  With the Grand Slams there are literally hundreds of matches you can bet on! The tournaments that are running are:

  • Sun 26 May - Sun 09 Jun: French Open (Roland Garros)
  • Mon 01 Jul - Sun 14 July: Wimbledon

Just be careful to make sure you are using the correct bookmakers when placing your Tennis bets. This is because the retirement rules are different for each site, and so whilst you can lay bets at the exchange for some sites, you can not for others. You will need to dutch some bets with other bookmakers that have the same retirement rules. Check out the guide for more info.

4) Other Big Sporting Events

Other Sports
Up to £500

Offers TBC

Despite football and tennis being the main events over the summer, there are still other sports that the bookmakers will have some very good promotions on.


From 30th May to 14th July, England and Wales will host the Cricket World Cup, which should see bookmakers offering some promotions.  There is also the Ashes, which commences on 1st August.


As you know from The Masters back in April, the bookies love a golf offer or two and they can be extremely profitable. There's 2 more big golf tournaments over the next few months that will hopefully be very profitable.

Thursday 13th June to Sunday 16th June: The US Open (Golf)
Thursday 18th July to Sunday 21nd July: The British Open (Golf)

American Sports

Alongside golf there's plenty of American sports such as the MLS (Major League Soccer), NBA (basketball) and Ice Hockey finals which won't be huge, but there will still be some offers from the smaller bookies that can make you a few quid from.


In July there's the Tour de France. This is the most prestigious bike race and lasts for most of the month. The offers aren't generally great as not many websites run promotions for it, however there will be some promotions worth doing so it's definitely worth keeping an eye out for.

5) Casino Offers

Don't be put off by Casino offers just because they are not Sports! There is plenty of profit to be made from them so long as you are willing to accept a small level of risk. This is because you cannot lay off your bets in the same way as Sports.

Casino offers run pretty much every day and can be found in the OddsMonkey Daily Offers Calendar.

The best thing about these types of offers is that they can be done at almost any time, so if you're having a quiet day of sport trying to fill in the gaps between the major events, then why not hit up a casino offer or two?

Casino Offers
£200 Profit Every Month

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6) Cashback Offers

Cashback Offers
£300+ profit

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Cashback offers through TopCashback and Quidco are an absolute gold mine. People are put off as it seems a lot of effort, but they are very good value, and take very little time to complete at all! You could power through all of the TopCashback offers in as little as 2 hours or so, and make yourself at least £300!

Most of the TopCashback/Quidco offers are Casino and Bingo related and so do come with an element of risk, however the majority of them are paying more cashback than you initially deposit making them Risk Free!!!

Check out the guide on how to complete these offers, it's just as good (if not better) than when you were doing the sign up offers!

7) Sports Welcome Offers

Sports Welcome Offers
£75+ Profit Every Month

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There are over 30 Welcome Offers on the Team Profit website, and over 20 more on Oddsmonkey.

Have you completed all of them? Are there any you've skipped?

If you've not finished all of the sign up offers then now's your chance as there's plenty of risk free profit available! It's very easy to get lazy when you start completing reload offers but by completing the rest of the sign ups you are getting more profit, and preparing more accounts for when the football season starts again!

So go and revisit the Welcome Offers guide, and if you haven't already yet then sign up to Oddsmonkey for just £1 for 7 days - it's well worth it and you'll make that money back in just one offer!

8) Free Bet Clubs

Free Bet Clubs
£50+ weekly

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The bookmakers all have their weekly bet clubs running over the summer. With there being less football between July and August you may find it harder to get matches, however you can always check out the selections blog post.

The Free Bet clubs are worth around £50 weekly.

Feel free to post in the Facebook group if you're having trouble with one of the clubs or not sure what to bet on as people will generally help out!

9) Refer Your Friends

It'll be free drinks from your friends if you introduce them to matched betting!

Stingey friends? Not to worry, I'll give you £10 cash for every friend who starts matched betting with Team Profit!

All you need is your refer a friend link, which you can get by heading here.

10) Join The Communities

Team Profit & OddsMonkey Communities
More Profit & More Fun

Join Community

The Team Profit Facebook Group now has almost 18,000 members! There are regular tips posted that will help you make more profit from your offers.

Plus the OddsMonkey Community is incredibly helpful, I use it pretty much every day to find out about new offers and learn new tricks from very experienced matched betters.

I am 99% certain if you don't currently use both of these communities, you will make more profit this summer by joining them!

I hope this article has shed some light on how to make money over the summer. Most people think it's a "quiet" period, but in reality it isn't as there's still plenty to be getting on with!

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