Tennis Retirement Rules

What Are Tennis Retirement Rules?

In tennis, occasionally a player may retire during the match to an injury and won't play any further part in the tennis competition.

But does this mean your bet has been won/lost (depending on which player you bet on) or does this mean your bet has been voided?

Each bookmaker and exchange decides this based on the length of the matched that had been completed by the time of the injury. It will fall into one of the below 3 periods as to whether the matched had reached this stage:

  • 1 Set Completed - The exchanges use this method
  • Match Completed
  • Match Completed (unless disqualification)
Matched Betting Example

Let's say you have placed:

  • £10 back bet on Andy Murray to beat Rafa Nadal at odds of 2.5. This has a potential £15 winnings.
  • £10 lay bet against Andy Murray to win. This has a potential £15 liability.

Rafa Nadal wins the first set 6-3 but during the second set Rafa Nadal retires injury.

On the exchange, because the first set was completed and Andy Murray has won due to Nadal's injury, you have lost your lay bet and paid out the £15 liability.

On the bookmaker, the risk is that if you placed it on a bookmaker that only declares a winner if the match has been completed, then your £10 back bet is void, meaning you don't win anything!

So overall, you have made a £15 loss.

However, if you placed it on a bookmaker which has the same rules as the exchange, being a winner is declared if 1 set is completed, then you will receive your £15 winnings.

Therefore, to be safe you should only use exchanges to lay bets when the bookmaker uses the '1 set completed' retirement rule to determine if the bet is won/lost or voided.

Which Bookmakers Use Which Rules?

For clarity, below are the rules and which of the main bookmaker use them as at July 2017. For a full list of bookmakers and to be sure they are up to date, please check out the OddsMonkey Tennis Retirement Rules guide.

1 Set Completed

If a set has been completed in the game, your bet with the bookie will stand. That means that if your player retires before a set is completed, your bet will be void and your stake will be refunded. However, if a set is completed and your player retires, your bet will be considered a loss.

  • Exchanges
  • 888Sport
  • Betfred
  • Coral
  • Ladbrokes
  • Paddy Power
  • SkyBet

Match Completed

If your player retires during the game, your bet will be void and your stake refunded.

  • BetBright
  • BoyleSports
  • William Hill
  • Bet365*
  • BetVictor*
  • BetStars*
  • Betway*
  • SunBets*

*The exception is, in the rare circumstance that the player is disqualified, then the bet in not void. Instead the winning player’s bet will be considered a win, and the disqualified player’s bet will be considered a loss. If you want to remove the small risk when using these bookmakers, then use only the bookmakers that also have this disqualification rule too.

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