Up to £300

TopCashback and Quidco Cashback Offers

This guide is dedicated to helping you make:

  • £75+ profit from Sports Cashback Offers

  • £220+ expected profit from Casino Cashback Offers

This is a brilliant way to boost your total profits having finished the Welcome Offers, and can be done at any time (perfect for those quiet Matched Betting days!).

What Is A Cashback Site?

For those of you who are new to the concept of cashback sites, it's very simple.

A cashback site such as TopCashback and Quidco promotes a product, in this case a Casino or Sportsbook. For every customer they refer they will receive a commission from the Bookmaker or Casino, as they are expecting you to keep gambling with them.

The cashback site then shares part of this commission with you as a kind of incentive to sign up through them in the first place!

How Do You Profit?

Simply sign up to Sports and Casino sites that are available on TopCashback and Quidco. (Make sure you click the links on the cashback website so they can track you).

Then complete the small deposit and wagering requirement from the tables below. Just like Matched Betting you will normally make a small loss up to £1 from the wagering.

However, you will then receive a cashback payment, usually around £20 giving you a net profit of £19

Note: If you're doing the Sportsbook cashback offers then you can simply sign up through TopCashback or Quidco and then complete their normal welcome offer. That way you'll get both the Welcome Offer bonus AND the Cash Back offer!

Step 1 - Sign Up To TopCashback and Quidco

To begin with, please create your cashback site accounts using the links below

Just for using the links above that are part of the refer a friend offer, you will make:

  • £5 Argos eGift Card from TopCashback

  • £2.50 cash from Quidco

Step 2 - Sports Cashback Offers

Below are the Sports Cashback Offers available for you to profit from.

All you have to do is sign up to these websites through TopCashback or Quidco, and then deposit and bet the required amount. As an added bonus, you can combine this with the Welcome Offer for that bookmaker - meaning not only do you get cashback but you also get the free bets or bonuses they're offering!

  • £75+ total Cashback for bookmakers that also have Welcome Offers on Team Profit!

  • Please note cashback payments aren't instant! TopCashback and Quidco will have to wait for confirmation from the Bookie/Casino that you've bet the correct amount, and you'll get paid after

  • Please note the free bets and bonuses for the sports Welcome Offers are usually given in addition to the cashback, however it is not 100% guaranteed!

Bookmaker Deposit & Bet Cashback Your Links
Paddy Power Logo £20 £15.75
Genting Sports Logo £25 £15.75
Jetbull Sports Logo £10 £10.50

You may see some bookmaker cashback offers on TopCashback or Quidco that aren't featured in our table. This is probably because they won't allow you to take their sign up offer as well as the cashback offer, and the sign up offers are generally worth alot more.

Gubbing note - There is a possibility that signing up to bookmakers via cashback sites may increase your chances of being gubbed. This is because the bookmaker will see you are a savvier customer signing up via a cashback site. This is not an issue for the smaller bookmakers you won't be using for existing offers, such as JetBull and Blacktype, but maybe for the larger bookmakers such as Ladbrokes and William Hill.

Step 3 - Casino Cashback Offers

Below are the Casino Cashback Offers available for you to profit from.

You should only lose up to £1 to 2 on average from wagering your initial deposit - and so your profit from each offer should be around the cashback amount!

Please note though casino games do have high variance, so if you are unlucky you could lose most of your deposit, resulting in a small profit.

When you sign up to the Casino websites from TopCashback or Quidco, you will have to deposit and wager the amount specified in the table. I'd advise sticking to slots as not all websites allow you to use things like blackjack or roulette. When you are spinning the slots, make sure your total stake is as small as possible - this is to reduce variance and make sure you lose the minimum amount possible therefore maximising your profit!

  • £220+ Cashback

  • Please note cashback payments aren't instant! TopCashback and Quidco will have to wait for confirmation from the Bookie/Casino that you've bet the correct amount, and you'll get paid after

  • Please note decline / do not opt in for any deposit bonus, otherwise your deposit will be tied to a deposit bonus. If unsure on this, please contact the Casino's support.

Bookmaker Deposit & Wager Cashback Your Links
Winner Logo £48 £50
Casino of Dreams Logo £30 £28
Dunder Logo £25 £26
Aspers Logo £10 £21
Regal Wins Logo £10 £21
Lucky VIP Logo £10 £21
Genting Sports Logo £20/£30 £21
Jackpot 247 Logo £10 £10.50
Coral Sportsbook Logo £10 £20
Sun Bets Logo £25 £15
Magical Vegas Logo £10 £10
Magical Vegas Logo £10 £10

*Winner - Some members have reported issues with creating their Winner account as it seems their registration process can be a bit buggy. For details, please see Facebook Group post.

**Casino of Dreams - a member in the Team Profit Facebook Group in this post reported that, despite declining the Casino of Dreams £30 welcome bonus (30x wagering), Casino of Dreams manually added his account with the bonus. Casino of Dreams refused to cancel the bonus or let the member withdraw his original £30 deposit, meaning he would have to wager the full wagering requirement (and likely lose his initial £30 deposit). Therefore avoid this offer!

***Dunder - have a minimum deposit and withdrawal of £20. So from your initial £25 deposit, if after wagering you had a balance below £20, you would then need to deposit £20 and wager this to try to finish about £20. Therefore, I would recommend an initial deposit of £50. This means even if you loe all of your initial £25 deposit then you could still withdraw the remaining £25 no problem!

Tip - Read The Cashback Reviews

Before completing a cashback offer, it is well worth reading the reviews on TopCashback and/or Quidco.


For each offer, you can see the tracking % success on the right hand column:

And also the reviews from fellow TopCashback members. Click on the stars to read the full reviews:


Along the top of the each offer page you can see a summary of the reviews, tracking % success, time to report tracking success and claim speed:

You can read the full reviews towards the bottom of each offer page:

Please note some of the cashback offers may not have reviews (if they are new) or have poor reviews. If you're unsure whether to go for an offer, please feel free to post in the Facebook Group for fellow Team Profit member feedback!

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