Cashback Offers!

This guide is dedicated to helping you make:

  • £15+ profit from Sports Cashback Offers

  • £150+ expected profit from Casino, Bingo and Lotto Cashback Offers

You could make up to £200 profit from cashback offers, and they're a brilliant way to boost your total funds, perfect for those quiet matched betting days!

Each offer takes very little effort and can be completed in less than 10 minutes, meaning the hourly rate for cashback offers can be massive!

What Are Cashback Sites?

Cashback sites like Topcashback will promote a company, in this case, bookies and casinos.

For every customer that they get to sign up, the company will pay them a commission.

The cashback site then shares part of this commission with you. This is an incentive for you to sign up through them.

Cashback offers are super easy to complete and are very low risk. So they are a great way to make some money!

How To Get Started

There are 3 main cashback sites. To start profiting from cashback offers, you’ll want to create accounts with all 3.

Each cashback site is linked below. It should only take a few minutes to sign up to each one.

I’d recommend doing this now so that you’re ready to get smashing cashback offers!

Just click the links below and follow the steps to make an account.




Sports Cashback Offers

1: Sign up to a bookmaker via a cashback site.

You need to make sure that you click the link on the cashback website so that you are visiting the bookie through the cashback site. This will then allow the cashback site to be paid for referring you, which will then allow them to pay you.

2: Deposit and bet the required amount shown on the Cashback site.

Simply deposit and bet the required amount (you'll take a small loss) and then you'll receive the cashback.

3: Receive the cash reward via the Cashback site.

You receive a cash reward, not a free bet. The cash reward will go straight into your cashback account and can be withdrawn.

  • These offers will have a "deposit and bet" amount. Make sure you deposit the FULL amount as a minimum, as you may not receive cashback if you don't.

  • Sometimes the cashback can take a while to come through (1 month+) - this is completely normal.

  • WARNING: If you are using an adblocker then temporarily disable it before clicking through to the bookmakers/casinos. (You must disable for all sites, not just the site you are on at that moment in time).

Below are the Sports Cashback Offers available for you to profit from. These are changing all of the time, so be sure to check how much cashback is available when you visit the cashback site as it may differ to below.


£15 Cashback

Visit Offer
Casino Cashback Offers

Casino cashback offers work slightly differently to sports cashback offers.

We still sign up via a cashback website, and then make the required deposit.

But instead of wagering this deposit with a sports bet, we do so on a casino game, such as blackjack, slots or bingo.

Wagering on casino games is very easy to do. If the offer requires us to wager £10, we might open a slot, set it to a 20p spin size, and then complete 50 spins to have wagered £10.

Whilst our results will vary when wagering on casino games, we can calculated our expected profit based upon a game's average return. So for every casino cashback offer, we can know exactly what our average profit would be before starting.

By completing the casino cashback offers, our total profits can be over £150 on average.

Finding Casino Cashback Offers

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You'll find detailed step by step instructions for every offer, designed to make them as straightforward and profitable as possible.

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