One of the most common questions in the Facebook Group is 'how do I earn a regular profit from Reload Offers?'

To help you with this, we have launched a new series of guest posts called 'Week In The Life Of'', where regularly (hopefully 3-4 a month) in this blog an experienced matched better will explain their typical weekly matched betting routine, including:

  • Which Offers They Focus On

  • Weekly Matched Betting Routine

  • Top Tips For Offers

Over the weeks ahead there will be a range of guests, including full time matched betters, stay at home parents and those with full time jobs making some extra cash in their spare time!

For our third guest, we have Ellie who matched bets part time to support her family and fits a few hours into her busy schedule anyway she can!

Ellie's Top Trump Card
Weekly Profit £150
Weekly Hours 4-5 hours
Bankroll £1k
MB Age 7 months
What is your matched betting background?

I started matched betting in March 2018. After having to leave my job last year because of my health, I was looking for ways to make money from home. I came across matched betting and took the plunge with my last bit of money I had saved. I started using the Team Profit welcome offer guides and Facebook page to start working my way through the welcome offers.

My goal is to average £150 each week in my spare time from a mix of low risk casino and sports.

Could you give an estimate of your £150 weekly profit by type of offer?

My average £150 profit per week for this season should be:

Low Risk Casino = £60
Weekly Bet Clubs = £30
Sports Offers = £30
Price Boosts = £30
What does your typical matched betting week look like?

I don’t have a specific schedule for matched betting each day, but I have to fit around studying for my college course so I usually do it around lunchtime or in the evenings – whenever I find the time too!

Generally each day I do these things:

    • Check the Reload Offers Dashboard for any offers
    • Check my emails for any offers
    • Check the Facebook Price Boost thread for any price boosts
    • Check Tom’s Lunchtime Profits blog
Could you give your top tip for each of the offers you focus on?

I sure can! these are my tips:

Low risk casino

Always check EV of the offer using a calculator and make sure it’s positive – if it isn’t then don’t do it. Also, don’t attempt an offer where you know you can’t afford to lose the full stake.

Have the right mindset - If you have a losing day, take it on the chin, and move on to the next offer. Don’t try to chase any losses by gambling your money.

Use minimum stake and maximum lines whilst wagering your own cash to reduce to short term variance of offers.

Sports offers and weekly bet clubs

After completing welcome offers, doing offers which lock in £2 profit may feel as though they are pointless, but over time all these offers add up into a decent amount of profit and it’s the easiest money you will ever make!

Doing these offers and weekly bet clubs are very easy to do, and completely worth it!

Stay organised

To stay organised with matched betting, I use a basic spreadsheet where I track all my pending withdrawals, account details and any other information I need. I also recommend using a separate bank account for your matched betting funds, and a separate email address to make it easier to sift through any email offers.

Check out the Team Profit matched betting spreadsheet here or feel free to make your own!

Any final comments?

Both Team Profit's website and their Facebook group has helped me learn so much since starting matched betting. Before matched betting, I had absolutely no idea about sports betting, let alone what a betting exchange was!

I’m now able to help support my family which is amazing!

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