The Return Of The Premier League

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Josh Hughes
Head Of Content

Hey Team!

The Premier League kicks off tonight (Friday) at 8pm!

This is great news for Matched Betting as it means there will be lots of offers to get stuck in to, and lots of profit to be made!

Below, I've listed what sort of offers will likely be available, and what you can expect over the coming weeks and months. Every weekend, you will see pretty much the same offers available and we got a taste of it last weekend with the return of lower league UK Football!

1. Boylesports £10 Risk Free - £5+ Profit

Every weekend Boylesports offer a £10 risk free bet on the Football. It's always on a select game - sometimes from the Premier League but quite regularly from the Championship.

The offer has to be completed on mobile, and the maximum stake is £10. To complete it, you simply log in on your phone and place a £10 bet at high odds on the match. Then, use the refund calculator to lay your bet and you'll make around £5+ profit guaranteed!

If your bet wins then you'll profit instantly, but if it loses then you will have to use a free bet to lock in your profit. Either way, this is available every single weekend and is an easy bit of profit to be had!

2. Skybet Bet £5 1st Half Get £5 2nd Half - £3.50+ Profit

A good offer from Skybet last season is this one. It wasn't available every weekend, but we did see it pretty much at least once a fortnight.

Simply place a £5 bet in the first half of the selected match, and you'll receive a £5 free bet automatically to use in the 2nd half.

Very easy to make £3+ from this offer. You would just wait until half time and place your first £5 trigger bet (the "first half" is classified as the start of the match, until the start of the 2nd half. This means that bets during half time will count as the first half).

You will then receive a £5 free bet to use in the 2nd half. You have to be slightly more careful with this one as a goal in between backing and laying your bet can make the odds go crazy, so make sure you place your back bet first, just incase!

Skybet also offered a Bet £0.05 Get £5 on some matches which didn't require any inplay bets to be place. Whenever there was a week that the inplay offer wasn't available, the Bet £0.05 Get £5 usually took it's place. Be warned: if doing this offer, we still recommend to bet £5 (as betting 5p screams "I'm a Matched Bettor!!").

3. Paddypower £5 Free BetBuilder Bet - £3.50+ Profit

An offer that will almost certainly be available this weekend is Paddypower's £5 free BetBuilder bet.

Last season we saw it on most of the big Premier League and Cup matches.

To put it simply they are offering a £5 free bet to be used on any BetBuilder within the specific match with 2+ legs.

A regular punter would love this offer as they have a risk free chance at making some cash should their bet come in, however as Matched Bettors we know we can make an easy £3.50+ from this offer!

Simply create your bet builder with something that you can lay, such as Team To Win and Under 1.5 goals (this would be correct score 1-0 to your chosen team). Then place your bet and lay as Free Bet SNR to guarantee a profit! Easy!

Note: Paddypower also offer this on other events, such as big Rugby matches or Boxing/MMA. It's harder to lay these (infact it's almost impossible!) and so we usually treat them as advantage play, but Football can be layed, so always lay!

4. Betfred £5 PickYourPunt Refund - £3+ Profit

Betfred regularly offer a £5 refund on losing PickYourPunt bets across the weekend. Sometimes there will be a list of games you can place your qualifying bet on (you can only complete it once though - so only bet on one of the games!), and other times there will be a specific match that you have to bet on.

This offer works similar to the Paddypower one in the sense that you will be trying to find something you can lay (such as match odds & over/under goals), however as this offer is a refund offer you will want to find high odds (4.0+).

When you calculate your bet, use the refund calculator and if your bet wins you are done and have profited £3+ already. If your bet lost however, you'll receive a £5 free bet and will need to use it to unlock your profit!

5. Pokerstars Bet X Get Y - £10+ Profit

Pokerstars regularly put on offers across the weekend (and sometimes mid week) on a specific football match. It's usually every week, and the amount is different for each person.

The average customer will get something along the lines of Bet £10 get £10, or Bet £20 get £20. Over the Euros however, the biggest ones we saw were things such as Bet £200 get £200!

These offers can be found in your challenges window - and so you may not see them posted on sites like Profit Accumulator all of the time. Be sure to check your challenges a few times a week and jump on any available offers!

6. Novibet Bet £30 Get £10 - £3+ Profit

Last season, Novibet ran this promotion almost every weekend. Occasionally they would run it midweek on the Champions League and Europa League too, and the amount sometimes varied.

All you had to do was bet £30 at odds 1.7+ and you'll get a £10 free bet to be used inplay. As always, you can wait until half time to place the free bet so that a goal can't mess up your backing and laying. Hopefully we see the return of this one this season as it was a very good offer and was consistent profit!

7. Skybet Price Boost - £2+ Profit

Each week Skybet will post three price boosts up (usually on a Thursday, sometimes on Wednesday). Normally, all 3 boosts will be profitable and you could make upwards of £5, however we only ever recommend betting on one of them as each boost contradicts each other.

The maximum stake for each boost is £10, meaning that if you were to take all 3 boosts then you'd need £30 in your Skybet account. If you get slightly stake restricted, you will still be able to get £2.50 on each boost, and if you are gubbed then your normally restricted to 10%, so £1 on each boost.

The most profitable boost normally nets you about £2, and you can read our guide on how to complete the Skybet boosts here.

8. William Hill Boost - 50p Profit
( Other Bookies too! )

Just like the Skybet boosts, William Hill also offer a price boost each weekend. This one is worth a bit less though, mainly because the maximum stake is just £5. Also, there's only one boost offered by William Hill as opposed to Skybet's three!

To profit from this boost, you do the exact same thing as you would on Skybet and we have a guide on how to profit from the William Hill Price Boost here!

There are also some other bookies that will offer similar boosts on random weekends. Paddypower for example often post up quite a few price boosts, however they aren't always profitable nor are they available every weekend - but you can always find the most profitable ones in the Price Boost Thread!

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Got Questions?

Be a part of our awesome Matched Betting community!

Join our Facebook group now, home to over 35,000 Matched Bettors!

It's the perfect place to ask questions and get help!

Facebook Group

New To Matched Betting?

We can't wait to help you start making tax-free cash from Matched Betting!

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