How To Make £300 Per Month Matched Betting

You've made £500+ profit from the Welcome Offers and now you're looking to make a regular monthly income from matched betting.

This could for one of many reasons, such as:

  • Saving up for a house deposit

  • Saving up for a holiday

  • Helping to cover monthly living expenses

  • Hitman for the in-laws

Whatever your reason, you can certainly aim to make £300+ profit every month in your spare time!


You could average about £15 per hour (tax free). So, to make £300 a month, you could be looking at about 5 hours per week.

Ideally you will have some free time on Fridays or Saturdays when the more profitable offers are running (due to the weekend football and horse racing). But if not, don't worry, there are still other offers that you can do that are not time specific.

To complete these and make £300 per month, ideally you will have an exchange balance of £500.

Have less than £500? Not to worry! You can still comfortably make at least £100 per month from an exchange balance of as little as £50, given there are plenty of risk free and low liability offers available.

You should be able to make £300 every month! You will get the occasional gubbing (restricted from free bets from a bookmaker) but there are loads of bookies to profit from. As long as you follow our guides, you should make £300 a month, with the chance to earn more. There are always new bookmakers coming and offering us generous welcome bonuses and existing customer offers. And then there are the casino offers - risk free and low risk - that will help you towards that £300 target.

Despite being a free service we will always do our very best to help you! You can contact us at Team Profit for anything (Matched Betting or not!).

Which Offers To Complete

You could easily make over £300 profit every month from the offers listed below.

Simply read the guides and then profit from the offers!

1) Free Bet Clubs
  • Complete the easy free bet clubs
  • 1 hour each week
  • £25 each week (£100/month)

Your Guides
Clubs Explained

2) Price Boosts
  • Complete 10-15 boosts a week
  • 2-3 mins per boost
  • £25 each week (£100/month)

Your Guides
Boosts Explained

3) Casino Offers
  • Risk free and low risk offers
  • 1 hour per week
  • £15 each week (£60/month)

4) Football Offers
  • Midweek and weekend football offers
  • 1-1.5 hour per week
  • £20 each week (£80/month)

5) Racing Offers
  • Saturday televised racing offers
  • 30 mins per week
  • £10 each week (£40/month)
Getting Started Advice

Here are our top pieces of advice to getting started on the £300 per month plan:

  • Learn Each Offer One At A Time

Make sure you take your time and gradually learn the different offer types.

Start with the weekly free bet clubs and begin profiting from these before moving onto anything else. They are an easy source of profit that you can do week in-week out.

After you've mastered the bet clubs, it's time to start looking at the other types of offer, such as price boosts and horse racing.

  • Check Your Emails Regularly

Bookies will regularly send you offers via email, so it's well worth keeping a close eye on your inbox for any profit making opportunities!

  • Follow The Team Profit And Outplayed Reload Offer Sections

Every lunchtime, we post a selection of reload offers on our Reload Offers page.  These offers are selected for their ability to generate you quick and easy profit.

For a more completing listing of reload offers, we would strongly recommend checking out Outplayed. Their offers team is constantly searching for new, profitable offers, and they post over £1,500 of reload offers every single month!

  • Combine Liability

To reduce your liability required at a Betting Exchange, you can combine liability when laying more than one outcome (this is applicable on Matchbook).

Say you bet on Horse A and Horse B in the same race.

The exchange knows that both of them can't win, so they don't need to withhold the liability for both lay bets. If one horse required £50 liability, and the other required £40, the exchange will not require you to have £90 in your balance.

Instead, the exchange will only hold the largest liability (in this case £50). This means that you can place multiple lay bets, without the need to use up loads of your bankroll.

Got Questions?

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