This is the second Week In The Life Of and it's a belter I think!

Chris Harrison started matched betting 18 months ago and made a decent 4 figure profit from the likes of Will Hill 2Clear and football offers. He then received some blows from the bookmaker gubbing sticks - bah!

After picking himself up, he then turned his attention to low risk casino offers which he nows spends 20 hours a week (whilst maintaining a full time job!) to make up to £750 profit a week.

In this article, Chris details his exact approach to these low risk casino offers.

A quick heads up, if you are new to casino offers please check out this How To Avoid Gambling guide. It's really important to have the right mindset with casino offers.

Chris Harrison's Top Trump Card

Weekly Profit £750
Weekly Hours 20 hours
Bankroll £8k
MB Age 18 months
What is your matched betting background?
My First 15 Months - Sports Offers

I started matched betting in March 2017 when looking for ways to make additional income in preparation to support myself for some time off on paternity leave.

I, probably like most of you when I read “make £600 from bookies signups offers guaranteed” I was a bit sceptical and started to investigate it a bit closer. I read a bit about how it works and as I wasn’t a stranger to placing a bet or two I grasped the concept but still didn’t really get it. I looked at the free and paid options available and loved the Team Profit site and found the Facebook Group a big draw. I literally spent a week reading everything and anything. Signup guides, reload guides, posts on Team Profit Facebook Group.

After a week I decided I was ready. Used £1000 of my overdraft and rinsed through most of the signups in about 2 weeks and went straight onto reload offers hitting as many as I could as quick as I could.

My Past 3 Months - Switching To Low Risk Casino Offers

Fast forward to June 2018 and my approach has had to completely change after many many gubbings.

The good news is there is money still to be made! The other good news is you don’t have to spend all day doing it to make good money. If any of you are reaching that point and are panicking hopefully this will help.

After using a large chunk of my bank towards a house I had to have a think about what to do now. I had always seen the low risk casino offers pop up on the Reload Offers and in the Facebook Group and did the odd one always feeling like I had lost money and always wondered why people risked £10 or more for the EV of say 50p. I just didn’t get it.

I spent some time checking the all of the Casino chat and the amount of people that posted monthly profits of £1500 to £3000 I just couldn’t get my head around it. I asked the question to a few people that had made that amount and they just said just do every offer that pops up in the no chat thread and keep an eye on the chat thread, so I thought ok, ill give it a go! So, from the 1st of June that has been my focus.

For those making less this isn’t a competition people have different situations, time and bank roll so do what’s right for you! Hopefully this may help people make some more money the reality is what I make is nothing compared to some people here on team profit, but I am perfectly happy with what I am doing.

Could you breakdown your £750 weekly profit?

My average £750 profit per week since 1st June is:

Low Risk Casino = £500
Sports Offers = £250
High Risk Casino = £80
Mistakes / Mugs = -£80

Number of offers completed per week since 1st June:

Low Risk = 52 offers / week
Sports Offers = 19 offers / week
High Risk = 2 offers / week

So that’s the breakdown. I will go into more detail about the breakdown shortly. As you can see low risk has been consistently profitable for me!

The general rule is don’t do high risk unless you have a 10k bank. I have decided to only do a few high risk offers a month when I have hit certain profits and manage it that way.

I have added the mistakes/ mug spins in because I want to be completely honest and you need to understand it can get very easy to get carried away either chasing losses or not reading the t+c’s properly.

Each of the 3 months I have halved the amount I have thrown away, so I am going the right way.

Its not a crime to mug spin (spinning once the offfer is complete) but it's definitely best not to as from a matched betting point of view it will just eat into your profits and it is also a slippery slope so best avoided.

If it happens log it to keep track of it so you know if its becoming an issue or not. If you are someone who no self-control this is not for you! So please be careful.

What is your typical matched betting week?

Firstly, I work full time so during the day I cannot do anything bar get on the odd 2up when I get an email notification.

I also have my daughter half the evenings in a week and every other weekend, so I must squeeze my matched betting in around that and the gym/ socialising etc.

8am to 7pm

Generally nothing! Keep an eye on my email for the odd 2up match and do a quick back and lay if one comes through. I will ignore any casino offers so they remain unread, so they are easier to find in the evening.

7pm to 9pm

This is usually kept free. If I have backed anything for 2ups I will have the early pay out calc set up ready to go if I am in and I will just cash out if I am out.

9pm to Midnight

This is the time to make the magic happen!

Depending what mood and/or how much time I have I will set up the PC with dual 24” monitors or get on the laptop with Netflix on. Here is my setup:

Depending on the offers sometimes it might just take an hour and others it will take all 3 hours and it’s a rush to get it all done before the 12pm reset for most offers! My routine is:

1) Bookmaker Casino Offers

Usually Willhill first because they have the most offers and I have done very well of these in the past. Then the usual regulars from Ladbrokes and Coral. A lot of sites I am gubbed from sports but ok for casino at the moment at least!

2) Emails

After this I will work through my emails to see what I have missed. I quite often forget to check the calendar to be honest.

3) Regular Casino Offers

This is the list of offers about most weeks. Make sure you are signed up to all of them!

Chris Harrison's Offers In Google Sheets

If you prefer a text list, here are the offers listed:

Will Hill- Daily check for offers on the sports page, promotions page, game, casino and Macau
Ladbrokes/ Coral daily promotions available usually cash drops
Betfair – check arcade and casino daily
365 – Wednesday 100% profit boost up to £50
Skybet – Regular reloads in casino (make sure your balance is on zero on Sunday this seems to trigger them) Usually good offers in casino, Vegas and even worth checking in sports section they have things like wager £20 in Vegas for a £5 sports bet etc
Paddy – regular bet £10 get 10 etc check casino and games
Netbet- Regular promotions and free spins on Sunday. This summer its been wager £5 a day for 175 free spins the following week. Not that I have made it out of wagering yet!
Galaspins = Regular offers to keep an eye on
Galacasino = The infamous Deposit £30 get 30 spins Friday/sat/sun was great now its £100 for 20 spins
Red queen casino = Deposit and wager £200 for 70 40p spins with no wagering (not every week)
Mecca – Weekender offer of wager £50 get £10 cash on losses and 50 free spins. Often offers in the week too
188 – Offers such as wager £50 get £10 etc
Casino heroes – Regular deposit bonuses- Accept the spins and then wager the deposit on BJ and withdraw
Dunder – Regular deposit bonuses – Do as above for account health but you don’t need to wager
Admiral – occasional £5 free or 100% cashback up to £25
Powerspins – Quiet of late but used to have daily wager £50 for spins
BGO – Often deposit for free spins.. if they dry up do some wagering
Cashimo and Cashumo – regular reload offers Accept the spins and then wager the deposit on BJ and withdraw
IPS sites (pink casino, castle jackpot,, mcasino, slotboss, uk casino, slotto) – weekly offers sometimes Wager £100 for £10 worth of spins or £5 100% refunds
Betfred – offer every Tuesday and the odd other offer
Boylesports – weekend hotslots – I tend to forget about this one for some reason!
Insta casino – Deposit on a Monday for free spins on a Friday and Sunday
888 casino – regular offers if you have a big bank you can get some nice amounts of freeplay
Mr Green – Regular deposit £100 get 200 spins wager deposit x 1

As you can see there is plenty to get on with! Not all are every day sometimes once a week and there are probably others I have missed but hopefully that will give you an idea.

Could you give your top tip for each of the offers you focus on?

Sure yep! Here are my tips:

Bet365 & Paddy Power 2Up (guide)

Try and be consistent with how you cashout when it goes 2up. For me if it’s the favourite that goes 2up I will cash out 100% at 2 1. If it’s the outsider I will so 25% at 2-0 and then 25/50% at 2-1 with the remainder at 2-2 depending on what odds are offered at 2-1 and at what point in the match it happens.

Casino Low Risk Offers (guide)

Do every offer that’s +EV and trust over time you will make money. Here is my low risk graph from 1st June to 31st August:

This is the same offers but in a table, showing the offers that won (on the left) and the offers that lost (on the right):

Doing the odd offer here and there and you could go a while without a win. Also expect variance to do its thing! The longest period I have gone since June without making any money was 6 days where my balance dropped £123 the following week it went up £500.

You will find you might get lots of -£10’s -£15’s and lots of +£10’s +£15’s then you hit a bonus round on wagering at 20p and win £50-100 which seems to be how it grows.

Other advice is just stick to 20p/40p when wagering your own money then up it to £1/£2 for bonus cash to get through that wagering!

The most important thing is.. TRACK EVERYTHING!! Every win, every loss, every mistake.. be honest with yourself and you will be surprised how all the little wins add up.

General Advice For Matched Betting

Just look at what your doing and see what you can do to improve!

For me time is tight so the more efficient money makers the better. I don’t have time to sit there and do 2 clear all day (although the money is there!).

If I looked at myself now I would say I need to get back on the no lay accas and the no lay each ways on gubbed accounts because they can be pretty quick to do and very profitable.

I also need to keep track of my withdrawels better to chase ones that haven’t paid out yet! I am a bit slack in knowing exactly where all my money is, and I need to do a monthly account reconcile.

High Risk Casino Offers (guide)

Do your research and be prepared to loose your money 80%+ of the time!

Any final comments?

I hope you have found this helpful, you can find me in the Facebook Group so any questions please do give me a shout in there cheers!