This is the fourth Week In The Life Of and this one is quite the treat!

Dave Jones started matched betting 1 year ago and despite being gubbed by a lot of the major bookies (the big meanies), still manages to regularly make £1000 per month using one set of accounts.

He's the ultimate matched betting hipster, none of your mainstream bookie nonsense, this guy is smashing Volt, Mansionbet and Bethard on the daily! By branching out to different, lesser known bookies and offers he's managed to adapt to living in gubsville! Also worth mentioning that he matched bets full time.

In this article, Dave goes into a lot of detail about his weekly routine and how he stays organised and motivated.

Dave Jones's Trump Card

Weekly Profit £250
Weekly Hours 35-40 hours
Bankroll £4k
MB Age 12 months
What is your matched betting background?

I first heard about matched betting from a friend who said I should check out Team Profit about 4 years ago but like many, brushed it off as far fetched.  It wasn’t until January 2018 that I found myself with time on my hands and decided to do some reading.

The TP guides made everything clearer and the logic was sound, but it still took a big leap of faith to invest that original £110.  

I was lucky to have started at the same time as a friend of mine and we were able to talk one another though offers and mistakes which really helped. 

"It is also motivating seeing others who started at the same time as you, watching the difference matched betting was making to their lives"

The Team Profit Facebook group was a life saver too, it’s funny to search back through my own posts asking for help, some of that help was urgent after making a mistake but there was always someone on hand to untangle the mess!  

It is also motivating seeing others who started at the same time as you, going through the same motions and watching the difference matched betting was making to their lives.  

A nod of my cap to Steve Miller, Amy Beetroot, Debbie Dale and Alison Johnston 😉

Making profit without the big bookies

I think the biggest point I want to make by writing this post is that I own one set of accounts and am gubbed by most of the big bookies including Bet365, Paddy, Sky and Ladbrokes but still manage, by diversifying, to hit my target figure each and every month.  It does take organisation, motivation and time but it is more than possible.

I often see people boasting huge monthly profits but they fail to disclose that they are using more than one account for each bookie and reading those posts can sometimes give you that deflating feeling that maybe you’re not doing things right. 

Just remember that matched betting is all about the long game, taking it at your own pace, finding your own strengths, not being led into offers that you have no clue about and not reaching for other people’s profits.  

That applies to my post here too!  Try and use the information you find useful and integrate it into your days and there should be no reason why you are not adding a few hundred £s to your monthly profits.

So, I’ll show you how I do it.

Could you breakdown your £250 weekly profit?

My average £250 profit per week is:

(Nothing from 2up as I'm gubbed on Bet365!)

What is your typical matched betting week?

I do this ‘Full-Time’ averaging about 6 hours per day and it is my sole income but when I reach my monthly target I stop completely just to have some time off each month which is so important.

Mondays are historically quiet so the first thing I do is check my email, the Reload Offers Dashboard and the Forums for new offers then I’ll use up any bet club free bets that came in overnight and get the Price Boost thread opened for the day so I can be alerted to them immediately.  

Then if there are horse races on that day, I’ll sweep through the offers focusing on Betfair Exchange and their Odds-on offer, Will Hill’s Hi5 (I’m lucky to still have Wills), Quinnbet and Boylesports.

Then as the weekend of sport approaches, I’ll start qualifying for any offers available.  

"I make a point of signing up to as many bookies as possible (for the reloads), even if they don’t have a welcome offer"

I do not do 2UP as I am gubbed by Bet365 but it is surprising what great offers there are out there from the smaller outfits like Brucebetting, Marathonbet, Volt and Bethard.

I make a point of signing up to as many bookies as possible, even if they don’t have a welcome offer on at that time just to receive reload offers from them.

If sports offers are quiet, I’ll always do Dunder, Cashmio and K8’s risk free casino deposit bonuses each day.  They made up £400 of my profits for November so see them as part of my ‘bread and butter’.

I honestly find that through Bet X, Get Y, Price Boosts, Low/Zero risk casino and Bet Clubs, it is enough to sustain a £1,000 per month income.  I know it may sound far fetched but diversifying your skills is the best way to do this longer term when the inevitable gubbings start hitting you.  

Could you give your top tip for each of the offers you focus on?
Price Boosts (guide and video

I have the Facebook post followed each day for notifications.  When I hear that ping, I down tools and focus solely on getting that done before the boost is pulled.

These boosts don’t usually last long so it is imperative that you get over to the site in question as fast as possible and re-check the current odds before depositing or placing the bet.  

Remember to check those exchange odds too and re-do the calculation to see if there is profit still to be had.

Some boosts will be small, 50p or so and I am a true believer in ‘Every little helps’, but on these smaller boosts, you have a choice to make; 

The Underlay

You can do a ‘standard lay’ to lock in that small profit or choose to do the ‘Underlay’ which you might have heard being mentioned. The ‘underlay’ amount is visible if you click the ‘Advanced’ button on most Matched Betting calculators and this will show you a higher profit ONLY if the back bet wins.  

If the back bet loses, you will break even so you win nothing but also lose nothing. Personally I underlay anything under £1 profit for a risk free chance of taking more if the back bet wins. Make your own minimum amount and see how you get on. 

Price Boost Tip From Chris Harvey's Week in the Life of - Follow the dedicated boost thread in the Facebook group so you receive an instant notification of each price boost on your laptop and also to your mobile:

This makes it very easy to jump on them. Saturday mornings can be particularly good for the ITV Racing and Football boosts. Ideally focus on boosts that are coming up soon, so it doesn't tie up your liability for too long.

Horse Racing refunds 

I start looking at offers around 10am each day and click on each bookmaker’s offer to see if there are any matches with a qualifying loss I am happy with.  

Anything lower than 50p is ok for me otherwise one must be checking odds 10 minutes before the off and that is not for the faint hearted.

Once I’ve done one full sweep, I’ll keep checking as each race approaches, usually before the 10 minute mark you can find good, low QLs and not have the stress of jumping odds and an unmatched lay!

For William Hill’s Hi5 you really need to leave it very close to the off, so this is not for the faint hearted.

Bet X, Get Y 

These are where we all began and are easy money each and every time.  Seeing as a lot of bookies don’t seem to ‘bombard’ you with email offers, I make sure my mobile number is up to date, that I have joined whatsapp groups of whatever bookies offer it (Sportnation come to mind) and follow their Twitter accounts.  

That way you can spread your net wider in the hope nothing slips through.

The Reload Offers Dashboard on Team Profit is great, as is the community on their Facebook group.


I usually find these offers in my inbox but there are several sites mentioned above that can be done daily and I tend just to put them into my morning routine.

How do you track your profits?

I find it very important to track not only my profits, but also to analyse my data over the month, that way I can see where I need to focus more, where I need to focus less and where the better profits come from.  

Above are my profits from January 1st - 9th.  Casino are offers helping a lot so far this month but over 30 days it is usually a close balance between Casino and Matched Betting.

I have used several spreadsheets over the past 12 months but have settled upon a spreadsheet from a fellow TP Facebook Member, Darren Wilson. (once you've clicked this link, just go to "file" in the top left corner and then click "make a copy"on the drop down menu to save your own copy)

It offers an online spreadsheet, so available on the move, that tracks profits, gives you easy to read graphs and gives you your balances in a clear format.  Not too complicated, not too simple just a nice balance.

Below are all the free bets and offers that I qualified for from 20th December - 9th January.  It can help show you what bookies you will likely need to be focusing on when the gubbings start to come.  As you can see, there is real profit to be had from the smaller outfits that pass you by.

General Advice For Matched Betting

If you had said to me a year ago that I would be earning £1000+ per month, from one set of accounts, after completing all the welcome offers and being gubbed by all the major players, I would’ve liked to have believed you but would assume you’d lost the plot!

It is an amount that does require your time and energy, I don’t want anyone to think it’s easy but if you can really get organised, diversify your skills by reading up on the offers you always put aside and focus, like with any ‘job’, it is a real possibility.  

"Get a good spreadsheet"

As restrictions come, there is always a new strategy or offer class that is next to learn so the profit will always be there if you are willing to look for it a learn something new.

Get a good spreadsheet, sign up to the Facebook price boosts posts, sign up to all the small fry bookmakers to increase the offers available (remembering to search reviews first and get your ID verified before depositing!) and read up on low risk casinos and by having 4 or five different incomes, it should all add up to your magical target figures!

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