New Team Member - Ugnius!


My name is Ugnius and I'm a new team member here at Team Profit HQ.

I am a web developer with over five years of experience and plan to bring some new changes to the Team Profit website and the mobile apps. You'll see my first work done on the Calculator. As my first project, I added the Odds Converter so it's easier for everyone to convert their odds automatically instead of doing it manually.

I'm excited to start and bring you guys plenty of new tools and other features to enhance your matched betting experience.

How I got into Matched Betting

I started a couple of years ago when I learned about matched betting from a client who I was working with. He taught me a couple of nifty things and I started matched betting myself.

Started doing the sign up offers and quickly got into the reload offers. It was similar to me doing freelancing so it was a great way to make some extra income online.

Joining Team Profit

I knew about Team Profit from my matched betting days and as I was looking for more consistent web development work, I thought maybe Team Profit may have a position available.

I googled 'team profit careers' and sure enough I saw a link to a LinkedIn post with the job description for a 'Digital Content Creator'. I quickly applied even though my skills with content creation were limited. I got a call from TP and was invited for a quick chat. After talking with the guys I got a phone call a few days later and even though the offer wasn't for the Digital Content Creator I was still really excited about joining the team as a Web Developer.

I've been here a couple of days and I'm already excited about the many projects involved and the really cool stuff my skills can bring to the website and Team Profit.

I look forward to helping out members by adding different tools and features to enhance their experience using the site and the mobile apps.