Please introduce yourself - where are you from and what are your interests?

I’m Thomas, I’m a freelance web developer from Bristol. I love roller coasters and making music, and I live with my cat and two tanks of fish!

How did you find out about matched betting?

I’d been off work ill for quite a while, and was looking for something I could do to bring in a little money until I got better - freelancing is great, but the lack of sick pay can be a challenge sometimes! I found out about matched betting through Reddit - I’d never placed a bet before, and it took me about a week of going over the maths until I convinced myself to give it a try. Fortunately, I had got my maths right, and quickly made my first few quid profit and proved to myself that it does in fact work!

How much money have you made from matched betting so far?

Nearly at £3,000 so far after four months. My biggest month was January - work was quiet, so I spent a lot of time working through lots of offers and made just over £1,000 in the first month. The hourly rate is less than my normal work, but it doesn’t rely on clients wanting work done - so it was probably one of my most successful Januaries in a while!

How easy or difficult did you find learning matched betting?

Pretty easy. I spent a fair amount of time trying to understand the maths behind each offer and building my own calculators and so on - to me it’s important to understand exactly what’s going on when my money is at stake! I’d recommend this approach to anyone who’s unsure of how it all works - I know maths can be a scary word to some people, but if you made it through primary school then you know everything you need to know to make sense of it!

How does matched betting fit into your weekly routine?

Every day. I usually browse the daily offers on Team Profit over breakfast, and then schedule some time in the day to complete them - the advantage of freelancing is that I can vary the time I place my bets (and thus stay under the bookies’ radar) much more easily, as I don’t have a boss setting my work schedule for me!

Have you successfully helped anyone you know start Matched Betting?

Not yet - although having written my own calculators for the various offers, especially the ones that don’t fit into the normal patterns, I figured I’d put them up on the web for other people to use - they’re at (which I named after my cat through lack of any better ideas!)

What have you done (or plan to do) with the money?

So far I’ve not spent any of it. I’ve found that the busiest days stretch my bankroll to the limit, so for the time being it all stays put. I’ve got a figure in mind for when I’ll start withdrawing the money, but I probably won’t get there for another few months. As for what I plan to do with it - nothing special really; it’s just another source of income. I’m a firm believer in not putting all my eggs in one basket: no matter how secure a job or other source of income seems, it can disappear at a moment’s notice - freelancing forces you to deal with that on a daily basis, but even for employees it’s a lot more true than most people would like to admit.