How does Team Profit make money?

When I explain to family, friends and potential new members how our website helps people profit from matched betting, quite a common question I get is, "great do you actually make money?"

The first thing to say is that I'm not here to make the big bucks. Team Profit started when I decided to combine my passion for web development and my passion for matched betting. After more and more members joined, Team Profit has turned from a hobby to a big job to manage each day, though one I definitely enjoy.

In case you aren't aware, everything on this website is completely freeThat includes:

  • Video guides
  • Welcome offer guides
  • Calculator - only free registration needed
  • Blog with top tips
  • Member support every day - Live help, Facebook group and emails

I do though need to make a bit of money, this allows me to make website improvements and provide support to members every day. Plus just as important.... it keeps the wife from shouting at me!!


So, this is how Team Profit makes money:

1. We Partner With Betting Exchanges

If you sign up to one of the Betting Exchanges - Betfair, Smarkets, Betdaq and Matchbook - by clicking the link on our website, we receive commission from the Exchange.

This does not cost you a penny! Let's explain how it works:

Each time you place a lay bet on a Exchange, if the lay bet wins then you pay a 2% to 5% commission to the Exchange. This is how the Exchange makes their money.

The Exchange then pass on a % of their commission on to us. So let's say you win a £10 lay bet. The Exchange makes 20p to 50p, which they will then pass on between 4p to 15p to Team Profit!

So please use the Exchange links on our website, we use Green sign up boxes on the Welcome Offer guides:

Sign Up To Betfair
Sign Up To Smarkets
Sign Up To Betdaq
2. Member Donations

We ask that when you reach over £200 in profits from matched betting that you donate to Team Profit - of course this is not compulsory, else it would defeat the whole objective of being free! Your donation will help keep Team Profit running, improving and most importantly, free!

3. We Partner With Oddsmonkey

oddsmonkeyTeam Profit is the best website to learn matched betting and make £600+ profit from the Welcome Offers, those for new customers. This is due to our easy to follow videos, guides and support, all available for free.

OddsMonkey is the best website to make £300 to £1500 every month from Daily Offers, those for existing customers. OddsMonkey provide cutting edge software to make completing Daily Offers as fast as possible. It is exceptionally good value at just £15 per month plus you get a 30 day money-back guarantee.

When you sign up to OddsMonkey using our link, OddsMonkey give us a % of that £15 per month.

So again, this does not cost you a penny!

So please use the OddsMonkey links on our website, we use Green sign up boxes on the OddsMonkey Review page:

Sign Up To OddsMonkey
4. We Profit From Matched Betting Too!

I completed the Welcome Offers a long time ago (I wish I could do them again!!) but I can still make money from the Daily Offers, so I check OddsMonkey pretty much every day and make some profit from the offers.

I help to give a preview of some of the best offers in the Facebook Group and in our blog, though for the full coverage and software definitely sign up to OddsMonkey.

Any questions? Just add a comment or ask in the Facebook Group!