How Team Profit Makes Money

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Tom Portlock

A common question people have when they first discover that everything on Team Profit is completely free, is:

"If everything is free and there are no hidden costs - how does Team Profit make money?"

Just to be clear, all of the services provided on Team Profit are absolutely free.

And in case you weren't already aware, that includes:

  • Written and Video Beginner Tutorials

  • 25+ Welcome Offer Guides

  • Reload Offer Dashboard - Updated Daily

  • Matched Betting Calculator and Odds Converter

  • Matched Betting Blog (Top Tips and Guides)

  • Daily Member Support - Live Chat, Facebook Group and Email

We always strive to offer the best service.

Although we love nothing more than helping our members make extra money in their spare time, we still need Team Profit to make money too.

So for transparency we thought it would be helpful to breakdown the ways Team Profit makes money:

  1. We Partner With Betting Exchanges

To profit from matched betting, you will need an account with a betting exchange.

Signing up to one of the betting exchanges (Betfair or Smarkets) via clicking one of our links provides us with a commission direct from the betting exchange.

This does not cost you a penny!

In fact, it allows us to provide exclusive promotions in partnership with the exchanges. For example the 0% commission offer from Betfair is only available via our partnership.

So please be sure to use the exchange links on our website (we use green sign up boxes on the Welcome Offer guides). We'd love you for it!

betfair exchange 0% commission




   2. Team Casino

This is not something you need consider until you're up and running with matched betting.

But casino offers are a lucrative source of extra profit when it comes to taking advantage of offers from bookmakers.

In July 2019 we set up a premium casino service to compliment Team Profit. unfortunately it wasn't viable to run it for free, like we do Team Profit, so we charge £14.99 a month for the service.

This is an additional revenue source that helps allow Team Profit to be free for its members.


   3. We Profit From Matched Betting

We completed the welcome offers a long time ago (we all wish we could do them again!!).

But we can still make ongoing money from the reload offers. So we use our Reload Offers Dashboard pretty much every day and make some profit from the offers.

We help to give a preview of the best reload offers in the Facebook Group and of course, on our Reload Offers Dashboard.

We've Got Your Back.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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We've Got Your Back.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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