Bet365 Grand National Offer Guide

Josh Hughes
Head Of Content

Bet365 have an AMAZING offer for the Grand National, which is taking place this Saturday!

This is probably the single most lucrative offer that you could do this year!

The offer is bet £125 each-way (£250 total) on the Grand National to get £125 cash.

In this guide, we'll explain exactly how you could guarantee up to £80 profit!

Very Important Terms:

  • The race starts at 17:15, but all bets must be placed by 11:59 on Saturday.
  • The offer is only available to 'eligible customers who opened their account before 23:59 on 6th April 2022'

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Outplayed - essential tools for maximising your profits from this offer!


Our recommended betting exchange for this offer!

What Are Each Way Bets?

An each-way bet is where your bet splits into two different bets; one bet on the horse to win, and one on it to place.

To place means to finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc (the amount of positions the place market pays depends on the race).

The term each-way refers to winning, and placing. Think of both of those as a "way". So betting £10 "each way" is betting £10 on the horse winning, and £10 on the horse placing.

If you bet £10 each-way on a horse, you would be actually be betting £20 in total. £10 on the horse to win, and £10 will on the horse to finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc (the amount of places depends on the race).

When you place an each-way bet using Matched Betting, you will have to lay both of the bets separately.

First, you will lay £10 on the win market to cover the win half of the bet.

Then you would lay £10 on the place market to cover the place part of the bet.

Whilst this may sound daunting at first, it's actually very simple.

How To Complete The Offer (Step By Step)

Outplayed members can watch a video guide to this offer here

We are going to split this offer up into 6 simple steps. Don't be put off by the fact there's 6 of them, they're quick and easy to complete.

This offer could be an easy £80 profit, so take your time to understand the process!

Step 1. Prepare and decide your approach
Step 2. Choose a horse
Step 3. Back the horse each-way
Step 4. Lay the win
Step 5. Lay the place
Step 6. Calculate your profit

Step 1 - Prepare And Decide Your Approach

At this point, I would recommend doing the following things:

  • Deposit into Bet365 - When you place your bets, Bet365 will immediately credit the cash back. If you bet £25 each-way (£50) Bet365 will deduct £50 but credit you back £25. So you won't need the full £250 in your account for this offer.

  • Decide Roughly How Many Horses You'll Bet On. If you have a bankroll of £1000+, then I'd bet £25 each-way on 5 horses (£250 in total).

    If you have £500-£1000 then you could pick about 8-10 horses, and vary stakes from £10 each-way to £15 each-way. Choose horses with odds under 20 if possible, to reduce the exchange liability required. By picking more horses, you will benefit more from Combined Liabilities.

  • Sign Up Or Re-Join Outplayed. We're going to be using Outplayeds Extra Place Catcher in this guide. This amazing tool will save you loads of time and help you maximise your profit from this offer. I strongly recommend making use of it!

    New to Outplayed? Grab a 7 day trial for just £1 here. 

Step 2 - Choose A Horse

Like with any matched bet, our goal is to choose a horse where the back odds at Bet365 are as close to the lay odds at the betting exchange as possible. The only difference being we have to consider both the win odds and the place odds.

I would highly recommend using Outplayed's Extra Place Catcher for this.

(7 day Outplayed trial available here)

First, open the Extra Place Catcher. Under select event choose the Grand National (Aintree - Saturday 17:15).

Then in Filters, clear all bookmakers and betting exchanges. Then tick Bet365 and the betting exchange you plan to use. Then click Apply.

The Extra Place Catcher will display the horses that offer you the lowest qualifying loss (i.e. the ones that will maximise your profits) at the top of the list.

This is so much quicker and easier than trying to manually compare the odds of all the horses!

Step 3 - Back A Horse Each-Way

Once you've chosen which horse to bet on, open the Grand National market on Bet365.

Lets say you want to bet £15 each way on Delta Work.

Add the horse to your bet slip as you normally would. Lets take a look at what it will look like.

First, make sure you tick the E/W box.

You will then notice that below this it says: "Unit Stake x2".

In the stake box, put half of your total stake. So if you want to do £15 each-way (£30 total), then put £15 in the box.

Below this you should then see your total stake, in this case £30.

Now place your bet! You now have £15 each-way (£30 total) on Delta Work. This is two separate bets: £15 for Delta Work to win and £15 for Delta Win to place.

Bet365 would then credit you £15 cash for the offer.

Step 4 - Lay The Win

To calculate our lay stake for the win, we can either use the Extra Place Catcher or the Each Way Calculator on Outplayed.

I'd recommend using the built in calculator on the Extra Place Catcher.

First, enter your each-way stake into the calculator (blue square on image above).

In this example, we bet £15 each-way (£30 total) so would enter 15 on the calculator.

Next, in the Win Lay section (red square on image above), double check that the odds are the same at the betting exchange.

You can now see the amount to lay at the exchange, and your liability. In our example, we're laying £12 at lay odds of 10.0, for a liability of £108.

Go ahead and place your win lay bet now.

Step 5 - Lay The Place

We've now laid half of our each-way bet, but still need to lay the place part.

Again, we can use the Extra Place Catcher to quickly calculate our lay stake.

First, check that the displayed place lay odds are the same as the exchange odds.

For this race, you could lay using a 4, 5 or 6 places market (but never lay on a market of more places than your back bet).

In this example, we're using the 4 places market on Smarkets, giving us the chance of an extra places profit if our horse finishes 5th or 6th.

You can now see the amount to lay on the place market, and your liability. In our example, we're laying £10.59 at lay odds of 3.4, for a liability of £25.41.

Go ahead and place your place lay bet now.

You've now placed a matched each-way bet! Nice work!

Step 6 - Calculating The Profit

On the right hand side of the Extra Place Catcher you will see two columns:

  • Qualifying Loss
  • Extra Places Profit

To calculate our profit, we just take the cash received from Bet365, and minus our qualifying loss.

Bet365 will credit you 50% of the total value of your each-way bet, so if you bet £15 each-way (£30 in total), you will get back £15 cash.

So in this example, our profit is £15 - £7.41 = £7.59

We've made £7.59 profit from this part of the offer.

Plus, we know that if our horse finishes 5th or 6th, we will make an additional £28.59 profit from extra places (assuming you laid the 4 place market).

Step 7 - Repeat!

That's our first bet done for a tidy profit.

Now, you can repeat this process until you have bet up to £125 each-way (£250 in total) to get £125 cash.

Make a note of your profit from each bet. This way you can add them up at the end to get your total profit.

You have until Midday Saturday, so take your time to find suitable bets.

Job done, well done on your profit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Betting £250 for £125 is just the maximum allowed for this offer. If you don't have enough bankroll for this, you can bet a smaller amount for a smaller cash reward. You could bet £10 each way, £20 each way, £100 each way, whatever you and your bankroll are comfortable with.

If you are struggling to lay bets then I'd strongly recommend understanding how to combine liabilities. This can be massively helpful.

No - you can place your bets whenever you wish, as long as it is before midday on Saturday.  You could, for example, place a £20 each way bet at 6pm on Friday, another at 11pm Friday, and finish the rest of the bets on Saturday morning.

There's no definitive answer to this. Ideally I would avoid betting on loads of horses on one account as it could look unusual. I'd try to stick to 3-5 horses if you have a good sized bankroll. However the race is huge so you should be fine to bet on more horses if needs be.

Absolutely! Bet365 are paying 6 places on this race. The industry standard is 4 places, so as long as you lay the 4 places market at a betting exchange, you will make an extra profit if your horse finishes 5th or 6th!

Yes, no, maybe. Nobody knows the answer to this. But I can tell you that this is the biggest horse race of the year. You will be amongst thousands, probably tens of thousands of people betting on this race on Bet365. I wouldn't worry too much, it's easy profit and you should take it.

Yes - but only your very first bet on the race will count. So, if you are planning on betting say £10 each way, £20 each way, and £50 each way, then make sure you bet £50 each way first so you have the chance of getting a big risk-free bet if your horse wins.

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Got Questions?

Be a part of our awesome Matched Betting community!

Join our Facebook group now, home to over 35,000 Matched Bettors!

It's the perfect place to ask questions and get help!

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New To Matched Betting?

We can't wait to help you start making tax-free cash from Matched Betting!

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