Bet £200 Get £50

SportingBet has been trading since 1997 and is part of the major GVC Holdings sporting empire, listed on London Stock Exchange.

Bet £200 Get £50 Bonus Summary

  • Trigger bet: 10 x £20
  • Minimum odds: 1.5
  • Trigger bet completion: Within 14 days of registration
  • Bonus: 1 x £10, 2 x £20
  • Bonus wagering requirement: 3x bonus (i.e. 1 x £30, 2 x £60)
  • Profit: £35
  • Full terms: Click here (then click 'Terms and Conditions apply')

After the first £20 trigger bet you receive a £10 bonus.

Then place 4 x £20 trigger bets and you receive a £20 bonus.

Then place 5 x £20 trigger bets and you receive another £20 bonus.

So overall, you receive £50 bonus, where you receive a £10 bonus after your 1st £20 trigger bet and a £20 bonus after both your 5th and 10th £20 trigger bet.

In total this is £200 worth of bets to receive £50 in bonuses, so a Bet £200 Get £50 Bonus offer!

£35 Profit Explained

The £10 and £20 bonuses have a 3x wagering requirement (i.e. £30 and £60 wagering respectively), this makes them more profitable than free bets!

Simply place your £10 or £20 bonus on a team with 2.0 odds or higher. If it loses, great! The bonus has in effect been transferred to the exchange. If not, then just place a second bet with your bonus to finish the wagering!

You will lose up to £7 from wagering the £50 worth of bonuses (£180 total wagering) and £8 from the £200 worth of trigger bets, this gives a net profit of £35 profit risk free.

Sign Up To SportingBet

Sign up to SportingBet and deposit £20 or more using the below link:

Get Offer!

video image= Video Guide Clip

  • Choose team(s) above the 1.5 minimum odds on SportingBet (use the OddsMonkey OddsMatcher filter). Preferably with odds below 2.5 to keep your liability image

    To view decimal odds rather than fractional odds, go to 'My Account', then 'Details and preferences'.

  • Check the Betfair Exchange lay odds and choose the team with the closest lay bet odds to the bookmaker image

  • Enter your stake, back odds and lay odds into the Calculatorvideo image


  • Place your SportingBet betvideo image

  • Place your Betfair Exchange lay bet using the lay amount from Step 2 in Backer's Stakevideo image

The £10, £20 and £20 bonuses are added within 48 hours of the 1st, 5th and 10th trigger bets settling.

The bonuses have a 3x wagering, so you need to wager these £30 and £60 respectively.

In order to do this, place your £10 or £20 bonus on a team above 2.0 odds and lay off just like a trigger bet, using Normal in the calculator. Hopefully your bet loses, if not, simply repeat betting with your bonus again to finish the wagering.

Congratulations - £35 Profit Risk Free!

Easy money!

Mark the offer as complete and lets get cracking with the next offer.