£50 Risk Free

Smarkets are an alternative betting exchange to Betfair. Just like at Betfair, you can place your lay bets on Smarkets therefore making them a great site to have for Matched Betting. But why would you have a Smarkets account if you already have a Betfair account? Well, there are quite a few reasons which can you see here! They also have a sign up offer worth around £30 to £40.

The Smarkets offer is different to the other sign ups you've completed. Instead of the normal Bet X Get Y, this is an offer where they will give you a refund on losing bets as opposed to a normal free bet. Check out the instructions below.

£50 Risk Free Summary

  • Deposit Method: Bank Card (Deposit £10)
  • Trigger Bets: £10 per game (£50 in total)
  • Minimum Odds: None
  • Profit: £30 to £40
  • Full terms: Click here (bottom of page)

Sign Up To Smarkets 

Sign up to Smarkets (Smarkets review) and deposit £10 to receive the £50 Risk free offer using the links below:

Sign up to Smarkets


When you sign up to Smarkets they will ask you to pick a Premier League team. Once you've chosen your team, they will give you a £10 risk free bet for each of their next 5 Premier league matches. So if you chose Chelsea for example, you would have £10 risk free for their next 5 games that are in the Premier League (important: it's Premier League games, so ignore any cup or non-league fixtures they have coming up!).

Step 1: Sign Up To Smarkets & Choose Your Team

Sign up to Smarkets and pick a Premier League team from the bottom half of the table. The reason for this is that we want high odds to maximise the profit, just like a free bet. You can find an updated version of the Premier League table here.

Step 2: Deposit £10

Once you've chosen your team and signed up, deposit £10 into your Smarkets account.

Step 3: Find your chosen team's next Premier League Match & Check you haven't bet on it

Find out when your chosen team is playing next in the Premier League. You can find a list of fixtures here, and you will have £10 risk free on their next 5 Premier League matches. Make sure you have no bets placed on the match at all - if you do then unfortunately you will have to skip this game as the £10 refund is on total losses, and any other lay bets you have placed will interfere with this. Please note: It must be Premier League matches. Ignore any cup matches they have coming up as they don't count.

Step 4: Back £10 On Smarkets

Back £10 on your team to win the match. This should be the only bet you have on the match. Do not place anymore bets after on this match as you will invalidate the offer and potentially lose money.

Step 5: Calculate the lay stake

Change the calculator mode to Free Bet SNR. You are not placing a trigger bet here, you are effectively placing a free bet. If the bet loses then you will get your £10 back as cash and so aren't down any money.

Fill out the calculator with the back odds on Smarkets, and the lay odds from another exchange. Put the back commission as 2%, and the lay commission as whatever your exchange is.

Step 6: Lay your bet

Lay the amount given on the calculator. It will likely be anything from £7 to £9. If you haven't got the liability to lay your bet then it's fine, you should still do this offer and not lay. We wouldn't normally advise punting a bet, however this is completely risk free and so it's definitely worth at least doing that if you haven't the liability to lay it.

Step 7: Repeat for the next 4 Premier League fixtures

You need to repeat the steps for their next 4 Premier League matches. So find the next fixture and do a £10 bet again. Then once that's finished, you have 3 more games you can do it on.

  • Premier League Matches only (No Cup games!)

  • No Liability? No problem! Punt the £10 as it's risk free!

Using Smarkets

Signed up to Smarkets? Great! If you're unsure about using Smarkets, check out Team Profit Tom's video for tips on using Smarkets:

Congratulations - Up to £40 Profit Risk Free!

Easy money!

Mark the offer as complete and lets get cracking with the next offer.