Multi Bets Explained

Multi Bet offers are the most profitable type of offer. However, terms vary quite a lot between bookmakers, meaning some offers aren't profitable. On Team Profit, only the profitable offers are listed!

Most Multi Bet offers are in the form of a 'Bonus'.

The other type of Multi Bet offer is where you place a number of trigger bets to receive a free bet or bonus. These are straightforward and explained in each guide, so in this article we focus on Bonus offers.

How A Bonus Offer Works

A bonus is a cash amount added to your account, either upon your first deposit or your first bet.

However, you can only withdraw once you have wagered a certain amount, known as the 'wagering requirement'. To complete the wagering requirement, we place multiple trigger bets.

Once you have reached the wagering requirement, you can then withdraw your bonus and your winnings.

If you withdraw before reaching the wagering requirements, you will lose the bonus and any winnings. So never withdraw until you have reached the wagering requirement!

How We Make Our Profit

The key is the amount of the £ bonus compared to the £ wagering requirement.

Typically we will lose around 4% of the wagering requirement due to trigger bet losses. So if the wagering requirement is £500, we will lose approximately £20 in trigger bet losses. If the bonus is £50, then great! Once we have completed the wagering, we can then withdraw this £50 and so have made £30 profit. However, if the bonus is only £20, then we would not make any profit.

Bookmaker Bonus Offers

Below is a summary of the bonus offers available:

Bookmaker Max Bonus Bonus Added Wagering Requirement Net Profit*
Bwin £20 Upon 1st deposit £200 (10 x bonus)
90 days
Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 12.21.49 £100 Upon 1st deposit £800 (8 x bonus)
14 days
Betway £100 Upon 1st deposit £1000 (10 x bonus)
90 days
bet365 £200 1x wagering 1st deposit £1200 (6x bonus)
90 days

*Net Profit assumes you will make lose 4% of your trigger bet stake e.g. if you place a £10 trigger bet, you lose 40p.

Why Use OddsMonkey

It is highly beneficial to join OddsMonkey to complete these offers.

OddsMonkey provide a 'OddsMatcher' tool which means you can instantly find the matches with the closest odds between the bookmaker and the exchange. You can often find trigger bets which will lose you 4% or less of your trigger bet stake using their 'Rating feature' (simply choose teams with a 96% rating or higher).

The OddsMatcher
FAQ: How Much Should I Bet On Each Trigger Bet?

Let's say you have a wagering requirement of £500. Should you place 5 x £100, 20 x £25 bets or a mix of stakes?

There are two factors at play:

1) Liability - The lower your stake, the less liability you need. Therefore, if you have a limited exchange balance, it is better to place lots of smaller trigger bets.

2) Mug Punter - It's always best to look like a mug punter. Therefore, I would advise varying your stakes. If I find a team with a high rating on the OddsMatcher e.g. 98%, then I will place a larger stake e.g. £50, whereas if I find a team with 96% I may place a larger

So overall, I would vary your stakes at an amount you are comfortable with based on your liability (see below).

FAQ: How Much Bonus Should I Take (given my Exchange balance)?

If your bookmaker bets keep winning, your Exchange balance will keep decreasing. This is because you can't withdraw from the bookmaker to top up your Exchange whilst completing the bonus offer.

To be completely safe, have 80% of the wagering requirement in your Exchange. This means you can always cover the liability even if every single bookmaker bet wins, using back odds of 1.8 (the minimum odds are usually 1.5 to 1.75 as stated in each guide).

Realistically though if you are placing 10+ bets, not every bet will win in the bookmaker, so you can opt of the 70% of the wagering requirement:

Bookmaker Max Bonus Wagering Requirement Exchange Balance Needed
Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 12.21.49 £50 £260 £180
Bwin £20 £200 £175
Betway £50 £500 £350
bet365 £200 £1200 £850

If you don't have the Exchange balance, simply take a lower bonus. This is demonstrated in each Welcome Offer guide.

So if you only have £200 in your Exchange and are looking to complete the Bet365 offer, just take a £40 bonus by depositing £40.

FAQ: Could I Bet My Whole Starting Bonus On High Odds To Lose It?

This is a common approach I see. Let's say on Betway I have my £50 cash balance and have been given a £50 bonus. I now have £100 in my account. I could bet £100 on a high odds team (and lay on the Exchange) and hope it loses.

If the bookmaker bet loses (likely), this means the bonus has effectively transferred from my bookmaker to the Exchange. As I don't have any wagering requirements in the exchange, I have now made an immediate cash profit!

There are two risks:

1 The bet wins! Ouch, you now have won a lot in the bookmaker and lost a lot in the exchange as the odds were high, whilst only wagering a small amount. So you need to ensure you can cover the remaining wagering.

2 Gubbing! I don't think it would look like a mug punter if you bet your full balance on a high odds team. Therefore, you will be more likely to be gubbed (no longer entitled to future free bets). This doesn't matter on bookies with weak Weekly Offers (Bwin) but I wouldn't want to take this risk with Betway, SportingBet and particularly the awesome Bet365!

Additionally, I have read matched betters who have had their stake limits heavily restricted (e.g. to £5 per bet) during the wagering for betting very large amounts e.g. their entire cash+bonus balance. This is relatively rare but I wanted to mention this.

Personally I just try to clear the wagering with a variety of smaller stakes. For example, if I have a £100 bonus, I'll place bets varying from £25 to £50 trigger bets on popular leagues. I've never had any issues with this approach and always made a healthy profit!

Final Tip: Always Read The Terms!

It will only take a few minutes but always read the terms, just to make sure there is nothing unexpected. For example, Winner Sports have in term 14 that 50% of the trigger bets must be placing as multiples which sucks!

Any Questions?

Any questions with any offers just let me know in the Facebook Group or Live Help cheers!