100% Odds Boost

100% Odds Boost



10 mins


Deposit Method: Bank Card

Trigger Bet: £10

Minimum Odds: 2.0

Maximum Odds: 11.0

Special Terms: Must be done in-play

Your Profit: £5

Full Terms: Click Here

The LeoVegas signup offer is a little different to the previous offers, but it can take you no longer than 5-10 minutes and is worth an easy £5!

Sign Up To LeoVegas

Sign up to LeoVegas and deposit £10.


video image= Video Guide Clip (popup)

video image= Video Guide Clip (popup)

Once you've found your trigger bet and placed it, you are done with the offer! There's no messing around with free bets in this one - the profit is instant!

Choose a popular league or cup on LeoVegasvideo image

Your bet needs to be done in-play. Read this guide to learn more about in-play betting.

Choose a bet at high oddsvideo image

Preferably above 4.0 as you would with a free bet. Maximum odds you can choose are 11.0.

Change the odds on LeoVegas to decimal format.

Click here.

Then change the Odds Format to Decimal:

Click the profit boost to reveal the new odds

Once you've clicked this your odds will have increased. It's not quite double, as you have to take into account your own stake. The new odds will be displayed in the bet slip and this is what you will be paid out at.

Check 'Liquidity'

The next step in your laying process is super important and must be done before placing every lay bet.

Check the maximum stake under the lay odds on Matchbook.  This is called liquidity and if this number is not higher than your required lay stake then you will not be able to lay your bet.

Example  If you need to lay £20 on the exchange:

       Matchbook Liquidity here is £40.  GOOD - Fine to lay

       Matchbook Liquidity here is only £2. BAD - Do not lay

If the max stake is higher than your required lay stake, you can go ahead and place your bets.

Load up the matched betting calculator and enter: 
  • Back Stake
  • Back Odds
  • Exchange Lay Odds
  • Lay Commission (Matchbook = 0)

Place your £10 LeoVegas bet at boosted oddsvideo image
Place your exchange lay bet

Use the lay amount from the calculator in Step 2 and enter that into the 'Backer's Stake' on the exchange. You will profit from the difference in odds between the bookmaker and exchange.

Again, do a 'Liquidity' check explained in step 1 to ensure there is enough money available to lay your stake.

Note: In the unlikely event that the liquidity changes as you are placing your lay bet and your bet does not 'fully match', you can use this guide to help resolve this.

Once the trigger bet has settled...

Once the trigger bet has settled...

Congratulations - More Profit Banked! 

Easy money! If your trigger bet won in LeoVegas, then withdraw these winnings.

Mark the offer as complete and move onto the next offer:

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