What Is Kwiff?

Kwiff are just another bookmaker that you can sign up to and take advantage of using Matched Betting, however they way in which they operate is very different!

Firstly, they are mobile only. You can sign up to them online, however you can only place bets through their mobile app which is available on both Android and IOS.

Secondly, the way in which you place bets is quite unique. Whenever you place a bet with Kwiff, you have the chance of your bet being "kwiffed". This means that the odds on your bet will be boosted to a higher price! Sometimes these boosts are small, but sometimes they can be very big indeed!

They don't have a sign up offer so to speak, however when you do sign up you will be eligible for their bet club and may also receive some juicy kwiffs in your account's early days.

Please Note: To sign up to Kwiff and take advantage of the offer, you will need to revisit this page on mobile, as you are unable to sign up on Desktop.

Sign up to Kwiff

Check out the screenshot below from Tom's own Kwiff account. These bets were placed within the first week of opening an account, and as you can see there were some very tasty boosts! One of them boosted from 3.10 all the way to 34.0!

Why Sign Up?

Signing up to Kwiff is a great idea because you are basically profiting in the exact same way as you would from a price boost. If the back odds are higher than the lay odds then you make profit! Simple! And the best thing about Kwiff is that the odds can be boosted massively! You might back a bet at 2.0, and get boosted to 100.0!

Now I'm going to be honest here... Kwiff's odds are pretty bad. Their business model is quite unique, in that they then periodically "KWIFF" a bet, which boosts the profit.

So although the odds are generally bad, we can still profit! Honestly!

The fact their odds are bad actually helps us Matched Bettors. The reason they have poor odds is so they can add more Kwiffs and still be a profitable company. Occasionally Kwiff will have close(ish) matches, and sometimes even perfect matches! These are brilliant as you can literally just back & lay for little to no loss in whatever increments you like, and hope to get kwiffed! Any bets that do get kwiffed will result in a profit overall!

How To Join

Joining Kwiff is super easy. Just click here or the link at the top of the page on your mobile and sign up. You cannot sign up via desktop, so make sure you come back to this page on mobile.

Finding Matches

You might notice that Kwiff are not on any Oddsmatching software. Because of this, we need to find our matches manually. You can spend your day trawling through Kwiff to find matches (which can be very boring, especially if you find nothing!), or you can follow the Profit Accumulator threads. Now the threads do rely on other community members to post matches, so if you do find any yourself then by all means do please share!

Price Thread - I would recommend following this thread however people do talk in it, so not every notification you receive will be a close match.

Close Matches Thread - Definitely subscribe to this thread. This is a No Chat thread so make sure you aren't posting in here unless you are sharing a close match! This is a great thread to follow and is the whole reason I would recommend downloading Kwiff.

Additional Tips
  • Subscribe to the Profit Accumulator threads above

  • Stick to 97% matches or above

  • If betting on Rugby, check the match result odds AND the "draw no bet" odds. If they are the same then you can bet on Draw no bet, but lay the normal win market on the exchange. This way, if it's a draw your Kwiff bet will get voided AND you will win your exchange bet for more profit!

Got Questions?

There are 3 ways to ask for help with Team Profit:

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[email protected] - We try to respond to all emails within 24 hours with complete answers.

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