One of the most common questions in the Facebook Group is 'how do I earn a regular profit from Reload Offers?'

To help you with this, we have launched a new series of guest posts called 'Week In The Life Of'', where regularly (hopefully 3-4 a month) in this blog an experienced matched bettor will explain their typical weekly matched betting routine, including:

  • Which Offers They Focus On

  • Weekly Matched Betting Routine

  • Top Tips For Offers

Over the weeks ahead there will be a range of guests, including full time matched bettors, stay at home parents and those with full time jobs making some extra cash in their spare time!

For our fourth guest, we have Neil who matched bets part time several hours a week in order to supplement his full time income.

Neil's Top Trump Card

Weekly Profit £100-150
Weekly Hours 6 hours
Bankroll £2k in regular use
MB Age 2 Years
What is your matched betting background?

I got into Matched Betting when I was researching about Financial Independence. I found out about it on a finance blog and researched more about it. My aim was to treat it as a ‘side hustle’ so that I could earn extra income on top of my job (I work full time). This would increase my saving rate and increase the speed towards financial independence. 

I average around £500 profit per month. This is done around a full time job 9 - 5 Monday - Friday. 

Could you give an estimate of your £100 weekly profit by type of offer?

My average £100 profit per week for this season should be:

Price Boosts = £10
Sports offers = £30
2up= £20
Weekly Bet Clubs = £20
Refunds Offers = £20
What does your typical matched betting week look like?

Generally, if there is no mid-week football on, I tend to leave it till Saturday/Sunday. Sometimes, I will do a bit of mid-week horse offers over lunch but try to limit that so that I don’t stand out too much to the bookies. Where possible, in the evening I will do some weekly bet club stuff as needed. I use my commute to catch up on offers / chat in the MB facebook forums and use my mobile to do offers on the move. 

Saturday is the main day. I will look at Team Profit blog, Reload Offers, and any community feeds for what is going on. I MUST check my email to see any offers in there (I am bad for missing these sometimes!). Then set up my list of offers to complete. Guaranteed stuff first, low risk and then ones that take a bit of time e.g. extra places. Sunday’s depending on the sports that are on can be just as busy. 

Could you give your top tip for the offers you focus on?

Keep an eye on the community channels to see about boosts being posted. In general I jump on the boost without checking the exchange first. The boosts go so fast that I think it's good to just get on them. If the exchange odds have moved, it normally means less profit or break even so worth the slight risk.  

My top offer is 2up. For me, if you are not watching the game, you should have a system and stick to it. 50% out at 2-0. 25% at 2-1 and let the rest run. I only change this if I am watching the game and see something different. Arsenal v Spurs recently. It was 2-0 and then 2-1 in the space of 5 mins. That is when I like to give the match a few mins to see what happens, it can make all the difference. Alas, I was on Arsenal that day! 

I use two spreadsheets to track my profits. One to record the bets and the other to control the amount of profit/loss/cash at each bookie. It is more time consuming but I know exactly how much I have in each bookie very easily. Due to my bankroll, I rarely withdraw funds, I just leave them in bookies and lose them to the exchange. 

Any final comments?

I am gubbed by some of the big 5 (still got Sky and the wonder that is Bet365). Don’t be afraid to look at the smaller bookies and their offers - PremierPunt has been great for me recently. 

As hard as this is, I would advise not trying to set targets. I know that a goal can be very motivating but it can also put pressure on you which can lead to some not great places. Last month, I made £230. Not bad, but not my average £500. However, it’s still £230 more than I had at the start of the month!

Build up the basic skills and then branch out into the more obscure offers that may not give you guaranteed profit. Accepting a perceived horrible QL to get you into an offer is not fun, but better to be in with a chance of a refund than not at all. 

Casino - it's up to you. I personally have not done much at all mainly down to time reasons. But as above, I would advise to not set a goal and be prepared for some losses. This is easier to deal with when you have a bankroll to cushion the losses. 

Finally, take some time away from it. I took this summer off completely from matched betting. It’s important to not let it take up all your extra time. The summer is the best time for a break! 

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