Refer a Friend Terms and Conditions

To be eligible for the Team Profit Refer a Friend cash reward, referred members must complete all of the following criteria, having initially clicked the referrer's unique referral link:

  • Register with Team Profit
  • Register and place a bet with Betfair via the Team Profit link
  • Complete the Coral offer and mark it as complete 
Terms and Conditions applying to the Referrer

You must be an existing Team Profit Member to Refer a Friend. The referrer will be awarded a £10 reward once their referred member has completed all of the criteria outlined above. All payments will be made via PayPal. 

The Boring Bits Summary
  • Your current Refer-a-Friend reward is £10. This will be paid to the referee based on the referral (the friend) successfully meeting the criteria outlined above. No payment will be made to the referral (the friend).
  • There may be a delay in 'signups qualified' updating whilst the referees activity is verified.
  • The refer a friend offer is available to members and friends based in the UK & Ireland.
  • For the referral to be successful, your friend must click on your unique Refer-a-Friend link, sign up to the Team Profit site,  register and bet with Betfair via the Team Profit sign up link and complete the Coral offer, marking it as complete on the Team Profit offers page. 
  • Only genuine signups will be paid - if we have any doubts whatsoever we won’t pay you. 
    • You can only use this to refer people you know, not total strangers.
    • We will not pay the cash for any referrals where the new account has been created solely to abuse the system. 
    • Multiple accounts created for use by the same person or any fraudulent signups may result in termination of your referral privileges and all accounts which we deem to be linked.
    • You must not abuse the system by referring people you don’t know or fake users, or anyone that isn’t a genuine customer. 
  • We endeavour to make all payments on Mondays for each successful referral, but we reserve the right to delay payment up to 6 weeks if we need to investigate referrals further and we don't need to notify you in advance of this occurring. 
  • The criteria used to determine referral thresholds may be adjusted at any time.
  • Any invites sent using email must only be sent to people you know and must be CANSPAM compliant.
  • Members who falsely impersonate Team Profit within or external sites to gain clicks on their referral link will not be paid referral bonuses and risk the termination of their Team Profit referral account. This includes but is not limited to; impersonation of Team Profit or pretending to be a representative of Team Profit and making false claims relating to any rewards that may come as a result of signing up to the site.
  • The referral bonus amount may increase or decrease at any time. When the referral bonus amount has changed, you will be eligible to receive the amount that was advertised on the site at the time your friend signed up from your link, which may be different to the amount offered when you sent the link to your friend or when the cash was applied to your account.
  • Please do not include your referral code in Trustpilot review or on a public social media post.
  • Iframes should not be used as a way of generating referrals unless expressly permitted by Team Profit.