Partner Friendly Guide

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Dave Jones
Diamond Matched Bettor

So you’ve started matched betting and love it 🤩 You’ve been going around boasting about how great it is to your partner, flatmate or anyone in your household.
Now, they want in on the action❗

Can they match bet as well if you reside at the same address❓ 🏠

The short answer is ✔️yes but there are a few things to be mindful of.

Let me tell you more! 🛎️

1️⃣ Check The Terms Of The Bookie 🔎

This is crucial. For your partner or housemate(s) to be able to match bet, you have to watch out for the terms. Whenever you spot a term along the lines of:

Only one account per person/household/ip/address/phone number’ etc’’

This means that account is NOT partner friendly as it only allows one account per household. It’s important to check for this because if another account is registered at that address, the account will either be closed or winnings confiscated due to breach of terms.


If this term isn’t in the bookie terms, then it's a good sign that the bookie will allow your partner or living mates to sign up.

In some instances, the bookie may not honour the sign up offer as well but it’s still good for them to sign up as they can absolutely take on the reload offers.

2️⃣ Separate Everything 📝

Some bookies can detect the IP or device used for an account so make sure no device is shared. You don’t want them to assume that you’re multi-accounting so try and keep your device separate, email, bank account and even Wifi/4G.

What Bookies Are Partner Friendly?🧑‍🤝‍🧑✔️

This is subject to change as the bookies that were partner friendly may no longer but so make sure to always refer to the terms.
>We have also done a poll on facebook and the members have noted their experience with bookies. The ones with the highest rating are the ones most partner friendly.

Check it out here

If A Partner Or Housemate Signs Up, Can This Lead To Me Getting Gubbed? 🚫

This is indeed possible but it’s hard to say for sure. Many members have been fine match betting along with their partners for a long while and others we’re gubbed straight away.
There is plenty of discussion around this but it is recommended that:

👉If you’re gubbed, make sure your partner or housemate doesn’t sign up soon after as this may cause their account to be closed or gubbed quickly.
👉If you’ve only just recently signed up, again wait a while before your partner or housemate signs up.
👉Don’t bet on opposing bets to try and cover your outcomes as this can get flagged and have both accounts gubbed.
👉Don’t place similar bets and do the same offers at the same time as this can also be detected.

Again, as stated before, separate everything! 💡

Unfortunately there are no guarantees but these are good things to do to try and prevent an instagubbing from happening if anyone residing at your address wants to hop on the match betting journey!💪

Hope you found this guide helpful! 😃

Happy profiting folks!

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We've Got Your Back.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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