Partner Friendly Bookmakers

One question crops up quite regularly from people who have recently started matched betting and that is, "can my partner/spouse/housemate do this from the same address?".

It makes sense, you've discovered this fantastic new skill and you want your nearest (literally) and dearest doing it too, but is it possible?

Some Bookmakers May Allow It!

Almost every bookmaker says in their terms "one account per household" policy. However, your partner could still try asking the bookmaker on Live Help if they would receive the Welcome Offer. This saves them the time of setting up a new account, depositing and placing a trigger bet when they may not receive the offer.

I would though suggest asking Live Help after you've been matched betting for at least a few weeks and completed some existing customer offers whilst placing some mug bets, otherwise if they see you've just taken up the Welcome Offer I think they'll be less likely to give you it to your partner too!