Matched Betting - Here's What To Do After The Sign Up Offers

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Josh Hughes
Matched Betting Expert

So you're coming towards the end of the Matched Betting sign up offers.

By now, you've hopefully banked over £500 profit.

And you're probably wondering what comes next...

Is the fun over? Is it time to spend your profits and move onto something new?


Is the fun only just beginning? Can you still make money after the sign ups?

The answer...

The sign up offers are just the tip of the iceberg! 


It's simple...

The bookies don't just run offers for new customers, they are constantly dishing out offers to their existing customers.

We call these reload offers.

There are loads of different types of reload offer. As shrewd Matched Bettors, we're interested in any offers that can make us profit!

In this guide, we'll explain the different types of reload offer and where to find them.

Plus, we'll reveal how much money you can make once you get stuck into reload offers!

How Much Can You Make From Reload Offers?

Spoiler alert: you can make a lot more money from reload offers than the sign ups!

We can't tell you exactly how much money you'll make from Matched Betting reload offers.

That will depend on lots of factors. Things like how much time, available funds and experience you have.

But, we've helped thousands of people make regular ongoing profits from Matched Betting.

So we know a thing or two about what's possible.

You could make anywhere from £300-£1500 per month from Reload Offers. 

A big factor is time.

If you'd like to spend a few hours per week Matched Betting, you could make £300-£500 per month. Which is tax-free don't forget!

If you spend a bit more time, and get stuck into all the different types of reloads, the profits can be much higher.

The sign up offers are the perfect way to get familiar with Matched Betting and make a few hundred pounds.

But it's the reload offers where, over time, you can make thousands of pounds profit.

There are thousands of people, just like you, who are using Matched Betting to top up their income each month.

But, don't just take our word for it...

At one point, these Matched Bettors were probably in exactly the same position that you are now.

They'd made a few hundred pounds profit, and were wondering what came next.

By getting stuck into the reload offers, they've achieved some fantastic profit milestones.

And you can too.

Question time...

If you could make £10,000 from Matched Betting reload offers, what would you spend it on?

We've seen profits going towards house deposits, exotic holidays, new pets and so much more.

So now you know that you could make lots of profit after the sign up offers...

But, what actually are reload offers and how do they work?

What Are Matched Betting Reload Offers?

The bookies run sign up offers because they want to get new customers.

The bookies also want to encourage their existing users to keep betting with them.

One way that they do this is by offering them promotions.

The term 'reload offer' describes any offer that is open to a bookie's existing customers.

There are loads of different types that we can make money from them.

Let's briefly discuss the main ones now.

Bet X Get Y 💰

You'll already be very familiar with Bet X Get Y offers from the sign up offers.

They're very simple. You bet a certain amount for a small qualifying loss, to earn a free bet which you turn into profit.

These are a common type of reload offer that you can use to make quick, regular profits.

Many of the bookies offer 'weekly bet clubs' where if you bet a certain amount during a single week, you'll get a free bet.

For example, Sky's Free Bet Club gives you a £5 free bet when you bet £25, and Paddy Power's Rewards Club gives you a £10 free bet when you bet £50.

We can usually make about £3 and £6 profit from these two offers respectively.

Whilst that might not sound like much, that would add up to £468 profit over the course of the year.

All from only 2 offers that take around 10 minutes to complete each week.

These are two examples, there are plenty of others, so the profits from Bet X Get Y offers alone can really add up.

Horse Racing Offers 🏇

The bookies love dishing out reload offers on the horse racing.

Horse racing takes place every day so there are always opportunities to profit.

But, the best offers happen on ITV racing days (usually Saturdays) and during big festivals (Royal Ascot, Cheltenham etc).

The most common offer is money back, as a free bet, if your horse finishes 2nd or 3rd (sometimes just 2nd, sometimes 2nd, 3rd or 4th).

Or, money back, as a free bet, if a certain horse wins the race.

We can place a simple back and lay bet, for a small qualifying loss. If the required trigger happens, we get a free bet and will make a nice profit.

There are lots of other types of horse racing offer, which you'll learn about later!

Price Boosts 🚀

Price boosts are one of our favourite types of reload offer.

A price boost is when a bookmaker offers higher odds on a bet than normal as a promotion to their customers.

If the back price they are offering is higher than the lay odds at the exchange, we can place a matched bet to guarantee an instant profit.

Price boosts are amazing because all you do is place 2 bets, a back bet and a lay bet, and you've guaranteed a profit.

2 minutes work for locked in profit, regardless of the result of the event that you bet on. Happy days!

Football Offers ⚽

Punters love betting on football, so the bookies are always dishing out football offers.

These are often your typical bet x get y offers, but there are lots of other formats to take advantage of.

Often the bookies will offer you a free bet if something happens in a match. This might be both teams scoring, a penalty being awarded etc.

Usually, we can lock in guaranteed profits from such offers.

Another popular football offer is acca insurance. This is where the bookies will give you a free bet if one-leg of your accumulator bet loses.

Whilst not suitable for beginners, this can be a great source of profit once you're comfortable with accas.

Other Sports 🎾⛳🏏🎯

Whilst the majority of offers are on horse racing and football, there are offers on most major sports.

This includes golf, tennis, rugby, darts and more.

Basically any sport you might bet on, bookies might run reload offers for.

During big events, like Wimbledon (tennis) and the Masters (golf) we usually see lots of extra offers.

Casino Offers 🎰

The bookies run promotions to attract and retain customers, and online casinos do exactly the same thing.

Whilst the bookies use things like free bets and price boosts, the casinos give out free spins, bonuses, and cashback.

Normally, the casinos have the advantage on all casino games (the house edge).

So, without offers, we would never recommend playing casino games.

But, by completing certain offers, we remove the house edge, and gain a mathematical advantage.

Casino offers can be extremely lucrative. At the time of writing, there's over £1,000 of expected profit from casino sign up offers.

It's then possible to make £300-£1000 per month from casino reload offers.

But, casino offers are not risk free, so they're not suitable for beginners.

You should first gain some experience matched betting, and build up some bankroll.

Where To Find Reload Offers

There are 3 amazing resources that we recommend for reload offers.

I highly recommend checking them all out!

Sports - Team Profit (Offers: £200-£400 per month) 

Here at Team Profit, our focus is on helping you to learn the basics of Matched Betting, and make your first £500+ profit.

We do have a Reload Offers section, but this only contains a snippet of the total reload offers available.

This is focused upon helping beginners make the initial transition into reload offers. To do this, we provide a few easy offers each day, ones which should be quick and simple to complete for a locked in profit.

Head to the Reload Offers page

Sports - Outplayed (Offers: £1000+ per month) 

Outplayed are the UK's leading Matched Betting service. They've already helped over 150,000 people to make regular profits from Matched Betting.

The dedicated offers team behind Outplayed post detailed guides for ALL the worthwhile offers. You'll find well over £1000 worth of reload offers every single month.

Outplayed has a number of amazing features like their Oddsmatcher, Profit Tracker and Member's Forum. Plus, their customer support is second to none!

Try Outplayed for 7 days for free.

Casino - Team Casino (Offers: £600+ per month)

Team Casino is our service dedicated to helping you make money from online casino offers.

We've already helped over 10,000 people to start casino offers. Our service provides everything you need to get started, plus the guides and tools to make consistent ongoing profits.

Try Team Casino for 10 days for just £1.

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Got Questions?

Be a part of our awesome Matched Betting community!

Join our Facebook group now, home to over 35,000 Matched Bettors!

It's the perfect place to ask questions and get help!

Facebook Group

New To Matched Betting?

We can't wait to help you start making tax-free cash from Matched Betting!

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