How To Play Casino Games

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One of the first steps is having a basic understanding of how casino games work. So in this guide I will be covering:

  • Disclaimer: Casino games can be very addictive. Please never play casino games unless completing an offer.

How To Play Slots

A slot is like an online fruit machine.

Let's take a look at a common slot, Frankie Dettori's Magic Seven:



This is how a slot machine will look. There will be some columns and rows. You must match certain symbols in consecutive columns to win.

Different symbols will pay out different amounts. For example:

  • 3 10s in a row might pay 50p
  • 3 Aces in a row might pay £2

There will also be a thing called a "wild" on some slots. A wild is good as it acts as any symbol. So if you had 10 Wild 10, it would count as 3 10s.

How the payouts work isn't important as you have no control over it. All you want to know is how to actually use the slot.


A line is any path from the left reel to the right reel. If you have enough matching symbols on a line you will win.

You should always leave the number of lines set to the maximum. In this example, it is set at 25 lines, which is the maximum for the slot.

Bet/Line or Coin Value

Changing your stake on slots can vary with slot manufacturers. Some slots only have a "total stake" button where you can increase or decrease the total amount you bet.

Others like the one in the above example are a bit trickier. You will have to change the "Bet/line" button. On some slots, it can be called "coin value".

This will change your total stake as it's the coin value multiplied by total lines that determines that.

In the above example you're betting 2 pence per line, and with there being 25 lines that brings a total of 50p per stake.

Total Stake

It's very important that before you click spin that you check how much your total stake is.

There have been a few times where people get the bet per line confused with the total stake and end up in trouble.

Bonus Round

Almost every slot will have some form of bonus round.

This is an added feature to the slot that can result in bigger wins than the normal spins. It occurs when certain symbols appear on the reels.


Autoplay is a great feature for us as it means you don't have to sit there and click spin every time. You can set up the game to spin for you.

Most slots will have this feature and it's super simple to use.

All you need to do is click the autoplay button, select how many spins you want to do, and set a stop/loss limit.

The slot will then automatically complete your chosen number of spins.

Every Slot Is Different

Every slot will have a different average return, and the frequency that it pays out will vary.

The slots you use can significantly impact your casino offer results.

Team Casino will always recommend the best slot for an offer.  It also features a Slots Database, which is an amazing tool for finding the best slots to use to complete casino offers.

How To Play Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games and you will be using it lots when completing offers.

Unlike with slots and roulette, you get given different options, like: hit, stand or pass.

The decisions you make will impact the expected return that you make. Team Casino has created a detailed strategy guide. This explains how to play blackjack, and what decisions to make.

You can check out the Blackjack Strategy Guide Here.

How To Play Roulette

Roulette is very simple to play. You place bets on different possible outcomes and then watch the wheel spin. If you correctly guess the outcome, you win money.

Roulette has lots of different things that you can bet on.

Team Casino would recommend sticking to ‘Even Money Bets', by betting on either Red or Black.

Most members will pick an option and stick with it for their entire time completing offers. For example 'I will always use bets on black to complete offers'.

Warning: Never cover more than 50% of the roulette wheel with bets, as this goes against most casino’s T&Cs. For example, don’t put £5 on red and £5 on black at the same time. Casinos hate this, so you could have winnings confiscated and get gubbed.

Where To Find Casino Offers

Team Casino is the place to go for casino offers.

You will find step by step instructions to all the best offers.

You'll also find amazing features, like a slots database and EV simulator. Plus, loads of amazing casino guides, and a super helpful live chat service.

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