Dutching is a risk-free method of matched betting, betting on all available outcomes, using separate bookmakers and not using any betting exchange.

In this guide I will be explaining how Dutching can be be used to find arbitrage betting opportunities (arbing) with very little effort and no new skills needing to be learnt.

Note: Only do Arbitrage Dutching on bookmakers that you are gubbed from or those that don't offer 'existing customer free bets' - because this type of dutching drastically increases your chances of getting gubbed.

How Does Arbitrage Dutching Work?

When a particular bookmaker is over generous with their odds on a particular outcome (compared to other bookmakers), this results in an arbitrage opportunity. In these instances we can simply bet on all outcomes and still guarantee a profit. The below tennis match, for example:

tennis dutching example

The odds of player 1 winning are 2.17 - so for every £10 we bet, we get £21.70 back if they win.

The odds of player 2 winning are 2.0 - so for every £10 we bet, we get £20 back if they win.

That means we breakeven if player 2 wins BUT win £1.70 profit if player 1 wins.

We can then alter our stakes (using a dutch search calculator) to ensure we profit from this opportunity no matter the outcome.


If you're interested in the calculations around Arbitrage Dutching - when the % odds add up to less than 100 there is an Arbitrage Dutching opportunity.

To find the % odds of a bet, you divide 100 by the odds (e.g. % odds of 2.0 is 100/2 = 50%)

So the above example 2.0 = 50% (100/2) and 2.17 = 46.08% (100/2.17)

These sum to 96.08% meaning there is an Arbitrage Dutching opportunity.

Luckily we never need to check every sporting event and do the maths, thanks to Oddsmonkey and their clever 'Dutch Search' tool, which I'll show you now..

How to Profit

1. Load up the Oddsmonkey Dutch Search

You will then be presented with a list of the most profitable dutching arbs

oddsmonkey dutch search

As you can see, the results are displayed in much the same way as the Oddsmatcher tool.

The Bet 1, Bet 2 and Bet 3 columns show you the bookmakers you need to place a bet with for each dutching opportunity (in the above examples only two bets are needed per dutching opportunity). Below shows what a football match would look like:

oddsmonkey dutching example

And then the rating (if above 100) shows you how much profit you'll make per £100 bet. So a rating of 105.26 means that £100 of bets will be £5.26 of profit roughly.

oddsmonkey dutching rating


2. Filter bookmakers

Filter to only show bookamkers you're gubbed on or those that you know don't offer good ongoing free bet offers.

Worth saving the filter by clicking 'save as' on the filter box, that way you can quickly check for any Dutching opportunities any time you're on Oddsmonkey, in no time at all!

So looking at the results below:

oddsmonkey dutching filter

We see that the bets are for a Tennis matched between Soeda and Bachinger - betting on Soeda with 'Winner' or 'Titan Bet' and then placing a bet on Bachinger on 'Paddy Power'.

3. We choose which one we want to choose and click the 'i' icon on the far right.

This then loads the below screen:

dutch calculator

4. Once loaded we click the top right tick box to round our stake up to the nearest £.

This helps us to look more like mug punters (highly advisable).

This tells us:

  • Bet £48 on our TitanBet bet and if it wins we make £2.80 profit
  • Bet £50 on our Paddy Power bet and if it wins we make £2.00 profit

If you double the bet stakes then you will double your profit, and so on..

5. Place your bets and enjoy the locked in guaranteed profits. 

Dutching arbing is one of the easiest ways to make a quick buck, but be aware that it is arbing and if you're doing it with non-gubbed accounts, you will be in the fast lane to getting them gubbed!

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