Dutching is a risk-free method of matched betting, betting on all available outcomes, using separate bookmakers and not using any betting exchange.

In this guide I will be explaining how Dutching can be be used to find arbitrage betting opportunities (arbing) with very little effort and no new skills needing to be learnt.

Note: Only do Arbitrage Dutching on bookmakers that you are gubbed from or those that don't offer 'existing customer free bets' - because this type of dutching drastically increases your chances of getting gubbed.

How Does Arbitrage Dutching Work?

When a particular bookmaker is over generous with their odds on a particular outcome (compared to other bookmakers), this results in an arbitrage opportunity. In these instances we can simply bet on all outcomes and still guarantee a profit. The below tennis match, for example:

tennis dutching example

The odds of player 1 winning are 2.17 - so for every £10 we bet, we get £21.70 back if they win.

The odds of player 2 winning are 2.0 - so for every £10 we bet, we get £20 back if they win.

That means we breakeven if player 2 wins BUT win £1.70 profit if player 1 wins.

We can then alter our stakes (using a dutch search calculator) to ensure we profit from this opportunity no matter the outcome.


If you're interested in the calculations around Arbitrage Dutching - when the % odds add up to less than 100 there is an Arbitrage Dutching opportunity.

To find the % odds of a bet, you divide 100 by the odds (e.g. % odds of 2.0 is 100/2 = 50%)

So the above example 2.0 = 50% (100/2) and 2.17 = 46.08% (100/2.17)

These sum to 96.08% meaning there is an Arbitrage Dutching opportunity.

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