Dutching is matched betting technique which involves covering all outcomes of a bet using multiple bookmakers, rather than a betting exchange.

I will explain how Dutching can be be used to find arbitrage betting opportunities (arbing) with very little effort and no new skills.

Note: Only do Arbitrage Dutching on bookmakers that you are gubbed from or those that don't offer 'reload offers' - because this type of dutching drastically increases your chances of getting gubbed.

How Does Arbitrage Dutching Work?

When a particular bookmaker is overly generous with their odds on a particular outcome (compared to other bookmakers), this can create an arbitrage opportunity. In these instances we can simply bet on all outcomes to guarantee a profit.

The below tennis match, for example:



This is a snapshot of Profit Accumulator's Dutching Matcher.

The odds of player 1 winning are 2.17 - so for every £10 we bet, we get £21.70 back if they win.

The odds of player 2 winning are 2.0 - so for every £10 we bet, we get £20 back if they win.

That means we breakeven if player 2 wins BUT win £1.70 profit if player 1 wins.

We can then alter our stakes (using a dutching calculator) to ensure we profit from this opportunity no matter the outcome.


If you're interested in the calculations around Arbitrage Dutching - when the % odds add up to less than 100 there is an Arbitrage Dutching opportunity.

To find the % odds of a bet, you divide 100 by the odds (e.g. % odds of 2.0 is 100/2 = 50%)

So the above example 2.0 = 50% (100/2) and 2.17 = 46.08% (100/2.17)

These sum to 96.08% meaning there is an Arbitrage Dutching opportunity.

Where To Find Dutching Opportunities

You can find the best dutching opportunities by using Profit Accumulator's Dutching Matcher.

This is a very useful tool that works just like an Oddsmatcher. It scans all the games and markets and finds you dutching opportunities.

If you sign up via Team Profit, you'll get full access to the Dutching Matcher as well as lots of other amazing tools and features for 7 days, for just £1!

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