Betfred DD/HH (Double Delight/Hat-Trick Heaven)


Betfred run a fantastic offer called DD/HH on first goalscorer bets on selected matches.

Basically, you place a bet on a certain player to score first in a match. If they do score first, and then go on to score a 2nd goal, Betfred will pay out extra winnings on your bet in the form of double odds. If the player goes on to score a 3rd, then they'll treble the odds!

This can be a very lucrative offer if you can find close matches, and it's not uncommon for people to make in excess of £1000+ when it lands.

Selected matches can be found on the promotional page here.

  • Only bets on First Goalscorer market count. Your player must score the first goal, and then score again for the offer to land. If he scores a hat trick but doesn't score the first goal, you won't qualify.

Key Terms
  • Min odds: No minimum odds

  • Eligible Markets: First Goalscorer market only

  • Pre-match bets only

  • Eligible Games: Selected matches only (see promo terms)

The Strategy

A player scoring first and then going on to score 2 more goals isn't very common. But, when this offer lands it can be extremely profitable.

Even scoring just 2 goals can be worth a lot of money, which is why this offer is favoured by Matched Bettors with a hustler mentality!

Step 1 Pick A Player

Open Betfred and your exchange and find a player who's back and lay odds are close on the First Goalscorer market.

  • Try to pick players in games where their team is favourite so there's more chance of scoring.

Step 2 Decide How Much To Bet

When deciding how much to stake you should bear in mind the qualifying loss, and the chances of your playing scoring first. You'll want no more than around £5-£10 loss per £100 you bet at the very very most.

  • You can take bigger losses in games with big favourites (For example Lionel Messi playing for Barcelona against a rubbish team).

Step 3 If Player Scores First And A 2nd

If your player scores first and scores a 2nd goal at any point in the match, you'll get paid out double odds on your original bet and so will have a tidy profit.

  • 2 goals will trigger a lot more often than 3 goals and is still very profitable.

Step 4 The Hat Trick

If your player scores the first goal, a second at any time, and a third goal at any time then Betfred will pay you out triple odds giving you a massive profit.

  • Hat Trick Heaven doesn't trigger very often as not many players score them. It's best to keep an eye on top goalscorers and seeing who's on form here.

Additional Tips
  • Bonus credited as real cash within 24 hours of bet being settled.

  • As always try to find a close match between the back and lay odds.

  • Football teams announce their team sheets 1 hour before a game on twitter - get ready for movements in the market on the exchange and try to snap up some good matches.

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