Best Odds Guaranteed

Best Odds Guaranteed is a great little promotion that can give you some unexpected earnings when you're betting on horse racing.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • What is Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG)?
  • How do you benefit when Matched Betting?
  • Matched betting example
  • Which bookmakers offer BOG?
  • How can you check your BOG winnings?
  • Could you just focus on BOG?
  • Benefits of backing and laying early
What Is Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG)?

Most bookies run a promotion called “Best Odds Guaranteed” on the horse racing, and it can be extremely profitable when it goes your way!

Odds for horses do not stay still - they go up and down all of the time (especially just before the start of a race).

BOG is basically a guarantee from the bookmakers that they'll pay you out at a higher price if your horse wins, and starts at a higher price than you backed it at.

How Do You Benefit When Matched Betting?

Lets say you place a bet on a horse at odds of 4.0, and the starting price of the horse is actually 6.0, your bookmaker bet will be settled at 6.0 odds instead of 4.0! However, if the starting price of your horse has dropped to say 3.25, the bookmaker will not change anything and will still pay you out at 4.0 

This can mean some extra "unexpected" profit for you when you're completing your normal horse racing offers. If you've already backed and layed a bet, you already know what your qualifying loss is. But, if you get paid out at higher odds, then you will have some extra money that you didn't expect which means profit!

Matched Betting Example

Let's say you are trying to qualifying bet for a horse racing refund:

  • a £10 bet on a horse to win at odds of 2.0
  • a £10 lay bet on the horse not to win at odds of 2.0

If the starting price for the horse goes up to 3.0, the bookie will pay you £20 profit instead of £10 because of Best Odds Guaranteed.

However, you still lose the same £10 at the exchange.

So overall, you have made a £10 net profit from placing this qualifying bet!

Which Bookmakers Offer BOG?

Lots of bookmakers offer BOG, however it is changing all of the time. Below is a table we have compiled, and checked/updated at the time stated. You should always check the bookmaker's promo page and the terms as this information could go out of date at any time.

One thing to note is that alot of bookmakers do pay out BOG on gubbed accounts. This varies from bookmaker to bookmaker, and we unfortunately cannot create a table for this. But it's good to know!

Table Last Updated: 23rd February 2021








From Midnight
(day of the race)



From 6am


From 8am

Betfair Sportsbook




From 9am




Virgin Bet


From 10am


William Hill


From 11am

The Pools


From Midday




How Can You Check BOG Winnings?

It’s easy to find out if you have won extra money from Best Odds Guaranteed.

The bookie will normally state the extra money you have won in your settled bets. An example is shown in this screenshot from Skybet.

In the above example, my £20 back stake was placed at odds of 6.0 but the starting price odds were 9.0.

Therefore, rather than a £120 payout, I received £180 payout! If I'd already backed and layed a horse for an offer, then I would have made £60 PROFIT here in this example - money I was not expecting to make!

Some bookies have a limit on how much you get win with Best Odds Guaranteed, but these limits are usually very high and should not worry you. For an example, Betway has a limit of £5,000, and Skybet has a £50,000 limit.

Could You Just Focus On BOG?

Best Odds Guaranteed should be just a nice bonus on top of doing other horse racing refund offers,as it's hard to find a zero loss match, and even when you do you have to hope the horse's odds goes up AND it wins.

If the odds of a horse go up, qualifying you for a Best Odds Guaranteed, it normally means that the chances of that horse winning are getting lower.

Some people do target BOG offers though - if you have an account that's pretty dormant and you find a zero loss match then why wouldn't you throw some cash at it in hope that you hit a BOG?

Benefit Of Backing & Laying Earlier

Best Odds Guaranteed are hard to hit if we place our bets 5-10 minutes before a race, as the odds will probably not move by too much anymore.

However, if we placed our bets 3-4 hours before the race, it is more likely that the odds will have moved significantly by the time the races start, hopefully leading to an improved starting price.

On Saturday mornings or any other ITV Racing day, try to search for close matches for ITV Racing offers, and try to place your bets early if possible. This will increase your chances of getting Best Odds Guaranteed bonus winnings.

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