How To Profit From The 2up Early Payout Offer

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Josh Hughes
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Bet365 and Paddy Power run an amazing offer called 2up.

If the team you bet on goes 2 goals ahead at any time, they will pay out your bet as a winner. Regardless of the final result of the match.

For example, you bet on Liverpool to win vs. Man Utd on Bet365. Liverpool go 2-0 up, but then go on to draw the game 2-2. Bet365 would still pay out Liverpool as a winner because they went ahead by 2 goals during the game.

This is the most popular football offer for matched bettors. Once you have learned how, it is very quick and easy to do!

Simply back and lay teams with very close odds between the bookmaker and the exchange. Then sit back and hope that the team you back goes 2 goals up. If your team goes 2 goals up, you can either:

  • Lock in a small profit by cashing out your lay bet

    You only pay part of the liability on your lay bet whilst winning the full amount on Bet365/Paddy (as they have paid out).

  • Hope to make a big profit by doing nothing.

    You hope that the opponents score 2+ goals so that your team draw or lose the game. If this happens, you win both the back and lay bets.

There is no maximum stake for this offer!

We recommend £50-£100 stakes, but its completely up to you!

Your average profit is usually £2 to £3 based on £50-£100 stakes and choosing 98%+ rating teams.

Note: you can go multiple games without your teams going 2 goals up, so this is not risk free. But it is low risk given the small trigger bet losses involved.

2up Key Terms

  • Min stake: None
  • Max stake: Whatever the bookie will accept
  • Bookmaker terms: Bet365 & PaddyPower
  • Eligible Leagues/Cups: See Below

Eligible Leagues & Cups are:

Premier League, Spain La Liga, Championship, FA Cup, EFL Cup, Italian Serie A, Germany Bundasliga, Champions League, Europa League, French Ligue 1, Scottish Premiership, English Championship, English League 1, English League 2

How To Complete 2up

When deciding what teams to bet on, have one thing in mind - keeping your qualifying losses down.

The best way of doing this is to use Outplayed Oddsmatching software.

This automatically compares Bet365 and Paddy Power's odds to the betting exchanges to find you the best 2up bets!

Step 1 - Open Up Outplayed Oddsmatcher

Open up the Oddsmatching software and select 2up from the filters. You will now see a list of eligible, close-odds bets, as well as a Rating % column.

The Rating is simply how much of your bet you expect to retain. For example, if you pick a 99% rating match and you are betting £100, you'll retain £99 (£1 qualifying loss).

Step 2 - Choose A Match

We recommend choosing anything above 98% rating.

I would also recommend prioritizing the higher odds teams where possible as they give a higher lock in profit. If a team at odds 5.0 goes 2-0 up then there lock in will be huge in comparison to if a team that are 1.5 goes 2-0 up.

Step 3 - Back & Lay Your Team

Back the desired stake on your team and lay them as normal using the calculator.

You can go directly to the relevant markets by clicking on the bookmaker logo and exchange logo on the Oddsmatcher, next to your chosen bet.

After you've backed and layed your team, it's time to wait!

Step 4 - Your Team Has Gone 2 Goals Up!

If your team has gone 2 goals up then you have 3 options.

Option 1: Lock in a small profit by cashing out your lay bet. This is the best option if you want to make consistent profit.

Option 2: Cash out a portion of your lay bet, and leave the rest to run in the hope the other team make a come back.

Option 3: Hope to make a big profit by doing...nothing! This is the option you want if you want big, but much less frequent wins.

Lets take a look at these options in more detail.

Option 1 - Cashing Out (consistent profit)

Once your team has gone 2 goals up, you have won the bookmaker bet!

You also have a lay bet which you can cash out to get some money back! You've already pretty much got everything back (minus your QL) from Bet365 or Paddy, so any money back from the exchange is a BONUS!

Open up Outplayed Early Payout Calculator and enter the stake, back and lay odds and commission rate for your bet.

Example - I am backing Manchester City for £100 with back odds 2.5. The lay odds are 2.5 with 2% commission.


If your team as gone 2 up and the bookie has paid out, you can now lock in a profit! To do this, enter the current exchange BACK odds of your team into the early payout calculator.

This will tell you the back stake to bet on your team, and your profit locked in by placing the exchange back bet!

Example - Man City have gone 2 goals up and the bookmaker has paid out your £150 winnings. Now enter the current exchange BACK odds on Man City. If this is 1.2, then enter 1.2.

The calculator tells us that we should place a £210.33 back stake. This reduces our liability on Man City from £150 to £109.21, leaving us with a guaranteed £40.79 profit (£150 Bet365 winnings less the £109.21 liability).


If The Current Back Odds Are Very Low

If your team goes 2 goals up, you may find that the back odds are very low for your team - something like 1.04. There would be almost no point cashing out this bet, as the profit will be tiny.

In this situation, I would recommend leaving the bet and hoping that the opponents get 1 goal back and then cash out if the back odds are reasonable.

I recommend setting yourself a rule e.g. "I will always cash out if the back odds are at least 1.1". You don't want to be stuck deciding whether to cash out or let it ride. So set yourself a rule and stick to it!

Option 2 - Partial Cashout

Some members only partially cash out their lay bets. They let the rest ride to see if the opponents score to make a bigger profit.

Once Your Team Goes 2 Goals Up - Partial Cash Out

Trading out at 2-0 does not offer great value if the back odds are low. So, you can leave part of your bet to run and lock in some profit at 2-1 and the rest at 2-2 should you get lucky and the opponents come back into the game.

You can do this by clicking on the % in the calculator. It will then give you the back stake as well as the two profits amount you will make, depending on the match outcome:


In the above example, the calculator is set to a 50% cash out. By cashing out half of the lay stake, you would make £19.79 profit if the team you backed goes on to win the game, or £145.80 profit if they go on to draw or lose the match.

Option 3 - Letting It Ride (big but infrequent profit)

If you're looking to save time, you can just hope that once your team has gone 2 goals up, they surrender their lead and end up drawing or losing the game. This means you win both your back and lay bets.

Whilst this is unlikely, over the longer term it has the same expected profit as Option 1, it just has bigger swings as you aren't cashing in small profits each time your team goes 2 goals up.


Letting It Ride - What Is My Profit?
You back Preston at 1.8 and lay them at 1.83 with 2% commission.

£50 Back bet at odds 1.8 on Bet365.
£49.72 Lay bet at odds 1.83, with £41.27 Liability.

This one is alot easier to work out as you will only be paid if there is a full turnaround.

If the offer lands... you are up £40 on Bet365.
You also win your lay stake on the exchange however have to pay 2% commission, and so are up £48.72 after that.
Adding these two numbers up... £40 + £48.72 gives a total profit of £88.72.

Which Option Should You Use?

Consider whether you would like to make small, frequent profits, or larger, more infrequent profits. You can also choose based upon your available time.

If I am online then I'll check every so often to see if my chosen team are 2 goals up. If so, great I'll cash out for a small profit.

If I am offline then I'll do nothing and hope that my team went 2 goals up only to then surrender their lead and the game ends in a draw or loss.

Key Takeaways

  • Take Only 98%+ Matches

  • Use Outplayed Oddsmatcher to find the best bets

  • Prioritize Higher Odds Teams

  • Cash Out Early For Consistent But Smaller Profit

  • Let It Ride For Big Profits

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Got Questions?

Be a part of our awesome Matched Betting community!

Join our Facebook group now, home to over 35,000 Matched Bettors!

It's the perfect place to ask questions and get help!

Facebook Group

New To Matched Betting?

We can't wait to help you start making tax-free cash from Matched Betting!

Head over to our free Tutorials to get started!

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